Thank You Quizmaster!


Thank You Quizmaster

I would like to express how much I, and I bet a lot of other Jetpunkers, appreciate the QM for dedicating his day to make Jetpunk a fun place.

Quizmaster, with over 4000 quizzes, really is the Quizmaster on jetpunk.  Even though there are users with more, none have as rich content as the Jetpunk QM.

The Quizmaster has to log in to Jetpunk, probably a lot, to update the ranks, approve the new blogs and quizzes, answer to questions and reports, and make sure that Jetpunk is a fun and safe place to take quizzes.  After all, Jetpunk wouldn’t be to high on the best quiz websites article without the QM!  (Jetpunk wouldn’t even be here at all!)

If you want to express how much you appreciate the QM, type a comment below!.

Level 66
Jul 5, 2021
I'm pretty sure the ranks are updated automatically, but QM still does plenty of work nonetheless.
Level 42
Jul 6, 2021
Ye I am sure he or Stewart made system for sorting all the users according to takes. and still he does a lot of work in featuring, updates and creating quizzes and charts and Stewart also does.
Level 39
Sep 29, 2021
I want to know if there are most people in the team
Level 60
Sep 29, 2021
Me to! JohnnyAitch isn’t active, and all the others are QM alt accounts.,
Level 60
Oct 6, 2021
yes I know! Stewart said he had other things in life to do that aren't Jetpunk, but he came to Communication Groups!