The infamous, the intimidating, the Hardest Quiz on Jetpunk

Update: This quiz is at the top of the nominations board. Thank you, everyone.

The Hardest Quiz on Jetpunk is a multiple choice quiz in which each answer refers to another answer (or set of answers) on the quiz.

Don't be frightened away by it. It is meant to challenge you, not to confound you. Yes, you will certainly need a separate document to solve it. And it will likely you take you far longer to work through it than the 60 minutes allotted (the JetPunk max); maybe days. Yet, as one user commented: "I did it! I have never been more proud of finishing a JetPunk quiz ...".

Fortunately, you can see the questions before you start the quiz. I recommend copying them down and working out your answers before you even hit the start button. If you need a hand, there are hints in the comments (hey, this isn't the Clueless series), stickied to the top.

For your efforts, you won't even earn any points, yet (though it is climbing in nominations). Once it is featured, as is its destiny, you will already know how to solve it, and you can redeem your bragging rights.

Good luck.

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