ThinkTank Riddles #3


Here's another collection of ten riddles to keep you thinking!

Let's Go!

Question #1

You are the pilot of a jet that flies from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles, California, a distance of 2,470 miles. The jet flies 400 miles per hour and makes one stop in Houston, Texas, for 30 minutes. What is the name of the pilot?

Question #2

Bill lives in a yellow one-storey house. Everything inside is yellow. The walls are yellow, the floors are yellow, the ceiling is yellow, all the furniture is yellow, even the doorknobs are yellow. What color are the stairs?
Question #3

The first two letters signify a male.

The first three letters signify a female.

The first four letters signify a great man.

The whole word signifies a great woman.

What is the word?

Question #4

What must be broken before you can use it?

Question #5

A bus driver goes the wrong way down a one-way street. He passes two police officers, but they don't stop him or give him a ticket. Why is that?

Question #6

Henry boards a boat at the local port. There are people all over the boat, yet Henry cannot see a single person, no matter how hard he looks. Why?

note : Henry is not blind.

Question #7

I follow a route but I'm not a mailman.

I am red in London but I'm not a telephone box.

In America, I am sometimes yellow but I'm not a taxi.

I am a mode of transportation but I'm not a train.

What am I?

Question #8

A plane crashed exactly on the border between the United States and Canada. Experts agreed that the plane was not even one inch more on either side of the border. Exactly 50% of the plane was in America, and the other 50% was in Canada. Where did they bury the survivors?

Question #9

How can you drop a glass forty meters off a lighthouse without breaking it?

Question #10

What can you put in a bucket to make it lighter?

Okay, that's all for now. Leave a comment if you think you know an answer, and I'll post a comment in one week's time with the official answers. Now go use your brain and crack these riddles!

Level 61
Jul 28, 2022
Okay, a week is up. Here are the answers!

1. Your name, since you are the pilot

2. No color. There are no stairs in a one story house

3. Heroine

4. An egg

5. He was walking

6. Everyone on the boat is married

7. a bus

8. Nowhere. Survivors don't get buried.

9. Drop it off a 41-meter lighthouse

10. A hole

Level 54
Jul 21, 2022
2. It is a single storey house
Level 65
Jul 21, 2022
1. TheNatureThread

2. Nonexistence

4. Egg

6. His eyes are closed or they are all married

7. Bus

8. Nowhere

10. Light

Level 68
Jul 21, 2022
3. Heroine

5. He was walking

Level 59
Jul 21, 2022
9. Wouldn’t it drop into water?
Level 50
Jul 23, 2022
I think it is that if the lighthouse is 50 metres, it drops 40 metres without breaking (but then it breaks soon afterwards)
Level 60
Jul 22, 2022
I've seen most of these, but great job! I have some nitpicking and answers:

#1: my name, which I won't say for privacy

#2: the intended answer should be 'no stairs', but there could be the workout stairs machine or a basement (not sure if that counts as a story)

#3: this one's good! I couldn't figure it out but I saw Stewart's answer. You wrote world on the fourth line instead of word, though.

#4: Intended answer is probably egg, but this isn't necessarily true like to test a parachute

#5: He was walking (or he bribed them lol)

#6: Another answer is that he has a blindfold or something of the sort. Not sure if this is the intended or not, but maybe he can't see a single person because no matter where he looks, he sees multiple people? Also, if we assume he's a person, then he should be able to see himself in the water's reflection.

#7: No idea.

#8: I hope they didn't bury the survivors

#9: Drop it at 41 meters, or give it a parachute/or similar thing

Level 60
Jul 22, 2022
Ran out of space for this in my previous post, but for #10 I assume the intended answer is holes, but helium would also work if the bucket is upside-down.
Level 59
Jul 25, 2022
Is Q1 just an attempt to learn JetPunkers real names?
Level 61
Jul 26, 2022
no. just use your profile name. looks like you figured out the answer though..