An Overview Between Every Team on the FIFA World Cup


Since 1930, the FIFA World Cup is held every 4 years. In 2022, the competition happened for the first time in a country of the Arab World: Qatar. Now, the hosts and other 31 national teams that shined on the qualifications from their respective continental zones, got qualified to 2022's edition. The World Cup has ended, but the passion for the sport will never do, and so, this is my criterious view about every national team on Qatar!

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Criteria of Evaluation

I always felt like the tier lists for football were ineffective in some aspects. It's not interesting to have a grid where you put a favorite and winning country of the Cup and a debutant eliminated on the group stage at the same tier with something like "already expected". It's also not interesting to say that the favorite and winning country would be at the top tier because of a good exhibition and the debutant eliminated on the group stage on the last tier because of a bad exhibition, because they have completely different retrospect on the World Cups. So, I stabilished some criteria of evaluation. Although there are some inconsistences, mainly evolving the regulation of the first FWCs, that include the lack of some of some rounds from the current play-off system, or the inclusion of two group stages, that's the closest thing I could get to have a fair criteria for every national team. Due to these fails, I'm also leaving my opinion.

Criteria of Evaluation (based on country's retrospect)

Champion: 15pts

Runner-up: 12pts

Third place: 9pts

Fourth place: 8pts

Eliminated on the Quaterfinals: 5pts

Eliminated on the Round of 16: 3pts

Eliminated on the Group Stage: 1pt

Didn't participate of the World Cup: 0pts

After every participation gets counted, it's took an average from the sum of the points divided between the number of participations (excluding 2022). The recent results (correspondents to the 2010, 2014, and 2018 World Cups) have their values multiplied by 1.3. If the team didn't get qualified to the said FWCs, the value is subtracted by 0.3. Countries on their debut or their second participations have their values subtracted by 1.5.


Qatar 🇶🇦

Number of participations: 1 (debut)

2022 World Cup Result: 4th - Group A

Best campaign: 2022 (Group Stage)

Criteria of Evaluation: -2.4pts (debut - AS EXPECTED)


MG’s Opinion

-2.4 bruh The chances of Qatar getting qualified were like 0.01%, so there's no news here. I was expecting tho, that they would score more than one goal. And their goalkeeper must be being probed by São Paulo FC after his "brilliant" exhibition. As the host country, Qatar could be the first to lose the opening match, the worst host on the FWC's history, the latest one to score a goal, the one that scored the less goals, the only one to don't win any matches, and, why not, breaking the record of deceased workers during the stadiums' construction. It's impossible to say Qatar went to the Cup to "go for a walk"... as they were in their home country.


Ecuador 🇪🇨

Number of participations: 4

2022 World Cup Result: 3rd - Group A

Best campaign: 2006 (Round of 16)

Criteria of Evaluation: 1.16pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

I created some kind of a sympathy around Ecuador on this World Cup. I saw potential on Enner Valencia, and the team had a great chemistry. After the threat of give in the "World Cup ticket" to Chile after denounces of forgery, Ecuador participated of a Cup and was eliminated as expected, but almost took away the qualification of a Senegal without Sadio Mané. I felt like Ecuador could make it to the Round of 16, but I don't think that's the reason for getting disappointed.


Senegal 🇸🇳

Number of participations: 3

2022 World Cup Result: 2nd - Group A // Round of 16

Best campaign: 2002 (Quarterfinals)

Criteria of Evaluation: 2.55pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

The Group A seemed to be defined: Netherlands would pass 1st easily, Senegal would go for 2nd, Ecuador could try something, but would be the 3rd, and Qatar wouldn't even bother the rivals. But, the injury of Sadio Mané could mean that the Group A was still an incognite. Currently, Senegal is probably the best and most qualified team in Africa, but getting knocked out on the Round of 16 didn't seem to affect the joy that the Senegalese fans always express on the stadiums.


Netherlands 🇳🇱

Number of participations: 11

2022 World Cup Result: 1st - Group A // Quarterfinals

Best campaign: 1974, 1978, 2010 (Runner-up)

Criteria of Evaluation: 7.33pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

I was confused with the final result, that I even redo the countings, but yes, Netherlands has a tendence to be fourth place on the World Cups it has disputed... apparently? I'd say that Netherlands was lower than the expected on the Group Stage. Netherlands couldn't get an easier group maybe Group B at this Cup, yet they scored 7 points and weren't fully qualified on the secound round of the Group Stage. Netherlands didn't show an evolvent football, with the alternative being "passing the ball to Gakpo to score goals". The knouckout stage started, and we saw then, a pretty convincent Netherlands, that also kept working hard on the Quarterfinals, even when the game was seeming fully done to Argentina. I don't think Netherlands had a low perfomance, but they could've tried a bit more on the Group Stage.


England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Number of participations: 16

2022 World Cup Result: 1st - Group B // Quarterfinals

Best campaign: 1966 (Champion)

Criteria of Evaluation: 5.24pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

I have to say England was an interesting team on this World Cup. However, the destruction they caused on the Nations League was incredibly anormal. The English team was relegated on a group with Germany, Hungary, and Italy yeaaaa I thought Italy would be relegated with Germany fighting for it too, but the team is revealing great talents, like Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden, and the experience of Harry Kane may help a lot. What really surprised me, is how Maguire went... reasonably good on the Cup. I was expecting at least an own goal! Winning titles is not for England, so, I guess if they reach the finals in 2026, it'll be a great surprise.


Iran 🇮🇷

Number of participations: 6

2022 World Cup Result: 3rd - Group B

Best campaign: 1978, 1998, 2006, 2014, 2018, 2022 (Group Stage)

Criteria of Evaluation: 0.82pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

Nice to see Taremi in action, but the World Cup for Iran was way more marcant by the Mahsa Amini protests, that keep going on the country since September, the concussion suffered by the goalkeeper against England, and the 6-2 final score against the said English team. Coming from Iran, I'll never expect a team capable to go to the knockout stage. Raise your hand if you thought USA VS Iran would be an explosive game ☝️


United States 🇺🇸

Number of participations: 11

2022 World Cup Result: 2nd - Group B

Best campaign: 1930 (Third place)

Criteria of Evaluation: 2.88pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

The United States is really well-known by its women's national team, that won 4 World Cups (1991, 1999, 2015, 2019), being a rare case where the women's sport stand out of the men's. But after its absence on Russia 2018, the United States got qualified to another World Cup. I would say USA was a good team on its parameters, although I would expect more coming from Pulisic. While that didn't happen, Timothy Weah was a good player. Props to his father George Weah, that won the Ballon D'Or in 1995 while playing at AC Milan, and is now the President of Liberia


Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Number of participations: 2

2022 World Cup Result: 4th - Group B

Best campaign: 1958 (Quarterfinals)

Criteria of Evaluation: 2.6 (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

If any of you now how to improve my criteria, please, let me know That's a big fail of my criteria! Wales qualified to its first and last (until 2022) World Cup 64 YEARS BACK AGO! That value appeared probably because I was for some weird reason believing Wales could go to the Round of 16 i believe in bale supremacy, but, no, I was idiot. I guess Bale should now get back to its beloved golf. Let's see if they are going to improve with the new name of "Cymru". But please someone fix the criteria because I wanna die now

EDIT: Now the debuts or countries on their second participation have their values subtracted by -1.5. I don’t know why I had to put debutants on a negative value... but whatever. Now Wales is still on a Round-of-16-ish tendency. Please someone help ;-;


Argentina 🇦🇷

Number of participations: 18

2022 World Cup Result: 1st - Group C // Champion

Best campaign: 1978, 1986, 2022 (Champion)

Criteria of Evaluation: 6.58pts (HIGHER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

Let's say that the expectations to Argentina went all way down after the defeat to Saudi Arabia by 2-1 quick animated video to explain what happened. Yes, many offsides, but kudos to the Saudis' great movementation with an advanced defense line that wasn't enough against Poland and Mexico. Theorically, Argentina would play against way better teams in the group, so everything seemed lost. I love how Argentina didn't have a single moment where they could say "ok, we are gonna win the Cup" in the knockout stage. Emiliano Martínez yes Dibu, the sheikh saw what you did with that goalkeeper trophy was a true hero against Australia, Netherlands, and after a way easier Semifinal against Croatia lol f*ck you croatia, probably the best Final of a World Cup ever against France. Messi finally sacred his name between the best players of football ever, and I'd say he's better than Maradona. Also congratulations to Di María, that always presented a great football, although of being on the shadows by the press. Everybody was absolutely amazing on this FWC by Argentina, except Lautaro Martínez :> another video


Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

Number of participations: 6

2022 World Cup Result: 4th - Group C

Best campaign: 1994 (Round of 16)

Criteria of Evaluation: 0.8pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

Saudi Arabia is the type of country we can never expect something good from it. Lost by 8-0 to Germany in 2002, in one of the biggest final scores of a World Cup ever. For some reason, the Saudis could make to the Round of 16 of 1994 World Cup, in a group with Netherlands, Belgium, and Morocco. Apparently, that was because the king that time didn't declare a national holiday after any win. That surely brought problems to Saudi Arabia on 2022 World Cup, that, after winning by comeback by 2-1 against the future champion, Argentina, saw a national holiday declared by the king. As a Brazilian tho, it was good to see the efforts of the Saudis to make us smile on this FWC.


Mexico 🇲🇽

Number of participations: 17

2022 World Cup Result: 3rd - Group C

Best campaign: 1970, 1986 (Quarterfinals)

Criteria of Evaluation: 2.54pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

I would say Mexico didn't convince well on this World Cup. To be frank, I would say Mexico would qualify to the Round of 16, but Ochoa is the goalkeeper, not the forward, so... talking about Ochoa, it's impressive how he rises from the ashes every four years to become the best goalkeeper of the world. Apparently it's almost impossible to Mexico get to the Quarterfinals of a World Cup, because the only times that happened were when they were hosting the competition (1970 and 1986). Actually, the 1986 World Cup was supposed to be held in Colombia, so... yeah. Mexico was on a weird 7x combo of Round of 16 participations, so, I would expect more coming from the Mexicans.


Poland 🇵🇱

Number of participations: 9

2022 World Cup Result: 2nd - Group C // Round of 16

Best campaign: 1974, 1982 (Third place)

Criteria of Evaluation: 3.15pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

I need to say how Scz... Szezs... Scezzz... SNSNSHSDJDJNY... Szcz'ę'sny I hate Polish was the saviour to the fans of Poland. He turned out to defend a penalty and a reboot against Saudi Arabia, as well as a penalty of Messi against Argentina, in a moment where a single goal would take Poland off the Cup. Defending a Messi's penalty on that conditions, with only one hand, is only for the best. Lewandowski yay I know how to speel :> finally scored his goal on a FWC, but S... the goalkeeper was just outstanding.


France 🇫🇷

Number of participations: 16

2022 World Cup Result: 1st - Group D // Runner-up

Best campaign: 1998, 2018 (Champion)

Criteria of Evaluation: 6.08pts (HIGHER THAN EXPECTED)


MG’s Opinion

I was expecting a higher value to France, but I don’t wanna be that nitpicky. Neither injuries, nor the Champion’s Curse could bother France, but let’s get straight to the point: I hate Mbappé and he’s hopefully crying on his girlfriend’s shoulder. I think he’s quite prepotent, and South Americans always remembers of what he said about South American football although it’s slightly true, don’t talk about South America. France at a whole is a real threat to Brazil’s plans, and Mbappé couldn’t win his second Cup with 23 years old. Pelé’s record would be threatened, but although of his arrogance, it’s undeniable that Mbappé is a great player, and I feel pretty sad to the fact that him scoring a hat-trick wasn’t enough to raise the trophy, but I still don’t like him. Giroud and Tchouaméni were also great players, I mean France has a good chemistry, but, I don’t actually know why not to use Benzema, which is literally the Ballon D’Or winner. I might have something against France by hating Mbappé, Deschamps, even Macron... or they have something against Brazil. Hopefully not. Peace, Baptiste lol.


Australia 🇦🇺

Number of participations: 6

2022 World Cup Result: 2nd - Group D // Round of 16

Best campaign: 2006, 2022 (Round of 16)

Criteria of Evaluation: 1.58pt (HIGHER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

The fact that Australia almost reached the quarterfinals of a World Cup... football is way far to be a big sport in Australia, and if not by the tube man (backup) goalkeeper Redmayne, with his penalty defenses at the recap, probably we would be talking about Peru now. As South American, I felt bad for the Peruvians, and also that would means a lot more than it would to the Australians. But, somehow, the Socceroos made through a group where everybody was saying France and Denmark would pass without big difficulties. If not by the defense of Emi Martínez, we could see potentially Australia sending Argentina back home...


Denmark 🇩🇰

Number of participations: 6

2022 World Cup Result: 4th - Group D

Best campaign: 1998 (Quarterfinals)

Criteria of Evaluation: 3.24pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

Bruh, what happened here? Last of the group? Everybody was betting Denmark would make a great World Cup, and I'm one of those. Denmark has a great national team, some clubs in an interesting development (like København and Midtjylland totally didn't search the speeling), and a planet moved by the recuperation of the crack Eriksen, after a sudden illness on the Euro 2020 against Finland. I watched him laying at the field, unconscious, and being taken by an ambulance. The world was rooting for Denmark, but it wasn't enough.


Tunisia 🇹🇳

Number of participations: 6

2022 World Cup Result: 3rd - Group D

Best campaign: 1978, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2018, 2022 (Group Stage)

Criteria of Evaluation: 0.46pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

Not much to say. It happened all as I expected... or not? The victory against France by 1-0 has let the Tunisians to dream with the qualification to the Round of 16. Unfortunately for them, Australia won Denmark, and postponed the dream for Tunisia... once again. I don't see a potential evolution for Tunisia, but, who knows they make it for 2026?


Spain 🇪🇸

Number of participations: 16

2022 World Cup Result: 2nd - Group E // Round of 16

Best campaign: 2010 (Champion)

Criteria of Evaluation: 4.51pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

The Spanish team was trying out a young generation, with players like Pedri and Gavi girls at 2245698764 miles of distance: gAvIIIiii? 😍🤤🥺😳💅, but, it was worthless. Spain passed through a great reformulation after the 2010 World Cup, as the defender Sergio Ramos is the only remaining player of La Roja. The coach Luis Enrique putted on a lot of confidence on his tiki-taka more like TikTok, and claimed many times no team was better than his. But as Moroccans told you for we don't spend our precious time with fiddle-faddle: Airport? This way. Btw, little animated video explaining what happened to Spain


Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Number of participations: 6

2022 World Cup Result: 4th - Group E

Best campaign: 2014 (Quarterfinals)

Criteria of Evaluation: 2.26pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

If I didn't cut that 0.3 from South Africa 2010, I would be complaining once again why this criteria sucks. I must say, we can't forget of Costa Rica in Brazil 2014, that passed 1st place on the so-called Group of Death with Uruguay, Italy, and England. They went to the quarterfinals after beating Greece on the penalties, but lost to Netherlands, also on the penalties. That Cup revealed the goalkeeper Keylor Navas, the star of the team. But nothing went as expected nah, I guess they quite expected what would happen. In addition to be eliminated, they were defeated by 7-0 to Spain. However, Costa Rica won against Japan, in a game where they only kicked the ball to the goal ONCE.


Germany 🇩🇪

Number of participations: 20

2022 World Cup Result: 3rd - Group E

Best campaign: 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014 (Champion)

Criteria of Evaluation: 9.22pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

that jersey be looking like ben 10 If I'm not wrong, Germany has participated from the most FWC finals ever, even ahead Brazil, which is the biggest champion. Something is going on in Germany since after the 2014 title in Brazil and it's for sure revenge from 7-1. As I said, there was this thing of Champion's Curse, on which the champion of a World Cup would be eliminated on the Group Stage of the following tournament. This was happening since Italy won 2006 World Cup, on the own Germany, but was broken by France in 2022. But, as we talked about Italy... we have a weird similarity. Italy won 2006, and got eliminated on the Group Stage of 2010 and 2014. That came to a point where Azurra didn't even qualify to 2018 and 2022. So, if we see Germany out of 2026 and 2030 World Cups, I'll not be that surprised anymore. Maybe they should get focused on actually playing football! Another video, plz watch


Japan 🇯🇵

Number of participations: 7

2022 World Cup Result: 1st - Group E

Best campaign: 2002, 2010, 2018, 2022 (Round of 16)

Criteria of Evaluation: 2.35pts (HIGHER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

Us Brazilians started rooting for Japan for three main reasons: people love anime and remember from Captain Tsubasa (Super Campeões in Brazil) not relatable for me, the Japanese fans and players were an example to be followed cleaning the mess in the stands and in the changing room at the end of the games, and because we would have an easier way to the Semifinals f*ck you croatia. Scary thing to think about it, is that we could be defeated by Argentina, like in 1990... no, thank you. But Japan is presenting a great evolution. I see football growing quite a lot for the Blue Samurais. They have interesting clubs, warming people, and an interesting love by the Brazilian Zico. If it's hard to Mexico to go to a Quarterfinal, wonder for Japan, that couldn't make it yet. Hopefully things will go better for 2026! Curiosity: the players Mitoma and Tanaka were classmates at school and played together at Kawasaki Frontale. Their dream was to defend Japan at a World Cup, and Mitoma passed that millimetric ball to Tanaka score a goal against Spain on the 2-1 win.


Belgium 🇧🇪

Number of participations: 14

2022 World Cup Result: 3rd - Group F

Best campaign: 2018 (Third place)

Criteria of Evaluation: 3.25pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

revenge for 2018 We are seeing how Brazil destroy the dreams of any national team that eliminates it. Don't tell us you was not warned, Croatia. For Belgium, everything seemed to go downhill after the defeat by 2-0 against Morocco. I was expecting more from Belgium, but I loved their elimination and probably Quizmaster also did. Courtois, Vertonghen, Onana, Witsel, Tielemans, De Bruyne, Carrasco, Trossard, Hazard, Lukaku I love you, please don't break the bench, Batshuayi headshot 😎👉🏻... them all are great players, but the chemistry of team just didn't work well. Football is a 11-player sport, so individual skills are not all you need. Communication is essential, and that was failing to the Red Devils. Better luck trying to get rid from our curse.


Canada 🇨🇦

Number of participations: 2

2022 World Cup Result: 4th - Group F

Best campaign: 1986, 2022 (Group Stage)

Criteria of Evaluation: -1.4pt (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

-1.4 💀 If Canada passed to the knockout stage, Netherlands would win the World Cup. I mean, impossible. But I don't know, Canada wasn't that bad, but I expected a bit more. Maybe something like... SCORING POINTS? Anyways, I don't have that much to say, but some individual exhibitions like Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David were interesting to see.


Morocco 🇲🇦

Number of participations: 6

2022 World Cup Result: 1st - Group F // Fourth place

Best campaign: 2022 (Fourth place)

Criteria of Evaluation: 0.8pts (HIGHER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

damn eto'o almost got morocco right 😯 If I could, I would spend a whole blog talking about how much pleased with the Atlas Lions. They started with a warm and boring game against Croatia by 0-0 people woke up to watch that sh*t at 7am 🫥, but had great exhibitions against Belgium (2-0) and Canada (2-1). Then, they beated the TikTok tiki-taka of Spain did you watch that video? and sent Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal home, being the first African team to reach the Semifinals of a FWC. The record was triple between Cameroon 1990, Senegal 2002, and Ghana 2010, that reached the Quarterfinals. We already knew of the stars Hakimi and Ziyech, but we discovered more about players like Mazraoui, Amrabat, Ounahi, Boufal, En-Nesyri, as well as the goalkeeper, hero against Spain, Bounou. Props to Walid Regragui, that found the true spirit of the team in only four months of work as coach! The Moroccans always showed happiness, like every real and true African fan that we see, always celebrating with their families, like Amrabat and his brother, Bounou and his son, and Boufal and Hakimi with their mothers. It was a good team to root for after Brazil's elimination. The history was marked on 2022. Dima Maghrib!


Croatia 🇭🇷

Number of participations: 6

2022 World Cup Result: 2nd - Group F // Third place

Best campaign: 2018 (Runner-up)

Criteria of Evaluation: 6.1pts (HIGHER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

OH, MY OPINION? Well, my opinion is that I'll never accept that I sweat it out at the 25 minutes of the second half because of a team who has never won a single World Cup. That's like Belgium, but worse! As Sister Jude Martin said in American Horror Story: “The cruelest thing of all is false hope”. The only good thing about Croatia is that they sent Belgium home, I mean, they didn't have the competence to eliminate Argentina and even ended up with Morocco's third place dream. Hopefully, we'll see Croatia going home on next Group Stage. My love for Modrić won't overcome my hate for Livaković 'Ic' in Croatian sounds like 'ite' in Portuguese, which is a suffix for many diseases and inflamations. I mean, coming from a sickly team with "pic-nic blanket-themed jerseys", I wouldn't expect more... f*ck you croatia


Brazil 🇧🇷

Number of participations: 22

2022 World Cup Result: 1st - Group G // Quarterfinals

Best campaign: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002 (Champion)

Criteria of Evaluation: 8.01pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

What a delusion... I never felt so confident about the "hexa" like this year. Everything was favorable to Brazil, EVERYTHING but Hernanes’s numerology probably cracked that up And the "picnic blanket-themed" jerseys destroyed it all! If I just had a time machine... everything would be different. As a Brazilian, it will never be just football. It's an essential part of our culture. It's how we get united by a passion, by a dream. Everybody together rooting for their country, and the celebration of a goal that mark a generation. If we conquered it 5 times, it shouldn't be hard to conquer the 6. At least it shouldn't have been. Neymar is still going to write his name on the football history forever. But not today. Maybe in 2026 we are going to be luckier. But I don't wanna live eternally from the past. I want to raise a World Cup. The elimination still seems unexplainable. It's hard to digest this feeling, but on moments like these, the best we can do is to comfort our hearts, and thank the players from what they did, or tried to do, because they feel the same as we except daniel alves, fred, alisson and tite (coach), I knew that we would get screwed with them. Well, at least we have the best goal of the Cup, kudos to our pigeon, Richarlison. Keep dancing, boys! The more they hate, the more we love! ❤️

faltavam 4 minutos... era só segurar... tinham 7 no ataque... 😖😭


Serbia 🇷🇸

Number of participations: 13

2022 World Cup Result: 4th - Group G

Best campaign: 1930, 1962 (Fourth place)

Criteria of Evaluation: 3.13pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

(Serbia is considered by FIFA and UEFA to be the official successor of both Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro national football teams) The only thing I expected actually was Serbia on the Round of 16 instead of Switzerland. I thought Serbia would bother Brazil quite a lot, mainly on the attacking field with Mitrović, Tadić, and Vlahović. But no, we won them by 2-0 lol.


Switzerland 🇨🇭

Number of participations: 12

2022 World Cup Result: 2nd - Group G

Best campaign: 1934, 1938, 1954 (Champion)

Criteria of Evaluation: 2.75pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

The team where the players are from all over the world... except Switzerland. They seemed to be tough to fight... until the moment they played against Portugal on the Round of 16 (6-1 bruh). As someone who likes a "fight" yes I'm psycopath, I loved the fact that the game between Serbia VS Switzerland would be repeated lol.


Cameroon 🇨🇲

Number of participations: 8

2022 World Cup Result: 3rd - Group G

Best campaign: 1990 (Quarterfinals)

Criteria of Evaluation: 1.35pts (AS EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

lol Um, I mean, the victory against Brazil represented a lot for Africa, and I didn't feel that bad because we were already qualified. I just felt like a crap because of Aboubakar's speech saying he didn't fear us lol. I was expecting they being the last from the group, but apparently the masseur's pig bank gave luck to Cameroon yawn I thought Brazil would eat shrimps/prawns that day :(


Portugal 🇵🇹

Number of participations: 8

2022 World Cup Result: 1st - Group H // Quarterfinals

Best campaign: 1966 (Third place)

Criteria of Evaluation: 3.51pts (HIGHER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

I felt so sad by Cristiano Ronaldo... probably that was his last FWC. But, I have to say he is destroying his end of carreer. Instead of going to retire on Real Madrid, which is his true home, he is going to Saudi Arabia after a bad season with Manchester United. Bruno Fernandes appeared as an alternative for the moments when the coach Fernando Santos left CR7 on the backup, but the elimination to Morocco is a great lesson to always use the best players of your team right, Tite?


Ghana 🇬🇭

Number of participations: 4

2022 World Cup Result: 4th - Group H

Best campaign: 2010 (Quarterfinals)

Criteria of Evaluation: 3.6pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

No, criteria of evaluation. That was expected. Quite expected. But Ghana wasn't that bad at all. They bothered a lot Portugal, that was making of everything to lose that game. Ghana had its moment of being at the zone of qualification to the Round of 16, but I would be extremely surprised if they made it through...


Uruguay 🇺🇾

Number of participations: 14

2022 World Cup Result: 3rd - Group H

Best campaign: 1930, 1950 (Champion)

Criteria of Evaluation: 6.21pts (LOWER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

that four stars look weird Bad coach = Bad team. Uruguay didn't convince on this World Cup anytime. The game against Ghana seemed to bring a good play, but at that point, Uruguay was also depending from a South Korea defeat against Portugal. And it was working. Arrascaeta scored twice for Uruguay, and South Korea was losing. But, a comeback by 2-1 ended up with Uruguay's dream. I know that Uruguay wasn't depending of itself, but ain't that stupid to put Arrascaeta and Suárez as backups? If the mouth can't convince you're wrong, let the ball do.


South Korea 🇰🇷

Number of participations: 11

2022 World Cup Result: 2nd - Group H // Round of 16

Best campaign: 2002 (Fourth place)

Criteria of Evaluation: 1.86pts (HIGHER THAN EXPECTED)


MG's Opinion

I thought my criteria would crack me up again because of the campaign as co-host of 2002 World Cup, being the fourth place after losing against Turkey by 3-2. Fortunately that bunch of Group Stage eliminations could ease the situation. But 20 years after the fourth place, South Korea passed through Group H and went to the Round of 16, on which was eliminated against Brazil by 4-1. Batman Son was amazing, as always, but the whole team had an interesting teamwork, and they could make it.



What an amazing World Cup. Great teams, great games, great surprises, and a great final. Yes, it would be better with Brazil on the final, and yes, it would be better if my album was complete, but football is not an exact science. And that’s what I love on it. I wonder the mind of the player, that is going to represent his country on a competition that only one can win. It was not in Qatar that Brazil was the best, but hopefully at North America in 3.5 years, the hexa will arrive.

please take the quizzes from my series, im gonna make west germany 1974 asap :>

and watch this video also plzzz

Level 43
Dec 26, 2022
If any of you know how to improve these criteria, please let me know, because I hate that Wales value. Also, let me know if something is wrong on my final values, or anything else, because it was quite hard to remember of multiply the values by 1.3, or subtract by 0.3 when needed...

and also let me know if you really want the translation of Hernanes’s numerology...

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Dec 26, 2022
Level 63
Dec 27, 2022
It seems that Croatia was created in order to punch large countries in the face (2018... after the euphoria of the victory over Spain, it was a big pain...)
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Dec 27, 2022
Croatia has been really surprising on the World Cups... Last Cup they had the stars Modric, Mandzukic, and Rakitic. They still have Modric, but they revealed Gvardiol and Livakovic. I guess Croatia has slight chances of winning a FWC before Netherlands

And yes, I watched Russia VS Spain, and I didn’t expect that result. Russia 2018 was a great World Cup. I loved Zabivaka, he’s extremely underrated, and unfortunately due to... reasons... he was cut off from this World Cup. Him, Zakumi (2010, although he is a furry), Fuleco (2014, lá ele), and La’eeb (2022, maybe because of the memes abou he being like a “homophobic tapioca”) are my favorite mascots. And also, watching the intro after 4 and a half years make me goosebumps every time, probably one of the best intros of a World Cup. Every detail about Russian history gets me, as well as the music.

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Dec 27, 2022
Oh, yes, Zabivaka is a legend. And in Russia, this match was also a surprise. (Jokes about

hand assed Russian football players mode setting)

And Brazil is also amazing in many aspects, especially football and music.

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Dec 27, 2022
Good blog.

Perhaps you should make a blog about Brazilian involvement in the World Wars?

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Dec 27, 2022
Maybe I should try that on... I just don’t know if I’ll have time to
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Dec 28, 2022
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Dec 28, 2022
Neymar > Mbamoney
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Dec 29, 2022
Well, I actually hate both as soccer players.
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Dec 29, 2022
I have my reasons for Mbappé. What would be yours for Neymar?

speak it again 🔫

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Dec 28, 2022
Shouldn’t it be Campaign, not Champagne?
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Dec 28, 2022
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Dec 28, 2022
To be honest it wouldn't surprise me if the Mexican government have frozen Ochoa and every four years they unfreeze him so he can play like a beast at the World Cup
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Dec 28, 2022
I thought that was exactly they already were doing years ago...
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Dec 29, 2022
Interesting blog

But Cricket >>> Football

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Dec 29, 2022
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Apr 5, 2023
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Jun 4, 2023
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Jun 12, 2023
Why does the blog emperor not blog in English anymore??????
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Jun 12, 2023
Procrastination sucks my man
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Jun 13, 2023
and school...
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Jun 13, 2023