If Jetpunk Was an Online Shooter #3

WELCOME TO ANOTHER PART! Here are the teams so far!

Cobra Crusaders:









Blogger Bombers:

















Faction 1: Cobra Crusaders


The Crusaders cheer.

4knowledge: Hi!

Nazgul: Congrats! Don't die!

sar7: Make sure to survive! You're the turning point in this war!

4knowledge: Haha, Y'all are making me nervous!

NeilVedwan: Don't worry! The QMR isn't that tough!


NeilVedwan: I just meant that they're not gonna torture you or anything.

ClutchNFerno: Oh, well off you go agent!

4knowledge: Sir yes Sir!

turnbacktwo: Poor man...

SirPhilippines: Meh, He'll be fine!

Faction 3: The Blogger Bombers

A siren blares inside a cave-like base. Figures are running back and forth.


JetPunker180: YES SIR!

FelixStar1965: Sir we have a new troop...

RandomMandom18: Hi there, I'm from the video game:  sporcle! Legendary Shooter

Everyone looks at him

Pandora49: GETTEM BOYS!

RandomMandom is slaughtered.

FaroPor: Filthy Sporcler, or is it... Sporcle-er? Sporclr? IDK

ProximaCentauri: Never mind that! We have incoming!

Two planes fly overhead, the QMR flag flying behind one of them.

The Flag of the QMR: Caption underneath: FOR GLORY AND TAKES!

FaroPor: RUN FOR IT!

Bullets rain from the aircraft, explosions erupt all around. 

ProximaCentauri grabs the flag for the Blogger Bombers and sprints towards a truck.
Blogger Bombers Flag
FelixStar1965: Oh great.... Look who's here.
The Cobra Crusaders show up, all chanting and yelling. Their bright green flag at the front of their mob.
Flag of the Cobra Crusaders!

Faction 1: The Cobra Crusaders

ClutchNferno: CHARGE!

NeilVedwan: I thought the plan was to wait for 4knowledge to return with the weapon maker... thingie.

Nazgul: It was.

sar7: Then... why?


GrandOldMan: So we're the distraction? We could get obliterated out in the open like this.

turnbacktwo: I mean, don't we always?

GrandOldMan: Good Point.

ClutchNferno: Guys! Cut the chatter! We have a battle to win!

SirPhilippines: Sir! The QMR planes are flying in carpet bombing position! We'll get cooked out here if we don' move!

ClutchNferno: No! Don't run! Grab the drill and make a trench! Trust me!

Nazgul: Yes Sir!

GrandOldMan: We're all going to die... I can't believe this.

The troops begin to "burrow" under the ground. The bombers fly overhead dropping bomb after bomb. The Cobra Crusaders brace for impact.

NeilVedwan: NAZGUL! GET IN!

Nazgul: HOLY S-----

Nazgul explodes.

turnbacktwo: That poor man.

sar7: Is it over?

ClutchNferno: Yes, lets get going!

The Battle thus far

Faction 2: The QMR (Quizmaker Republic)

HinesBrothers: SQUADRON! DIVE!

A group of planes dive at top speed, raining fire upon small figures on a wall.
MG17: Guys! Get snipers on the mountain! We need extra cover!

thegoatisgoaty: Already here!

He aims towards the base, takes a shot, and sees a figure fall from the fort.

HinesBrothers: Put more pressure on the Bloggers! Pull forward!

The QMR moves with speed, and with perfect unity.

ChineseChen: We need more air support!

Ethaboo444: Me and Malki are doing our best ya know!

baptistegorce: Move all regiments to surround the base! Get the planes to deal with the Crusaders!

MG17: Copy!

Faction 3: The Blogger Bombers

Pandora49: We have nowhere to run too! We're completely trapped!

FelixStar1965: Then we fight to the death! YAAAAAAA!

He runs out the door.

ProximaCentauri: Well, he's dead.

Felix gets one shot in before being blasted off his feet.

ZooTuber3000: Sir! Our cannons are gone! We can't hold the planes back!

Kesuko: Don't places like this have underground tunnels?

FaroPor: Well, yea, but...

Pandora49: But Faro forgot to build it when he designed this place.

JetPunker180: Seriously!?

FaroPor: Erm, oops?

ProximaCentauri: The QMR is surrounding the base! The Cobra Crusaders are flanking us!

Kesuko: This is the end!

ZooTuber3000: When we respawn Im'ma rip those QMR fools limb from limb!

The base shakes, the door bursts open.

Pandora49: Not this again!

Here comes another "split scene"

HinesBrothers: Yea, can't have another standoff, it gets repetitive.

Pandora49: So... you won't kill us?

baptistegorce: Who said that?

MG17 walks up with an RPG

MG17: Sorry, but there can only be one faction!

He presses the trigger, the Blogger Bombers are enveloped in a gulf of flame, and are no more. (until they respawn)

thegoatisgoaty: The Crusaders are coming in sir!

ChineseChen: Copy, best get that thing, and get a move on.

4knowledge: Found it! Lets get outta here!

ClutchNferno: Not so fast...


Thanks for reading! Sorry for the wait!

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Level 33
May 11, 2021
Hope you like it! Sorry it took so long!
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May 11, 2021
ClutchNferno reminded me of something. Comment what your favorite flag is!
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May 11, 2021
Nice blog!
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May 11, 2021
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May 11, 2021
Thought Malki and Felix were going to die 🥺
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May 11, 2021
While the other two flags are a bit too graphic too be real, the third looks realistic and would be my favorite flag of all time if it were real. I'm glad you have taken the effort to upload to Wikimedia...just be warned. Your images are likely to be deleted from the Commons due to having little relevance. But that can be easily fixed :). Now that they are uploaded onto a JetPunk blog, they have a JetPunk image adress. Right click on the image, click copy image address, and you will just have to use easy HTML to upload your images. Code:

<img src="img adress" width="_">

Replace img adress with the actual adress, and the blank with width of your choice, which will also proportionally change the height. Looks like I have a lot of yelling, but it still makes "my character" funny. This is the best of the series by 6,000% (I didn't care for the last two), and one of my favorite story blogs partially because of pure effort. Well done! :)

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May 11, 2021
Thanks clutch!
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May 12, 2021
Interesting blog.
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May 12, 2021
I like the custom flags
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May 12, 2021
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May 12, 2021
Cool blog! Also on the blurb you've wrote "nit" instead of "not."
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May 12, 2021
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May 12, 2021
Do you own Account of @Clutch
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May 13, 2021
Thanks for the inclusion, man. The portrayal of me is really something ...
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Thank you!
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May 20, 2021
Nice blog anyways
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Sep 28, 2021
Could I be added to the blogs too? Great blog by the way.
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+1. If this ever starts back up and you need more characters, I’d love to participate.
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Dec 13, 2021
Hey there MinecraftMan! I haven't been on Jetpunk for a while, but I have been keeping up with the blogs. You're pretty awesome! As for this starting back up, Im not sure if I will get to it, I am quite busy with school rn. Ill let you know if it does!
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I have been waiting for the next blog and just realized u replied to this… i really hope u can get back started though because it was a really good blog series.
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Apr 25, 2023
Thanks dude, Unfortunately High School has kinda been rough this year, but hopefully I can get stuff done in the Summer! Have a good day!