A Basic Summary of EVERY Minecraft Mob




The perfect mob to start the blog!  These passive mobs spawn in water, on a stone type block, under level 60.  These salamanders make the perfect pets.  You feed them tropical fish to breed.  They naturally attack drowned and tropical fish.


These passive mobs live in caves.  They serve no use accept for target practice, and drop no xp or loot.


These mobs are tameable, but they are very hard to catch.  You tame them with fish.  You can get them from villages, abandoned villages, witch huts, and from taming an ocelot.  They drop string.


These mobs drop feathers, which can be used for arrows, and raw chicken.  This gives you hunger sometimes when you eat it.  These mobs are very weak, requiring two punches with your fist or one hit with any tool or weapon (I am pretty sure they have more health on Java).


These fish spawn a lot in the ocean.  You can use cod to feed dolphins so they lead you to shipwrecks and ruins.


A common mob in pretty much every biome (with the exceptions of deserts, mesa, ocean and snowy biomes, these mobs make a great food supply.  They drop leather, which is useful, and Cooked Beef is one of the best foods in the game.


A tameable mob, a lot like horses.  Breed with horses to get mules.  They drop leather.


These adorable mobs can be found snoozing under spruce trees in taiga biomes.  You can tame them with sweet berries, and they can hold items for you.  They are a natural predator of rabbits and chickens.  They are hunted by wild wolves.

Glow Squid

These glowing mobs supply you with glow sacs, which are used for glow item frames.  They spawn on stone.


Found in the extreme hills, these mobs serve no purpose accept for milk.  They drop no loot or xp. A rare variety of these mobs is the screaming goat, which sometimes attacks you.


These rideable mobs come in different colors and sizes, and they each very with health, speed, and jump boost.  No matter the type, they are a delight to ride.  You find them in Plains and Savannas


These cow like mobs exclusively spawn in the rare mushroom island.  You can shear them for red mushrooms and milk them (with a bowl) for mushroom stew.


These mobs spawn only when you breed a horse with a donkey, but are worth the effort.


These mobs are found only in the jungle, and you can tame them with fish.  They will then turn into a loyal cat.


A mob found only in jungles, you can tame these with seeds.  They will then land on your shoulder.  You can also poison them will cookies, but don’t do that (no please do, I like watching things suffer).


A passive mob, and also a food supply.  One of the more famous achievements is to ride a pig of a cliff while it takes damage but doesn’t die.


These spawn in coral reefs, and look puny.  Don’t attack them though, because they’ll poison you.  (I’m honestly not sure if that would make it neutral, but the Minecraft Mobs quiz says otherwise, so…) Definitely don’t eat them though, because it will give you poison, nausea, and hunger.


Drop raw rabbit, rabbit’s foot, and rabbit’s hide, which can be turned into leather.  They eat carrots.  They are naturally found in desserts, snowy tundra, and taiga.


These fish are commonly found in rivers.  They supply a good amount of hunger bars if cooked.


Sheep>Wool>Beds>Ancient Debris>Netherite Scrap>Netherite Ingots>Good Armour and Tools>Beating the Enderdragon.  Therefor, sheep are crucial to the game.  While their food isn’t that good, you can use them for wool.  They spawn in almost every biome.

Skeleton Horse

This mob spawns when lighting strikes a horse.  It is passive, and doesn’t require a saddle to ride.


Squids spawn in water, and are used for inc sacs.  With these you can make black dye, or book and quills.


A rideable nether mob, which can come in handy.  Normally you use these to travel across lava lakes.  You ride them with a saddle and warped fungus on a stick.

Strider Jockey

A Zombified Piglin on a Strider.  You can kill the Zombified Piglin for the already saddled Strider.

Tropical Fish

These come in a lot of colors and shapes, and spawn in Coral Reefs.  Used to tame Axolotls.


These spawn in ocean biomes, and also from eggs.  A turtle will lay an egg on it’s home beach, and that egg will hatch.  As the turtle grows, it will drop scutes, which can be crafted into turtle shells, which give you respiration.


You can trade with these mobs, and they come with jobs like Farmer, Librarian, Fisherman, Fletcher, Cleric, Cartographer, Butcher, Weapon Smith, Tool Smith, and Armorer.  You can use these to gain a variety of items, such as Exploration maps, and mending books.  They live in villages.

Wandering Trader

A nomadic version of villagers, except that they only trade for emeralds.  You can use these for foreign items such as kelp in a desert and red sand in a plains.



These mobs are found in Plains biomes.  Breed them with flowers to get a bigger hive.  To get honey you put a campfire under a beehive then use a bottle to gather the honey.  They will attack you if attacked or if you mine their hive.

Cave Spider

Technically hostile, since they only spawn in the dark abandoned mineshafts, but if you got them up to the light they wouldn’t attack you if they aren’t attacked.  Drop the same stuff as spiders, but are more dangerous as they inflict poison.


Feed them cod and they will lead you to shipwrecks and ruins.  In Java they can give you underwater speed, called Dolphin’s Grace.


Will attack you if you attack them or look into their eyes.  Drop Enderpearls, which are used to teleport.  They are found everywhere in the overworld, Nether, and End, but they in the Nether they spawn most commonly in Warped Forests.


These mobs drop leather.  They will spit at you (it doesn’t deal damage) if attacked, only causing knockback.  Found in extreme hills and savanna.


Found in jungles and you breed them with bamboo.  Very cute when they do flips.


These Nether mobs will attack you unless you are wearing gold.  You can barter with them, and they will give you useful items like Enderpearls and Fire Resistance potions.  They spawn with gold swords or crossbows.

Polar Bear

Found in snowy and icy biomes.  They will attack you if you attack them or if they have babies nearby.  They drop raw fish.


A lot like cave spiders, but they don’t inflict poison and they are commoner.


Tame them with bones, and heal them with meat (not fish).  While wild, they will attack you if attacked.  Once they are tamed, they will attack anything that attacks you or anything you attack (with the exception of Creepers).  They will also naturally attack Skeletons (tamed or untamed), and while wild they attack sheep and foxes.

Zombified Piglin

Much like Piglins, except you can’t barter with them, they only spawn with gold swords, and they will only attack you if attacked.  Once they become hostile though, all the nearby Zombified Piglins will get mad at you and attack as well.


Iron Golem

Defender of villager, and will chuck all hostile mobs (except for Creepers), and some neutral, into the air so they take hit damage and fall damage.  Will attack you if attacked.  They will spawn when the village population reaches a certain amount.  Summon them with 4 iron blocks in a T shape, then place a carved pumpkin on top.

Snow Golem

Will shoot snowballs at the same mobs as iron golems, but won’t deal damage, only knockback.  Summon them with two snow blocked stacked up, then a carved pumpkin on top.



A Nether Fortress mob, crucial to beating the game, because it provides blaze rods which can be crafted into blaze powder which can be crafted with Enderpearls into eye of ender, and you use those to track down strongholds.  They attack with fireballs.  You know when they are going to attack because they rise into the air and flames surround them.

Charged Creeper

The result of lightning striking a normal creeper.  These will have a blue electronic field around them, showing you they are more dangerous.  They explode like normal creepers, but deal more damage and have a bigger blast radius.  If these kill a mob, it will drop a head.

Chicken Jockey

A baby zombie riding a chicken.  These are very rare, but aren't very useful, as the chicken doesn’t have the baby zombie’s speed.  Also, baby zombies don’t drop anything, and chickens don’t drop much that is useful.


The result of messing up the coding for a pig.  These mobs are silent and stealthy, following you around without making a sound.  Once they are close enough, they will explode, (committing some sort of gruesome suicide.)  If they are close enough and you are unarmored, they can kill you with one explosion.  A way to kill them is just charging and spamming with your weapon, or making a strike and run, then repeating.  They drop gunpowder which is used for TNT and fireworks.


If a zombie is underwater for long enough, it will turn into a drowned, dropping all it’s armor.  These can spawn with tridents (the only way to get these is from killing a drowned), nautilus shells (used for conduits), and fishing rods.  Burns in sunlight.

Elder Guardian

These mobs guard Ocean Monuments.  There are three, and they won’t respawn once you kill them. An achievement for killing them is the Deep End.  Some consider them a boss mob (see a previous blog), but I don’t.  They drop a variety of items (see one of my quizzes), such as Wet Sponges and Prismarine Shards.  They shoot lasers at you, dealing good damage and inflicting Mining Fatigue III.  They can also uncurl spikes on their body, dealing additional damage.


These have a chance of spawning once an Enderpearl lands.  They are mostly harmless and don’t deal a lot of damage.  They only drop xp.


A very formidable Illager (a mob in raids), and also found in woodland mansions.  They can summon three vexes (only able to use this once), and they can summon spikes out of the ground.  They have a good amount of health.  They drop emeralds and totems of undying.  You can identify these by their yellow/black outfit.


A Nether mob that looks kind of like a mix between an octopus and a ghost.  They fly in the air and shoot fireballs.  They also make creepy sounds like “Hashoo” and “Heeya’a.”  If you kill them by deflecting a fireball (just hit the fireball with any type of item/tool/weapon,) you get the achievement Return to Sender.  They drop gunpowder and Ghast tears (used in brewing.)


A slightly less harmful version of the Elder Guardian, because they don’t deal Mining Fatigue.  Have the same methods of attacking, but they are way more common.  They naturally attack squids.


A formidable Nether mob.  They only spawn in Crimson forests, though.  They drop raw porkchop, leather, and xp.


A desert zombie.  They don’t burn in sunlight and inflict hunger if they hit you.  If you can get them underwater they turn into a normal zombie.  Like normal zombies and drowned, they have a rare chance of dropping carrots and potatoes.

Magma Cube

Like it’s name suggests, like is a slime-like nether mob, found most commonly in Basalt Deltas.  They come in three sizes.  Killing a large one spawns two-three medium ones.  Killing the medium ones spawns 2-4 tiny ones.  They have a variety of health, the tiniest having less then chickens.  The mediums and larges drop magma cream, which is used in brewing.


A nighttime mob which spawns when you haven’t slept in three days.  They fly around and burn in sunlight.  If you manage to shoot them down, they drop phantom membranes, used in brewing.


An Illager with a crossbow.  Spawns in raids, Pillager outposts, and in their wandering nomadic groups.  Killing a captain will give you bad omen, meaning that if you enter a village a raid will start. They drop iron armor, emeralds, and their crossbows.


A bull-like Illager.  Normally spawns with a evoker or Pillager on it’s back (making it a jockey mob?  Idk I had second thoughts about including jockeys anyway.) Has a whole lot of health, and drops saddles.


A End City mob, which looks like a little purple shell.  When they are closed, arrows don’t work on them.  They fire homing projectiles which give you levitation when they hit.  They sometimes drop shulker shells, which can be crafted into a shulker box, which is basically a movable chest.


One word for this mob: annoying.  They spawn in monster eggs in extreme hills, which look like normal blocks but aren’t.  If you can’t kill them quick enough, they summon more.  They also spawn in strongholds.


A nighttime mob which burns in sunlight.  They have bows, and are annoying.  They drop arrows, bows, and bones.

Skeleton Horseman

When lighting strikes a horse, then strikes the skeleton horse, it turns into four skeleton horsemen.  These mobs have helmets (and other armor), so they don’t burn in daylight.  They are a truly formidable foe, so luckily they are rare.


A lot like magma cubes, the only difference is that they drop slimeballs instead of magma cream.  The slimeballs can be used in slime blocks, leads, and more.  These mobs are found in swamps, and in underground slime chunks.

Spider Jockey

A skeleton on a spider.  Not much more to it.


A skeleton that spawns in snowy biomes.  They behave like normal skeletons, except that their arrows have slowness.  They also burn in sunlight.


These little flying angel-like mobs are summoned by Evokers.  They can fly through blocks.  When they are attacking you, they will turn red and their speed will increase.


An axe wielding Illager, (also found in woodland mansions), that deals probably more damage than an iron axe should.  Drops iron axes and emeralds.


A nighttime mob that spawns most commonly in swamps.  They are also illagers and they spawn in Witch huts.

Wither Skeleton

A Nether Fortress variety of Skeletons which has a stone swords and deals the Wither Effect.  They also sometimes drop Wither Skeleton heads, which are used to create the boss mob Wither.


I don’t know much about these mobs, but I know that they are the result of a Hoglin being in the Overworld for too long.  Therefor, I am assuming they behave a lot like Hoglins.


The most basic nighttime mob.  They drop rotten flesh every time, but rarely Potatoes, Carrots, Copper and Iron Ingots, and whatever they are wearing/holding.  The most common thing for them to spawn with is an Iron Shovel.  If they go underwater they will turn into a Drowned.  They also burn in sunlight and attack villagers and both utility mobs.  Sometimes their baby counterparts will ride piggyback.  They are slow, and don’t deal much damage if properly armored.

Zombie fighting the Minecraft Boy Player Skin, Steve.

Zombie Villager

Behaves a lot like Husks, Zombies, and Drowned.  They drop the same things.  They spawn naturally, but also when a zombie kills a villager.  You can cure them back into a villager with a splash potion of weakness then feeding them a golden apple.



You beat the game by killing this ultimate boss.  It lives in the End, and you can not escape the end (unless you die) until you kill it.  They fire dragon’s breath at you, which can be bottled for brewing.  They have a whopping amount of health, and will launch you into the air with contact.  Once they are perching, they are immune to arrows.  After killing them, you can resummon them by placing four end crystals on the corners of the bedrock pillar.


A new 1.17 addon that lives in caves.  They are blind, but can still sense you.  I don’t really know much more about them, though.


You summon these by placing four soul sand in a T position then placing three Wither Skeleton skulls on top.  A wither will then spawn.  It will charge up, then explode, rising into the air shooting fireballs at any mob (except for undead mobs).  This boss breaks blocks on contact.  Once they reach half health, they fall down to the ground and spawn three Wither Skeletons.  They are then immune to arrows.  Once you kill it, it will drop a nether star, which is used in beacons.

I hope you enjoyed the blog!  If I missed any, please tell me.

Ones that I am aware are “missing”: Illusioner, Zombie Horse, Killer Bunny, Giant, Brown Panda, Baby Versions, Wither Storm.

Level 51
Sep 28, 2021
*Miecraft mob
Level 74
Sep 28, 2021
What exactly is a Minecraft mob? I obviously don’t play
Level 60
Sep 28, 2021
A creature/animal. Mob is short for mobile.
Level 74
Sep 28, 2021
Ahh, ok thank you
Level 38
Sep 28, 2021
Great blog! I will use this as a guide!
Level 75
Sep 29, 2021
I haven't played the latest update in quite a while now but I'm pretty sure llama spits deal 1 damage (or half a heart). Iirc, they're the only mobs you can die from in peaceful mode.
Level 63
Sep 29, 2021
I don't think Llamas can kill you in peaceful mode.
Level 75
Sep 29, 2021
Oh wait nevermind, mojang seems to have changed that during the caves and cliffs update and now llamas are passive in peaceful mode.
Level 60
Sep 29, 2021
Oh. I though it was like snowballs.
Level 51
Sep 29, 2021
Summery? It's fall... (BTW I know what you mean by summery)
Level 34
Sep 29, 2021
I believe "summery" is spelled "summary"
Level 34
Sep 29, 2021
With an "a" not an "e"
Level 60
Sep 29, 2021
I have now fixed this.
Level 40
Oct 13, 2021
my favorite mob is the mooshroom :D
Level 60
Oct 13, 2021
Level 40
Oct 13, 2021
what is funny
Level 60
Oct 13, 2021
Mooshrooms are funny. I like them also.
Level 40
Oct 13, 2021
ok but what is your favorite mob?
Level 60
Oct 13, 2021
I don’t really have a favorite, but mooshrooms are up on the list.