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MiecraftMan departs from the Galapagos to return to his home nation, the Veggie Caliphate.

Welcome to the new episode of US State Viewer Voting! This will be the 14th elimination, and the voting mode is ranking.

A dictator has usurped the Veggie Caliphate, and is making drastic changes in the way the country works. New characters are being introduced to change the fate of the Veggie Caliphate… forever. Father Nature MiecraftMan is in exile, and is not here to save his country. What will happen next?

The over dramatized story of taking a crawfish too a creek.

Shoutout to my friend LentoBean, he makes great quizzes! totally not an inside advertising job

Sooo…. What exactly happened to all the world leaders after DOTJE took over? This is one of the many dark secrets that I will be uncovering and theorizing in this blog.

Changes are being made in the Veggie Caliphate.

Ever wanted a handy list of links to various DOTJE quizzes and blogs over JetPunk? Where here it is!

The VC is hosting the next DOTJE cricket match… what could possibly go wrong?

Hey guys! Remember this series? I was bored so I wrote another episode.

Just the other day, the annual Minecraft Live came out, and they talked about some things that will be in the next Minecraft update. If you happened to miss the livestream, this is what they talked about.

RUB Times is back! Enjoy this edition of headlines, as well as the acronym of of the week.

More progress in the war leads to astounding revelations and more actions in the war.

With more and more of the Veggie Caliphate falling to the Yemeni Cult, what will MiecraftMan do?

I never really planned on updating this blog, but I have!

The DOTJE war has begun, and the vc must prepare

I won’t be very active anymore

Part 2 of my series, this time a civil war in the VC

A story blog taking place in my DOTJE empire (the location isn’t necessarily relevant to the story lol, though a couple parts will be)

Wow! I never though this day would come, but today, May 21st, 2022, is my one year of JetPunking anniversary! This blog explains my story of JetPunk, and has a QnA at the end.

Amongst the global crises with Russia and Ukraine, new threats emerge! Here at RUB Times, we find it our duty to report these circumstances. Read on to find out!

What will happen in the second episode of space chronicles? Read to find out.

Sorry for the long delay, I had writer’s block lol and was working on RUB Times.

Two new categories this week!

If you think last week was crazy, read this! (Funny Newspaper Headlines)

This blog will be explaining the differences between crane flies, harvestmen, and cellar spiders, all three which are commonly called “daddy longlegs”.

Some crazy stuff is happening in this edition of Funniest Newspaper Headlines! Read to find out

So, have you seen the Interesting Fact about the unflattering French King nicknames? I decided that it was very interesting, and wanted to know if any other kings had nicknames like that. So, in this blog, you’ll be learning every French king’s nickname (that had one) and how they got it.

So, most of us have heard of these comment chains that stretch on and on forever, every comment saying the same thing, such as the “Beware of” chain on Countries that Start with L quiz. This blog will inform you on the ones that I’ve heard of, so that if you haven’t already, you can go make your mark on these infamous chains!

Another edition!

In this new series I’m doing, I’ll be personifying planets, moons, and possibly asteroids in a script-like theme. This is episode 1.

You guys asked for a sequel, so here it is!

In JetPunk quizzes, (well, most of them), there are type-ins like Sri Kotte Cheese for Sri Thingymajigger Kotte, the capital of Sri Lanka. With those type-ins are acronyms for the countries, like how USD is an abbreviation for United States Dollar. How PST is an acronym for Pleasant Silence Time Pacific Standard Time. How PSA is a acronym for Pickled Salamander Acrobatics Public Service Announcement. In this blog, you’ll learn about the ones you can use for countrie

So, it might be becoming a trend, these Empire Blogs. So I’ll make mine!

Before we start, please check out Beckette’s Blog that gave me inspiration for this blog.

In this blog I will be taking a look at the Top 200 JetPunkers, The Seven Continents Quiz, and people in Communication groups. I will look at their names and place of residence and take the ten funniest Place of Residences and Real Names and put them into this blog. Enjoy!

Ever wonder what the story of the Three Little Pigs would be like if, say Hoglins, were involved? Or perhaps Zombified Piglins? Well, read this blog to find out!

Now, I’m not one to normally read the newspaper, but recently I looked at a couple headlines, and it was pretty hilarious!

We are all familiar with our solar system, so the planets in it don’t seem that strange. But out their, there is some pretty wacky planets. From a planet made out of diamonds, to a planet that rains glass, in this blog you’ll learn about the five most obscure planets in my opinion. I will also be naming them!

What do you know about the famous ghost The Brown Lady? Well, read this blog to learn more.

Would you like to know who some of the most frequently posting bloggers are? Look at these charts to find out!

Have you ever heard about that one borderless sea? Well, in this blog you’ll learn all about it.

Can you try your hand at these Minecraft Quizzes, to earn YOUR unofficial Minecraft badge?

Would you like to know more about this foreign city replacing Malabo as the capital of Equatorial Guinea? If so, read this blog! I will be talking about the the climate, population, and location.

These are my ten favorite bloggers on JetPunk!

In this blog I will be explaining the more common/well known Minecraft Naturally Generated Structures, and what biome to find them.

This will be a basic summary of every Minecraft mob!

Note: As I play on Bedrock, I will not be including Illusioner. Also, Zombie Horses are only accessible through creative, so those will not be here either.

In this blog i am going to be ranking the nether biomes worst to best!

Most people think the elder guardian is a boss mob. In this blog, i will explain why I think otherwise.

This blog is for anyone who would like to show how much they appreciate the QM

I just reached 1000 plays for my quizzes, so I’m making a blog about it!