ThinkTank Riddles #2


The sequel to my last ThinkTank Riddles blog, this is a collection of fifteen riddles and questions to solve. I will post the answers in the comments one week after publishing.

Let's Get Thinking!

Question #1

How far can a dog walk into the woods?

Question #2

What do you own but is mostly used by others?

Question #3

How many bananas can you fit into an empty box?

Question #4

What starts with P, ends with E, and has a million letters?

Question #5

When does Thursday come before Wednesday?

Question #6

How do you make the word you into the word young?

Question #7

What are two things that you can never eat for breakfast?

Question #8

If you have it, you don't share it, but if you share it, you don't have it. What is it?

Question #9

Tom shaves twelve times on Thursday, seven times on Friday, and nine times on Saturday, but on Sunday morning, he still has a beard! How is this possible?

Question #10

This vehicle is spelt the same backwards as forwards - a palindrome. What is the vehicle?

Question #11

If there are 3 apples and you take 2, how many do you have?

Question #12

Here is a list of sports : golf, darts, tennis, cricket, football, badminton.

Which word is needed to complete the sequence : boxing, gymnastics, or archery?
Question #13
Samantha buys two dozen eggs, but on the way home, all but seven break. How many are left unbroken?

Question #14

I am the only organ that named itself. What organ am I?

Question #15

(a big one to finish off!)

A Japanese ship was leaving the port and on its way to open sea. The captain went to go oil some parts of the ship and took his ring off so it wouldn’t get damaged. He left it on the table next to his bunk. When he returned, it was missing. He had suspected three crew members could be guilty and asked them what they had been doing for the ten minutes that he had been gone.

The cook said, “I was in the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner.”

The engineer said, “I was working in the engine room making sure everything was running smoothly.”

The seaman said, “I was on the mast correcting the flag because someone had attached it upside down by mistake.”

The captain immediately knew who it was. How?

Hope y'all enjoyed this sequel, feel free to comment if you think you know the answers!

Level 61
Jul 12, 2022
Okay folks, it's been a week. Here are the official answers.

1. Halfway, after that it's walking out of the woods

2. Your Name

3. None, because once you put one in it's not empty anymore

4. Post Office

5. Alphabetically / in a dictionary

6. add ng

7. Lunch and dinner

8. A secret

9. Tom is a barber

10. Kayak or Racecar

11. 2

12. Gymnastics. The sequence is number of letters in the name.

13. 7

14. The brain

15. The seaman. On a Japanese ship, you would not be able to tell if the flag was upside down or not, because the Japanese flag looks the same either way up.

Congratulations to Iluvbread123 and Geopro for being the first to guess all the answers correctly. Also credit to MiecraftMan for guessing kayak when the others didn't.

Level 54
Jul 6, 2022
5 alphabetical
Level 76
Jul 6, 2022
2. name

4. post office

6. ng

8. secret

9. he's a barber

10. racecar

11. the 2 you took

12. gymnastics

13. 7

14. brain

15. seaman because it's a japanese ship

Level 60
Jul 7, 2022
To complete what bread hasn't answered:

1. Halfway (after that you're walking it out of the woods)

3. None (it wouldn't be empty if it was full of bananas)

5. In the alphabet

7. Lunch and tea/dinner

Level 68
Jul 10, 2022
For #12, I'm actually thinking archery, since all the previously mentioned sports have mobile elements (golf, tennis, and cricket involve hitting a ball, football is either throwing or kicking a ball, darts is throwing a dart, and badminton is hitting a birdie). Neither boxing nor gymnastics generally include such parts, but archery includes shooting an arrow.

However, I agree with all the other answers.

Level 59
Jul 12, 2022
I’m sure any of them would for for one reason or the other
Level 59
Jul 6, 2022
3, none. It wouldn’t be an empty box otherwise
Level 59
Jul 6, 2022
10, race car, as bread said, but possible kayak?
Level 59
Jul 6, 2022
7, lunch and dinner.
Level 50
Jul 7, 2022
1. Halfway, after that it's walking out
Level 60
Jul 7, 2022
My first thought for q9 was that he was shaving his legs a lot! 🤣
Level 63
Jul 13, 2022
The RUB is dead lol
Level 61
Jul 13, 2022
no kidding.
Level 59
Jul 13, 2022
Actually i and BabyOrca got the answers before Geopro, but idc really
Level 61
Jul 13, 2022