War in the Veggie Caliphate : Changes


Abuja, Veggie Caliphate

MiecraftMan delivers a speech to the VC

“Good citizens of the Veggie Caliphate, war is among us.  We thought it bad the last few weeks, it’s worse.  The IL, our previous allies, have made moves against almost all of the world, either by attacking or allying with them.  This is not good for us.  We have made it abundantly clear that we are not friends of the Vampires, or any of their friends.  Amongst that, Nickelz, my VP has betrayed us.  We are facing threats from all sides.  From Yemen to Svalbard, from Svalbard to Nickelz, from Nickelz to the IL, from the IL to the Grandes, from the Grandes to Alexander we are being attacked and threatened.  I mean to hopefully answer one of these threats today,”

MiecraftMan paused, waiting for the crowds reaction.

“Svalbard, a land of freedom, has long expressed anger and disgust at me giving vegetarians privileges.  I don’t believe that many are bothered by this, but it is still causing war and harm to all of us indirectly.  Svalbard has been attacking us constantly with their American nukes and troops.  We can’t have that.  We can’t have war in the Veggie Caliphate.  So, hear me dear citizens of the Veggie Caliphate.  I revoke all privileges being given to vegetarians in this nation.  We are all equal.  Vegetarians may, in my opinion, be on the righter path of things, but I shall no longer be rewarding them.  Of course, the VC is a nation built on vegetarianism.  I can’t just do away with that, now can I?  A new law comes into motion now.  All businesses, stores, companies, individuals, everything and everyone that sells meat, is now obliged to sell soy meat, or fake meat as well.  To no extra expense or the meat sellers, of course.  All fake meat will be provided by the government.”

MiecraftMan looked at some glum or angry faces in the crowd.

“Now, this only profits the meat sellers.  You get fake meat for free, and sell it for money.  A little sly, maybe.  Maybe people would use this for their advantage, start selling meat.  You might think it goes against what I’m hoping to accomplish.  Maybe it does.  It’s an experiment.  Remember that the most important thing, at the time, is ending the wars.  All internal dilemmas can be sorted.  The war is more important.  Ending our war with Svalbard, and the rest, is more important than almost everything at the time.

“Now, of course, the purpose of this fake meat is to show people that there is always a better alternative than wasting lives.  And this goes two ways.  I may mean the animal lives, I may mean the lives of the brave soldiers warring at the moment.  Yet, do not forget that the fake meat is not the grand solution.  This only removes one front, and maybe not even that.  Maybe Svalbard won’t forgive and forget.  Once we remove ourselves from Svalbard, we still have wars to fight.  Yemen and Nickelz can hopefully be crushed fairly easy, under our full power.  Then we have the IL and the Grandes.

“We will not be alone in the fight against the IL.  We have our siblings down below, the Palapyans.  We have our friends in The Alliance.  We have our newfound allies in the Pentente.  It will still be a hard fight, all the same.  All we can do though, is wait, and fight strong, and hope.  Never, ever, lose hope for our country, the great Veggie Caliphate!”’

Some people in the crowd looked nervous, or angry, or confused, or unsure, or all four.  Overall though, the crowd was cheering.

MiecraftMan smiled to himself.  Change was a hard thing, but the VC was ready for it.

Yerevan, Veggie Caliphate

The leaders of the New Pentente confront Nickelz

Yerevan had been armed.  Even on the borders of Armenia, civilians had been given weapons to use.  Aficionado, McKenzieFam, thegoatisgoaty, BGG, ZooTuber, MiecraftMan, and the QuizzerBros had each flown in from their respective empires, landing in Yerevan under the white flag of truce.  Nickelz had come out from his palace to greet them.

“Hello Nickelz,” said Aficionado.

“Hello,” Nickelz responded, his voice iced with hostility.

“I’m not going to dilly-dally around here.  I’m cutting to the point.  Nickelz, you’ve expressed interest at rejoining the Pentente, though many of your current actions are going against what the New Pentente is fighting for,” said Af.

“And what is the New Pentente fighting for?” asked Nickelz.

“The IL has sped things along very quickly, forcing almost the entire world to take one of two sides.  The Pentente, or the Infinity League.  Svalbard, an empire you are allied with, is on the side of the Infinity League.  By allying with Svalbard, indirectly, you are an ally of the IL.  The Pentente is fighting the IL,” spoke tgig.

“And what must I do to rejoin your Pentente?” Nickelz asked

“Well, you must satisfy our three criterion,” said Af, “One, you must break all pacts with Svalbard, the IL, or Yemen.”

“Two, you must, as of now, abandon all attempts to reastablish the AAE.  After the war, this may change,” said MiecraftMan.

“Three, all members of the New Pentente must agree that if you were to join, it wouldn’t undermine our very existence,” said MKF.

“Fine.  It’s not like I stand any chance of your last criteria, but I’ll postpone any AAE action.  I will also break my alliance with Svalbard.  Are you all gonna take a poll now for my admission?”

“Yes.  All in favor of Nickelz being in the Pentente, say aye.  All in favor of not allowing Nickelz to join, say nay,” said Af.

“Aye,” said thegoatisgoaty.

“Aye,” said ZooTuber.

“It’s an aye for me,” said BGG.

“Aye, as long as it’s proper and he won’t quit half way through and go ally with the IL again,” said MKF.

“Aye,” said the QuizzerBros.

“Aye, though I’m not giving him a vassal until after the war,” said MiecraftMan.

“Aye.  I think he’s a member now, right,” said Af.

“Yup,” said MKF.

“Wonderful,” said Nickelz.

New Baltimore, Svalbard  (one week after MiecraftMan’s speech)

Qy, MiecraftMan, Nickelz, and TheNatureThread discuss peace treaties

“Hello, everyone.  I think we know why we are here.  MiecraftMan has expressed much interest into accomplishing peace, and I think this meeting can help us draft a treaty,” said Qy.

“Look, you all know what I want, I’ll leave MiecraftMan alone if I get Armenia,” said Nickelz.

“Well, it looks like we have some terms for the possibility of a treaty,” said Qy.

“Well, I’ll name mine.  It’s been obvious that MiecraftMan won’t give me Armenia until after the war, but when the time comes, I want Armenia as an independent empire.  I expect full autonomy,” started Nickelz.

MiecraftMan nodded.

“Second, I want a Veggie province to be made a vassal state for the Armenian population of the VC,” continued Nickelz.

“I suppose this could happen.  It would also have to be after the war, though,” said MiecraftMan.

“That’s it for me,” said Nickelz.

“Well, I still have a couple,” said Qy.

“Alright, what are they,” said MiecraftMan.

“War shall cease between Svalbard, Armenia, Chilefornia, and the VC.  That is after all, why we are all here.  Second, I would like all prisoners of war to be exchanged.  Third, meat eaters and vegetarians shall have complete and total equality in the VC.  I think we have already accomplished that, though.  I don’t have any problem with your fake meat rule, by the way,” Qy said.

“Sounds good to me,” said MiecraftMan.

“This doesn’t much apply to me, but alright I guess,” said Nickelz.

“And you, Thread?” asked Qy?

“No.  It’s fun to be at war lolol.”

“Fine, have it your way.  You will be crushed by Svalbard, though. Lastly, I would like an international zone to be set up in Lagos for Armenia, Svalbard, Chilefornia, and the VC.  This zone would be for safe and efficient trading and passage.  It would last for fifty years.” Qy finished.

“I think that would be very helpful,” said MiecraftMan.  “Alright, I agree to the terms.”

“Wonderful.  We all have nothing else to add, correct?” said Qy.

All the leaders nodded.

“Well, Nickelz, do you agree to the terms?” Qy asked.

“Yes,” said Nickelz.

“Lovely.  I, of course, I agree to this myself.”

The leaders draft the treaty on a peace of parchment, and it is set in stone.

“I think that wraps it all up here,” said Qy.

The events of this blog have been the treaties and actions happening in the JP comments since the last DOTJE blog, and therefor all information in this blog has been agreed on and is almost definitely canon.

DOTJE is certainly becoming exciting!

Level 67
Nov 29, 2022
Nicely done, although idk how selling fake meat will go given it tastes... interesting :)
Level 60
Nov 29, 2022
Yeah, I don’t expect it to be to successful
Level 66
Nov 29, 2022
In your blogs, can you please refer to me as Yako instead of Nickelz?
Level 60
Nov 29, 2022
Level 66
Nov 29, 2022
I changed my mind, keep it as Nickelz.
Level 66
Nov 29, 2022
Wait a minute... a VASSAL? Ugh.
Level 60
Nov 29, 2022
Level 69
Nov 29, 2022
I think you misunderstand.

Armenia itself will become free and independent, but a Veggie vassal will be set up for Armenians who can't / don't want to leave the proper Veggie Caliphate.

Level 66
Nov 29, 2022
Oh! Sorry for the misunderstanding!
Level 43
Nov 30, 2022
people literally ignored my blog lol
Level 15
Dec 1, 2022
not me. I read but didn't comment.
Level 65
Dec 1, 2022
hey nice one! I like how you used our actual comments and discussions to make the scene where we hmmer out a deal with nickelz
Level 66
Dec 1, 2022
The annoying thing is since Svalbard is not allied I had to end my partnership with him for no reason, which I never wanted to do in the first place.