Blaze vs Zephesis: Border Battle


Welcome to the first edition of Blaze vs Zephesis, carrying on from the storyline introduced in the Blaze Empire section of DOTJE Legacy : Aftermath.

Tehran, Blaze Empire 

MKF enters his war room. He looks tired and pale after the recent Zephesis ordeal, but still manages to carry his signature charisma and style, even while wearing old army fatigues. Various military commanders and tacticians stand up from their seats. 

Government Aide : Emperor Solomon Blaze, everyone. 

MKF : Thank you. You may leave now. 

The aide scurries out of the room as MKF and the commanders take their seats. MKF wishes that for once, the empire was not going through some kind of existential crisis that desperately required his leadership. Still, the empire was his responsibility, ever since that first night in Baghdad, when he stepped in to rule the newly formed empire, and he wasn't about to step down now. He takes a deep breath, then begins talking in his usual manner.

MKF : First of all, I'd like to thank Commander Weber for his quick action at the start of the Zephesis attack. His actions quite likely saved hundreds of lives. 

Weber : Thank you, sir. 
MKF : So, I think we can agree that the current top priority is containing the Zephesis in this empire. I want the borders fortified with every available trooper we have. Under no conditions is even one Zephesis to escape this empire. Am I clear? 

Commander Sterling : Crystal clear, sir. 
Sterling summons one of her lieutenants and relays her orders.

Macedonian Border, Iraq Province 

Trent Davis was off duty in the barracks, preparing for leave with a few other soldiers when a sergeant burst into the room, roaring orders.


Trent had no idea what was happening, but he knew something big was up. Too bad really, he had been looking forward to a break after the war. On his way to the parade grounds, he managed to get a word with his best friend, Omar Razim.

Trent : Do you know what's going on?

Omar : No clue.


Trent stood stiff, eyes straight ahead, as the entire company saluted as one to the Major, who had just come in.

Major : I have received orders directly from Commander Sterling in Tehran. His Imperial Awesomeness, Emperor Solomon Blaze III has declared the Blaze Empire in a state of emergency after an attack on the capital by giant swarms of dragon-like creatures known as Zephesis. Commander Sterling has made it very clear that no Zephesis are to cross the border. All personnel will be defending the border, night and day. Understood?

All Company : YES SIR!


A Zephesis swooped down toward the military base.


Machine guns burst into life, spitting thousands of bullets toward the terror. The Zephesis roared, unharmed but enraged. Soldiers ran about, arming themselves and preparing for battle. During the war, much progress had been made in alternate weaponry and now there was a general scramble for the armory room. Trent grabbed a rocket launcher and hurried out, not bothering with any kind of body armor.

Outside, the Zephesis dove toward the Major, who, being unarmed, was hiding down behind a stack of military supply crates. Trent hastily fired off a rocket toward the dragon, missing by a good amount and blowing up a light tower behind. Scared by the explosion, the Zephesis turned on Trent, who was fumbling to reload his rocket launcher. Trent found himself wishing he had been wearing at least some kind of body armor, even though it would have been useless against an enemy of this kind. Suddenly, four bursts of blue energy sent the Zephesis reeling. Trent looked up and saw Omar wielding a pulse blaster and shouting.

Omar : Quick! Behind you! Get it!

Trent turned just in time to see the Zephesis smash through a hastily-built barricade right next to him. Executing a perfect shoulder roll, Trent brought the weapon to bear on the Zephesis and fired, from extremely close range. The dragon was immediately blasted across the courtyard, crashing over two parked jeeps before finally slumping to a halt.

Trent dropped to his knees, shaky with adrenaline from the attack. Across the base, soldiers came out of hiding, or stood out from the defensive positions they had taken. The clicking sounds of weaponry being disarmed could be heard all around.

Trent felt a hand on his shoulder. Omar was behind him, none the worse for wear from their encounter with the dragon. He gestured to the Major as he helped Trent up.

Omar : Someone wants a word with you, I think.

Trent could not help but feel trepidation as he stood to attention before the Major. However, he soon lost that feeling as the Major spoke.

Major : You did well to bring down that monstrosity, kid. Tehran will hear of this.

Trent realized that, coming from the Major, this was high praise. He saluted and thanked the Major, who gave him a nod before marching off to organize defense with the base leaders. The Drill Sergeant dismissed him, and Trent hurried to the mess room to find Omar.

When he got there, however, he found a group of soldiers watching footage from the Zephesis attacks on Tehran and other cities in the Blaze Empire. Everyone was nervous, watching the Zephesis swarming whole cities.

Nervous soldier : How are we supposed to hold back these??

Suddenly all eyes were on Trent. As the one who brought the dragon down, the others seemed to expect him to know what to do. Trent froze up, unsure of what to say. Then, Omar spoke up beside him.

Omar : We follow orders, never back down, and stay alert. We can fight and contain these monsters.

Another nervous soldier: What if we can't?

Trent : We must.

And that's the end of the first Blaze Empire spinoff in the new DOTJE Era. Want to know what happens next? Keep your eyes open for the next instalment of Blaze vs Zephesis!

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Apr 7, 2023
Interesting blog!
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Apr 7, 2023
Nice job. Very cool and I'm looking forward to the series!