ThinkTank Riddles #4


Welcome to the fourth edition of ThinkTank Riddles. This edition contains fifteen riddles, and I will post the answers in the comments after one week of publishing.

Let's Go!

Question #1

If you are in a running race and you pass the person in second place, what place are you in now?

Question #2

What has many needles, but cannot sew?

Question #3

Bob's mother has four children. The first is named April, the second is named May, and the third is named June. What is the name of the fourth child?

Question #4

What breaks but never falls?

Question #5

What falls but never breaks?

Question #6

What can go up a chimney down, but not down a chimney up?

Question #7

What was the tallest mountain in the world before Mount Everest was discovered?

Question #8

What has many keys but can't open a single lock?

Question #9

What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?

Question #10

A cowboy rides into a town on Friday. He stays at the hotel for three days, then he leaves on Friday. How is that possible?

Question #11

Who has married many people and yet never been married?

Question #12

Once in June, twice in November, but not at all in May. What is it?

Question #13

What five-letter word has one left when you remove two of its letters?

Question #14

If the day before yesterday was the 23rd, what is the day after tomorrow?

Question #15

I have seas without water.
I have forests without wood.
I have deserts without sand.
I have cities without people. 
What am I?
Well, that concludes this edition of ThinkTank Riddles. Please leave a comment if you think you know the answers, and in one week I will post the official answers below in the comments. 
Level 57
Aug 17, 2022
Ok, here's the answers.

1. Second place

2. A pine tree

3. Bob

4. Day

5. Night

6. An umbrella

7. Still Mount Everest, just no-one knew it yet.

8. A piano

9. Trouble

10. The cowboy is riding a horse named Friday

11. The marriage celebrant

12. The letter E

13. Stone, Bones, Tones, Phone, etc.

14. the 27th.

15. A map.

Level 48
Aug 9, 2022
1. Second place

2. A pine tree?

3. Bob

7. Mount Everest

8. A piano

10. The horse is named Friday

12. The letter e

13. Bones

14. I don't know, I'm not good at math

That's all I know of them

Level 63
Aug 9, 2022
1. Second

2. Porcupine? Pine tree?

3. Bob

4. Silence

5. A feather?

6. Umbrella

7. Everest

8. Keyboard

9. Trouble

10. His horse is named Friday

11. A marriage celebrant

12. E

13. Honey

14. 27th

15. Map

Level 55
Aug 9, 2022
9. Depression

I'm sorry