Minecraft Structures and Their Locations



Location: Taiga, Snowy Taiga, Icy Tundra, Desert, Savanna, Plains.

Note: There are Swamp and Jungle Villagers but only from other villages extending into swamps and jungles.

In Villages there are villagers, loot chests, iron golems, and more.  In the loot chests come Seeds, Saplings, Potatoes, Bread, Emeralds and Apples, of the more common stuff.  In Blacksmith chests are Iron armor and weapons, diamonds, emeralds, iron, saddles, and wood.

The Iron Golem is the defender of the village.  They will chuck most hostile mobs (except for Creepers), and a lot get flung into the air.  This deals hit damage and fall damage.  The iron golem drops iron ingots and a rose.

Hay Bales are found all around the most types of villages, and if put into a crafting table they will give you nine wheat.  This can be crafted into bread, a good food source.

Farms are found all around the villages, and are the most common way of obtaining Beetroot, Carrots, and Potatoes (the two last also being dropped by zombies).  The farmer villager attends to farm, planting fresh crops after they or you harvest them.  Crops can also be destroyed if you jump on them.

Churches are that tall cobblestone building found in plains and a few other villages.  They have stained glass windows and ladders for the taking.  The most valuable resource here though, is the brewing stand.  This building is visited by the Cleric.

Raids come to villages when you enter a village with bad omen (from killing a Pillager Captain).  Most  raid mobs (illagers), will attack the villagers.  The raid mobs are Pillagers, Evokers, Vindicators, Vexes, Ravagers, Illusioners, and Witches.  If you defeat all the raid levels, you get Hero of the Village, making Villager trading prices cheaper.

Villagers come in different professions such as Cleric, Tool Smith, Weapon Smith, Fishermen, Fletcher, Leatherworker, Butcher, Armorer, Librarian, Cartographer, and more.  Each job has different trades like Mending books (Librarian), Exploration Maps (Cartographer), and Iron Axe (Weapon Smith).

Ruined Portal

Location: Everwhere (except for the End).

These ruined portals are a Nether like structure found in almost every biome.  They have Magma Blocks, Netherack, Obsidian, Gold Blocks, Crying Obsidian, Chains, and more.  They all have one chest, which normally has obsidian, iron nuggets, or enchanted gold tools, weapons, and armor.


Location: Ocean Biomes

These sunken ships can have up to three chests, with treasure maps, paper, suspicious stew, poisonous potatoes, and more.

Woodland Mansion

Location: Dark Forests

A true masterpiece of architecture, this looming structure is huge.  The loot inside is great, but it is guarded by Evokers (Vexes), and Vindicators.  Some rooms inside are the Map Room and the Treasure room.  Most chests are large chests.  I am not sure of the loot since I have only seen these from a seed, and the loot was gone in that seed, but it must be good.  The mansions are made from Dark Oak wood, and are normally two stories tall (pretty sure).

Evokers and Vindicators are the two mobs that guard this palace (apart from nighttime mobs spawning).  Vindicators are powerful axe wielding mobs that will attack you anywhere anytime.  They definitely deal more damage than an iron axe should.  Evokers are other powerful mobs with a lot of health.  They can summon three flying vexes, which can move through blocks to attack you.  They can also summon spikes out of the ground.  When gray swirls are above their head, they are summoning spikes, when white swirls appear they are summoning vexes.  Once killed they might drop totems of undying, which when held in off hand or your hand, will prevent you from dying once.  After reaching zero health, they will grant you five hearts back.


Location: Any Nether Biome

These looming structures are made out of blackstone and basalt.  They are home to the deadly Piglin Brutes, and other normal Piglins.  There are four types of Bastions, Treasure, Stables, and I forget the others.  I know that one has magma cube spawners, and these have good loot, like enchanted diamond armor and ancient debris.  Other loot consists of Gold Blocks, Crying Obsidian, Obsidian, Magma Cream, and Nether Quartz.  All bastions have Gold Blocks hidden around them, and the Treasure Bastion has a lot of gold blocks in a clump.  Piglins are neutral if you are wearing gold, but Piglin Brutes are not.

End City

Location: End Islands

These have by far the best loot in the game (enchanted diamond armor, weapons, and bows), but are guarded by shulkers.  These mobs will shoot projectiles at you, giving you levitation.  You’ll land with a splat.

The End City Ship is by far the most valuable part of the end city, because it contains the dragon head and elytra.  You can fly with elytra by using fireworks and wearing elytra in your chestplate spot.

Abandoned Mineshaft

Location: Caves

These underground tunnels contain cobwebs, rails, chests, and cave spiders.  In the chests are Gold Ingots, Iron Ingots, Lapis Lazuli, Coal, Diamonds, Redstone, all three types of rails, and more.

When there are clumps of cobwebs, they are normally guarding a cave spider spawner.  To disable a spawner place torches on all sides of it, and on top.  Cave spiders are dangerous mobs that when they attack you they inflict poison.  They look like normal spiders except that they are smaller.

Witch Hut

Location: Swamps

A small little hut found in swamps.  Inside (or prowling around it), is a witch, and black cat.  The stuff inside is a cauldron, crafting table, and brewing stand I’m pretty sure.


Location: Icy Tundra

These small shelters in icy tundras are small, but also large.  On the first floor is a crafting table and some carpet, but under the carpet is a basement.  In the basement is two cages, one with a villager and one with a zombie villager.  Down there is a golden apple and a brewing stand, which has a splash potion of weakness inside.  Obviously, you are meant to heal the Zombie Villager.  To do this, mine a iron bar then shoot the potion at the Zombie Villager.  Then feed it the Golden Apple.  After a little bit, it will turn back into a Villager.  Make sure to take the brewing stand as you leave.

Desert Well

Location: Desert

I just had to include this cute little structure!  Please don’t yell at me, ya’ll.  This is basically just a sandstone well with a block of water inside.


Location: Any Overworld biome

This small cave of mossy cobblestone has two chests and one monster spawner.  The spawner can be Spider, Skeleton, or Zombie.  Inside the chests is a variety of items, but most commonly a music disk or two.

Pillager Outpost

Location: Any land overworld biome

These towering outposts are home to the pillagers.  They have targets outside the outpost and sometimes iron golem prisons.  On the top floor of these structures is the Pillager captain and a chest.  In the chest is Potatoes, Bread, Carrots, Crossbows, Arrows, and a Bottle O’ Enchanting.  When thrown against the ground these bottles will give you xp.  Killing the Pillager Captain will give you bad omen, which will spark a raid in a village you enter in the next in game hour.

Nether Fortress

Location: Any Nether Biome

A crucial biome to beating the game, this place has Blazes, Wither Skeletons, Chests, and other dangers.

Wither Skeletons are tall skeletons that have stone swords and deal the Wither Effect, which is a lot like poison except you can die from it.

Nether Wart is one of the more famous brewing things.  It is found under staircases growing on soul sand.  It looks a little bit like beetroot.

Blazes spawn all over the fortress, but most commonly by Blaze Spawners.  Blazes are crucial to the game since you need Blaze Rods to make Blaze Powder to Make eye of Enders to track down the stronghold to find the portal to kill the dragon.  Once hostile they will rise into the air and shoot fireballs at you.

The chests have many items such as Horse Armor and Obsidian.

Abandoned Village

Remember the Village?  The same as that, except that instead of Villagers, there is cobwebs and zombie villagers.  The farms, biomes, houses, and hay bales remain.

Desert Temple

Location: Desert

Found in Deserts, this pyramid like building is sometimes buried.  Made out of sandstone and blue and red concrete, this building is pretty.  The first floor has nothing, but the basement has four chests.  The basement is right below the blue concrete in the middle.  In the chests is diamonds, enchanted books, emeralds, horse armor, string, spider eyes, bones, rotten flesh, saddles, and other stuff.

MiecraftMan: *Chuckles ominously*

Minecraft Noob: What are you laughing about?

MiecraftMan: Oh, Nothing much.  Make sure to step on the pressure plate though, because a fifth chest will be revealed.

Minecraft Noob: Oh, thanks!  *Leaves*.

MiecraftMan: Hehehehe

Ocean Monument

Location: Deep Ocean

These Prismarine temples are gorgeous.  They are guarded by guardians, and the boss not-boss Elder Guardian.  (For more info on these mobs see my previous blog).  Prismarine and Sponges are only found here.  In the center of the Monument is nine gold blocks encased in Dark Prismarine.  This is where the Elder Guardians are, though.  Sea Lanterns are also found here, and the only other place to find these is at Ocean Ruins.

Jungle Temple

Location: Jungle

A temple made out of mossy cobblestone.  The ground floor has nothing, but the basement has two chests.  The first is a combination if levers.  Just mine the wall though and the chest will be revealed. The second chest is booby trapped.  A tripwire will go of when you are about to take a turn, and arrows from a dispenser will shoot at you.  Luckily, it normally missed, and then you can loot the dispenser (which is always hidden behind a vine).  When you take the turn and see the chest, ANOTHER arrow will shoot at you, and you can rob the dispenser again.

In the chest is mostly the same stuff as the desert temple.

Ocean Ruin

Location: Ocean Biomes

This ocean structure has a variety of looks and stuff.  They normally have a chest and magma block, though.  The chest loot is normally the same as shipwrecks.  Rarely, there will be a sea lantern on these structures.  Make sure to grab it.


Location: most commonly under Villages and underwater.

The final structure of the overworld, and a confusing maze.

Some rooms are the Well Room, Library, Prison Cell, and Portal Room.  There are chests in the hallways and Library.  The library loot is what you would expect from a library: Books and Enchanted Books.  The hallway loot can have Enderpearls, Horse Armor, Saddles, Apples, Bread, and other stuff.

The stronghold is also infested with silverfish.  They live in the walls and jump out at you.  One time in the stronghold I had about 30 silverfish on me, since they summon more if you don’t kill them quick enough.

The portal room has a portal, obviously, but also lava pools, and a silverfish spawner.  Mine the silverfish spawner instantly.  Then, light the portal by placing an eye of ender on every end portal block.  Then jump in.

Anyway, thanks for reading!  Make sure to check out my other Minecraft blogs and quizzes!

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