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This is for the future when the AAE gains independence.

General Information

Leader: NickelztheYako

Capital: Yerevan

Area: ~38,416 km2 (~23,871 mi2)

Population: 3,386,714

Population Density: 88.16 people per square kilometer, or 141.88 people per square mile

Countries Included: Armenia, Azerbaijan (Artsakh, Nakhchivan)

Border Countries: Macedonian Empire, Blaze Empire

Allies: Pentente and Pentente-influenced empires. Currently seeking friendly relations with Svalbard after the cessation of the war.

Enemies: None currently.

Government: Constitutional monarchy, attempting to transform into a parliamentary republic.

Ideology: Liberal (higher personal freedom, lower economic freedom)

Official Languages: Armenian, Yakovian

Citizenship Requirements: 

1. Live in AAE for six years

2. Be fluent in Armenian OR Yakovian

3. Get at least a 75% on a test about Armenian culture and history

People who are 95-100% Armenian by heritage get instant citizenship

Industries: Mining, agriculture, manufacturing

Exports: Gold, rose oil

Currency: Armenian drams

GDP: 51.86 billion USD (20.2 trillion drams)

GDP per capita: $15,312.68 (5,963,949 drams)

Military force: 69,800 active, 240,000 reserves

Calling code: +79

HDI: 0.739 (high, equivalent to Mongolia)

National Sport: baseball

National Food: boregs, lavash, ghapama, raspberry tart with rose oil

Driving Side: right

National Motto: "Aprir aysorva hamar aynpes, inch’pes vaghy kmerrnes."

Demonym: Armenian

Floral Emblems: Forget-me-not

Faunal Emblem: Barbary eagle, Barbary lion

Largest Cities:

1. Yerevan (1,084,000)

2. Gyumri (112,400)

3. Nakhchivan (85,700)

4. Vanadzor (77,200)

5. Stepanakert (55,200)



Christianity: 89%

Islam: 10%

Other: <1%


First Level Subdivisions:

11 divisions and 2 autonomous territories

 Division (Capital)

1. Syunik (Kapan)

2. Gegharkunik (Gavar)

3. Armavir (Armavir)

4. Aragatsotn (Ashtarak)

5. Ararat (Artashat)

6. Tavush (Ijevan)

7. Shirak (Gyumri)

8. Kotayk (Hrazdan)

9. Yerevan (n/a)

10. Lori (Vanadzor)

11. Vayots Dzor (Yeghegnadzor)

12. Nakhchivan Autonomous Territory (Nakhchivan)

13. Artsakh Autonomous Territory (Stepanakert)


Territorial Ambitions:

The Russian republics of Krasnodar, Adygey, Dagestan, North Ossetia, and Ingushetia.

Any significantly Armenian land.


National Holidays:

January 1 - New Years Day

September 8 - Yako Day

September 21 - Armenia Day

November 1 - Bolor srberi ory (All Saints Day)

November 19 - Armenian-Veggie Friendship Day

December 25 - Christmas

Map of AAE.
Flag of AAE.


Yakovian is a fake language named after me I made for my empire.

Basic information about Yakovian:

It is a Romance language that is greatly influenced by Spanish in verb conjugation.

Alphabet: a, æ, å, b, c, ç, d, dž, e, f, g, gh, h, i, j, k, l, ll, m, n, ń, o, ø, p, q, r, s, š, t, u, ü, v, w, x, y, z, ž

Muradyani Language:

1 (one) = chyarme (she-ARRRm)

2 (two) = ramá (rom-MAAH)

3 (three) = bëkowa (beh-koh-vah)

4 (four) = vulla (voo-shah)

5 (five) = qíba (KEE-bah)

6 (six) = éga (EH-ga)

7 (seven) = džezh (dzzz-ezhhh)

8 (eight) = sambø (sahm-buoy)

9 (nine) = täxä (tah-kha) (-kh- is pronounced as a very nasal hiss, like if you were coughing up mucus)

10 (ten) = bóffa (BOH-ffah)

11 (eleven) = bóffachyarme (BOH-fah-she-arm)

12 (twelve) = bóffarama (BOH-fah-rah-mah)

13 (thirteen) = bóffabekowa (BOH-fah-beck-oh-vah)

14 (fourteen) = bóffavulla (BOH-fah-voo-lah)

15 (fifteen) = bóffaqiba (BOH-fah-kee-bah)

16 (sixteen) = bóffega (BOH-fay-ga)

17 (seventeen) = bóffadžezh (BOH-fah-dzzz-ezhhh)

18 (eighteen) = bóffasambø (BOH-fah-sahm-buoy)

19 (nineteen) = bóffatäxä (BOH-fah-tah-kha)

20 (twenty) = dobóffa

(for 21–99 just add the tens place and add the name of the second number)

30 (thirty) = gør (guoyer)

40 (forty) = khanga (khahn-gah)

50 (fifty) = zöd (zod)

60 (sixty) = bydo (bid-doh)

70 (seventy) = típja (TEEP-yah)

80 (eighty) = gÿza (gee-zah)

90 (ninety) = vajmen (v[I]-men) ([I] as in “iceberg”)

100 (one hundred) = kraj (cry)

200 (two hundred) = bajrama

300 (three hundred) = bajbekowa

400 (four hundred) = bajvulla

500 (five hundred) = bajqiba

600 (six hundred) = bajga

700 (seven hundred) = bajzh

800 (eight hundred) = bajsambø

900 (nine hundred) = bajtaxa

1000 (one thousand) = sykl (sickle)

10000 (ten thousand) = bóffasykl (BOH-fah-sih-ckle)

100000 (one hundred thousand) = krajsykl (cry-sick-le)

1000000 (one million) = faqa (fock-kuh)

10000000 (ten million) = bóffaqa (BOH-fah-kah)

100000000 (one hundred million) = bajfaqa (by-fock-kah)

1000000000 (one billion) = zaú (zah-OO)

Other Words

abuse: = ˈkoqat (coak-kott)

achieve, accomplish, work (have desired result) = zöx (zokh)

acquire: üka (ooh-kah)

action (movement) : göˈbydo (goh-bid-doh)

actually : pÿq (peak)

affect, influence, persuade : pëm (pehm)

alcohol : pug (puggh)

already : ïz (eez)

antique : çanve (shawn-vay)

appearance (act of appearing) : wödo (woh-doh)

apple : qux (qukh)

arm, wing, branch (tree part) : lü (loo)

army : hidfo (hidd-foe)

ash, coal : chÿú (chee-OO)

attack, assault : zanzab (zann-zahb)

barely, merely, hardly : gät (got)

bark (of tree) : zuç (zoosh)

bend, fold, lean : yç (ish)

between : pis (piss)

big, great (very large), huge, massive, enormous, heavy : zaz (zazz)

bleed : wotyp (votip)

bottom (lowest part), buttocks : wac (vock)

bow (weapon) : kïg (keegh)

bowl, cup : rud (rude)

bread : monvy (monn-vee)

broken : ˈsuxa (su-kha)

build, construct, erect, produce (manufacture) : rax (rakh)

by (using the means of), by (using a route) : we (veh)

cabinet, drawer : sup (soup)

call (refer to by name) : v = söb

candy : n = ˈmazdi

cat : n = muq

catch, arrest : v = ˈnisdid

certainly : adv = ˈnötïp

chain : n = wïh

chance, odds : n = läx

chase : v = ˈkagyp

choose, select : v = jigˈnahres

clock : n = nub

comfortable : adj = çöˈsady

condition (requirement, stipulation) : re (reh)

control : n = ˈçafa (shafa)

copyright : jax’foz (jakh-fohz)

country (nation), state (province, country) : ho (hoe)

country (rural area) : lïx (leekh)

crawl : xaz (khazz)

cream : n = suˈtuzöd (soo-tuh-zod)

cup : n = kec (keck)

dagger : n = aç’möd (ash-mode)

dance : v = ˈjazdë (yoz-deh)

decade : fu (foo)

defense : qaˈhydo (kah-hee-doh)

delicious : xiz (kheez)

dirty : gÿˈzady (gih-zah-dee)

discover : ˈjanniz (yawn-knees)

discussion : räˈçydo (rash-shee-dough)

distance, range, gap : pymü (pee-muh)

dog : wum (wimm)

drag : paˈjabbä (pah-hah-bah)

dress : ˈjenïh (hen-knee)

dust, powder : ˈjydgÿz

easy, simple : fog

eat : v = syb

end : n = rïc

enough : det = läç

establish : v = pax

evening : n = mÿp

ever : ëz (ezz)

every, each : det = ˈçide (shee-deh)

excellent, fantastic, wonderful, fabulous, terrific, superb : hud (hood)

excite, inspire : wub (woob)

excrement, shit, sewage : züc (zuck)

expensive : adj = seˈbady (se-bah-dee)

explain, discuss : v = ˈbyrjy (beer-yee)

expression (look on someone's face) : öxiqaba (oehkh-ee-kah-bah) (this could be “EGH” it’s essentially the sound you make when you are disgusted by something)

fact : kÿx (kikh)

fat, big : ro (row)

field, farm, country (rural area), pasture: baç (bash)

fish : ˈsilos (sill-loes)

fix, mend, repair, recover : zoç (zoesh)

floor, ground, bottom (lowest part) : näh (naa)

follow, stalk : pü (poo)

footprint : kü’çir (koo-shurr)

for: jager

former : ˈpocsa (pock-sah)

freeze : xanˈzaü (khan-zao)

future : çym’se (shim-seh)

give, let, allow, deliver, present, provide, cater : ˈçobde (shob-deh)

gold : ˈringi (ring-gee)

grind : kur (core)

growth : iˈcydo (ee-sie-doe)

guest : soç (soesh)

guide : ˈnanvü (nan-voo)

hag (old woman) : sët (sett)

hill : ˈjuspat (hoose-pot)

hope, wish : rÿr (reer)

honest : jonezz

horse : hoz (hose)

house : fur (four)

huge : cïg (seeg)

humor, wit :luˈïgnam (lu-eeg-nom)

hunger : qed (ked)

hurt, injure : ˈhetdä (het-dah)

identify, point out : bop (bopp)

if : a (ah)

improve : qÿp (keep)

increase, expand, exacerbate : nïm (neem)

judge : rab (rabb)

keep (not return) : gïm (geem)

kick : ˈmixsä (mikh-sah)

king : ˈnunme (noon-meh)

knot : nut (nutt)

lamp : ˈnëkrap (nikk-rahp)

letter (written document) : ˈepxur (epp-khoor)

lie : ˈhypwas (hipp-vass)

life (living organism) : ja (yah)

like : sjo (syo)

like, enjoy : wo (voe)

line, column : beh

linen, fabric, textile : ˈjörpe (yore-pah)

lock : üp (oop)

long : nÿh (knee)

look, read : ce (see)

lucky : ˈqodu (kode-doo)

magazine : hëb (hebb)

man : ba (bah)

many : jo (yoh)

matter : xïc (kheek)

medical : feˈpixab (feh-pikh-khab)

meet, find, encounter : ˈxudxi (khud-khi)

middle : köz (kozz)

million : faqa (fock-kuh)

mistake, error, defect : ˈpïkja (peek-yuh)

moan : zïx (zeekh)

moisture : ˈqeçu (kesh-shu)

most : çyg (shig)

neat, fine (okay) : cyq (kik)

nerve : zer (zair)

no: gø

nod : ˈadvis (add-vees)

noise : roˈmaxuh (roh-makh-uh)

none : gac (gack)

nose, beak : naç (nash)

off : bu (boo)

offensive : ˈjyqyr (hik-kurr)

old, antique : myz (mizz)

one : ˈcarme (karr-meh)

only : kob (kobb)

oven : ˈpezap (pez-zopp)

owner : ˈsidis (see-dees)

paint : gÿl (gill)

paper, contract : ríz (reez)

percent : lús (loos)

plausible : poq (pock)

play (stage play) : sÿg (sigg)

politician : ˈkëçis (kee-shis)

prepare, assemble, brace : ˈotdö (ott-doe)

profit : haq (hock)

promise : ˈsöi (so-ee)

public : çë (shee)

queen : qała (kah-wah)

question : ˈfimyx (fee-mikh)

rare : byg (bigg)

receive, collect, accumulate : am (omm)

recognize : fëx (feekh)

resource : ˈïxne (eekh-neh)

response : ˌsajdyˈcydo (sye-dee-sih-doh)

reverse : nodˈxapyp (nohd-khah-peep)

reward, award, prize, medal : ˈxënvä (kheen-vah)

rod, shaft, bar, cylinder, pole, axle : faj (fai)

room (of house) : kel (kell)

sadness : ˈzatu (zah-too)

screw : mäg (mogg)

service : ˌxyrxuˈbydo (kheer-khoo-bee-do)

show, demonstrate, present : cojke (koy-keh)

sister : ˈkäxno (kakh-noh)

skirt : päs (poss)

slope, slant : niç (neesh)

song : gaqqa (gah-kah)

source, well : lox (lookh)

souvenir : wüp’xa (whoop-khah)

species : ˈwämu (va-moo)

spell : xöq (HHH-ook)

star, celebrity : pëc (peick)

start, beginning : xu (khu)

station (railroad, bus) : ÿlumda (ee-loom-dah)

stick : ˈwerxi (vair-khi)

stiff, sturdy : beç (bish)

stubborn : ˈlyta (lit-tah)

surprise, astonish, startle : nac (nock)

swallow : qap (kapp)

that : çö (shoh)

there : qop (kopp)

think, consider, expect, analyze, ponder, predict : içe (eesh-eh)

third : sal (soll)

this : sa (sah)

throne : kaç (kosh)

tie : ˈcyjniz (sihj-neez)

tomorrow : zaqid (zah-keed)

tooth, beak : xäh (khah)

town, population, village : müh (mu-ehh)

trader : ˈöbis (oab-eese)

transport : ˈkipvu (kipp-voo)

tread, step on : qïl (kill)

treatment : faˈsudo (fah-soo-do)

unless : rvÿy (urr-vy-ih)

visit : ceq (sick)

waste : gü (gyeuh)

weapon : cad (cod)

well : sïs (sais)

wine : ˈpüwa (peuuh-vah)

wolf : jēd (yeed)

wonder : sus (sooss)

wood : geç (gesh)

world, sphere, planet : çaū (shah-yoo)

wound (injury) : sag

yes : në (neh)

yet : ˈsënut (seh-noot)

young : nøt (nu-it)

Nouns have four cases:


Nominative is the doer of a verb: dog bites man.


Accusative is the done-to of a verb: man bites dog.


Genitive is the possessor of something: dog’s tail hits man.


Dative is the recipient of something: man gives ball to dog.

Rule for verbs:

Present Tense:

-remove the ending and add the new ending)

when using “I” (uva) add -am/-em/-im to the end of the word.

when using “you” (paba) add -az/-ez/-iz to the end of the word.

when using “he/she/it” (qo/qa/qe) add -amaz/-emaz/-imaz to the end of the word.

when using “we” (ruloka) add -akaz/-akez/-akiz to the end of the word.

when using “you all” (doloka) add -ujaz/-ujez/-ujiz to the end of the word.

when using “they” (nirqaba) add -atro/-etro/-itro to the end of the word.

Past Tense:

when using “I” (uva) add -avada/-aveda/-avida to the end of the word.

when using “you” (paba) add -apabada/-apebada/-apibada to the end of the word.

when using “he/she/it” (qo/qa/qe) add -abada/-abeda/-abida to the end of the word.

when using “we” (ruloka) add -akada/-akeda/-akida to the end of the word.

when using “you all” (doloka) add -ujazda/-ujezda/-ujizda to the end of the word.

when using “they” (nirqaba) add -atrapoda/-atrepoda/-atripoda to the end of the word.

(the endings can be -az, -ez, or -iz)

(the words in parenthesis are the words conjugated for I, you, he/she/it, we, you all, they, in that order.) (present tense)

to act (aqtez) - (aqtem, aqtorez, aqtemaz, aqtakez, aqtujez, aqtetro)

to answer - (arqumbraz) (arqumbram, arqumbroraz, arqumbramaz, arqumbrakaz, arqumbrujaz, arqumbratro)

to approve - (apovaz) (apovam, apovoraz, apovamaz, apovakaz, apovujaz, apovatro)

to arrange - (arganez) (arganem, arganorez, arganemaz, arganakez, arganujez, arganetro)

to be - (sabez) (sabem, sabenorez, sabenemaz, sabenakez, sabanujez, sabenetro)

to break - (confraqtez) (confraqtem, confraqtorez, confraqtemaz, confraqtakez, confraqtujez, confraqtetro)

to build - (construiz) (construim, construoriz, construimaz, construakiz, construjiz, construitro)

to buy - (emptez) (emptem, emptorez, emptemaz, emptakez, emptujez, emptetro)

to coach - (rajdaz) (rajdam, rajdoraz, rajdamaz, rajdakaz, rajdujaz, rajdatro)

to color - (lanuiz) (lanuim, lanuoriz, lanuimaz, lanuakiz, lanujiz, lanuitro)

to cough - (tuzziz) (tuzzim, tuzzoriz, tuzzimaz, tuzzakiz, tuzzujiz, tuzzitro)

to create - (craz) (craam, croraaz, craamaz, craakaz, craujaz, craatro)

to complete - (completaz) (completam, completoraz, completamaz, completakaz, completujaz, completatro)

to cry (clamarez) - (clamarem, clamarorez, clamaremaz, clamarakez, clamarujez, clamaretro)

to dance (saltez) - (saltem, saltorez, saltemaz, saltakez, saltujez, saltetro)

to describe (varnaz) - (varnam, varnoraz, varnamaz, varnakez, varnujaz, varnatro)

to draw (hauriz) - (haurim, hauroriz, haurimaz, haurakiz, haurujiz, hauritro)

to drink (biberez) - (biberem, biberorez, biberemaz, biberakez, biberujez, bibetro)

to eat (manduqez) - (manduqem, manduqorez, manduqemaz, manduqakez, manduqujez, manduqetro)

to edit (redaz) - (redam, redoraz, redamaz, redakez, redujaz, redatro)

to enter (intraz) - (intram, introraz, intramaz, intrakez, intrujaz, intratro)

to exit (eqdaz) - (eqdam, eqdoraz, eqdamaz, eqdakaz, eqdujaz, eqdatro)

to imitate (imitatez) - (imitatem, imitatorez, imitatemaz, imitatakez, imitatujez, imitatetro)

to invent (fecitaz) - (fecitam, fecitoraz, fecitamaz, fecitakez, fecitujaz, fecitatro)

to jump (seqiz) - (seqim, seqoriz, seqimaz, seqakiz, sequjiz, seqitro)

to laugh (ridez) - (ridem, ridorez, ridemaz, ridakez, ridujez, ridetro)

to lie (mendaciz) - (the word in bold indicates that the c is pronounced like in cat, and italics indicates that c is pronounced like in cinder) (mendacim, mendacoriz, mendacimaz, mendacakiz, mendacujiz, mendacitro)

to listen (audiz) - (audim, audoriz, audimaz, audakiz, audujiz, auditro)

to paint (pinxerez) - (pinxerem, pinxerorez, pinxeremaz, pinxerakez, pinxerujez, pinxeretro)

to plan (consiliez) - (consiliem, consiliorez, consiliemaz, consiliakez, consiliujez, consilietro)

to play (luderez) - (luderem, luderorez, luderemaz, luderakez, luderujez, luderetro)

to read (legerez) - (legerem, legerorez, legeremaz, legerakez, legerujez, legeretro)

to replace (reponerez) - (reponerem, reponerorez, reponeremaz, reponerakez, reponerujez, reponeretro)

to run (currez) - (currem, currorez, curremaz, currakez, currujez, curretro)

to scream (clamaz) - (clamam, clamoraz, clamamaz, clamakaz, clamujaz, clamatro)

to see (viderez) - (viderem, viderorez, videremaz, viderakez, viderujez, videretro)

to shop (omoriz) - (omorim, omororiz, omorimaz, omorakiz, omorujiz, omoritro)

to shout (voçiferaz) - (voçiferam, voçiferoraz, voçiferamaz, voçiferakaz, voçiferujaz, voçiferatro)

to sing (qantaz) - (qantam, qantoraz, qantamaz, qantakaz, qantujaz, qantatro)

to skip (guzarez) - (guzarem, guzarorez, guzaremaz, guzarakez, guzarujez, guzaretro)

to sleep (somniz) - (somnim, somnoriz, somnimaz, somnakiz, somnujiz, somnitro)

to sneeze (fombrez) - (fombrem, fombrorez, fombremaz, fombrakez, fombrujez, fombretro)

to solve (léisez) - (léisem, léisorez, léisemaz, léisakez, léisujez, léisetro)

to study (caduviz) - (caduvim, caduvoriz, caduvimaz, caduvakiz, caduvujiz, caduvitro)

to teach (doserez) - (doserem, doserorez, doseremaz, doserakez, doserujez, doseretro)

to touch (tactiz) - (tactim, tactoriz, tactimaz, tactakiz, tactujiz, tactitro)

to turn (convertaz) - (convertam, convertoraz, convertamaz, convertakaz, convertujaz, convertatro)

to walk (ambulaz) - (ambulam, ambuloraz, ambulamaz, ambulakaz, ambulujaz, ambulatro)

to win (viqtoriz) - (viqtorim, viqtororiz, viqtorimaz, viqtorakiz, viqtorujiz, viqtoritro)

to write (sqribez) - (sqribem, sqriborez, sqribemaz, sqribakez, sqribujez, sqribetro)

to whistle (sibilez) - (sibilem, sibilorez, sibilemaz, sibilakez, sibilujez, sibiletro)

to yank (abjiz) - (abjim, abjoriz, abjimaz, abjakiz, abjujiz, abjitro)

to zip (fermuiz) - (fermuim, fermoruiz, fermuimaz, fermuakiz, fermujiz, fermuitro)

to be concerned (curaz) - (curim, curoriz, curamaz, curakaz, curujaz, curatro)

to decide (dercernez) - (dercernem, dercernorez, dercernemaz, dercernakez, dercernujez, derceretro)

to dislike (odistiz) - (odistim, odistoriz, odistimaz, odistakiz, odistujiz, odistitro)

to doubt (dubitaz) - (dubitam, dubitoraz, dubitamaz, dubitakaz, dubitujaz, dubitatro)

to feel (sentirez) - (sentirem, sentirorez, sentiremaz, sentirakez, sentirujez, sentiretro)

to forget (obliviez) - (obliviem, obliviorez, obliviemaz, obliviakez, obliviujez, oblivietro)

to hate (odissez) - (odissem, odissorez, odissemaz, odissakez, odissujez, odissetro)

to hear (auribez) - (auribem, auriborez, auribemaz, auribakez, auribujez, auribetro)

to hope (speraz) - (speram, speroraz, speramaz, sperakaz, sperujaz, speratro)

to impress (entypaz) - (entypam, entyporaz, entypamaz, entypakaz, entypujaz, entypatro)

to know (conocez) - (conocem, conocorez, conocemaz, conocakez, conocujez, conocetro)

to learn (discerez) - (discerem, discerorez, disceremaz, discerakez, discerujez, disceretro)

to like (gustaz) - (gustam, gustoraz, gustamaz, gustakaz, gustujaz, gustatro)

to look (spectez) - (spectem, spectorez, spectemaz, spectakez, spectujez, spectetro)

to love (amaz) - (amam, amoraz, amoramaz, amorakaz, amorujaz, amoratro)

to mend/fix (areglaz) - (areglam, aregloraz, areglamaz, areglakaz, areglujaz, areglatro)

to notice (diz) - (dim, doriz, dimaz, dakiz, dujiz, ditro)

to own (poserez) - (poserem, poserorez, poseremaz, poserakez, poserujez, poseretro)

to perceive (percipez) - (percipem, perciporez, percipemaz, percipakez, percipujez, percipetro)

to realize (sadaz) - (sadam, sadoraz, sadamaz, sadakaz, sadujaz, sadatro)

to recognize (agnosiz) - (agnosim, agnosoriz, agnosimaz, agnosakiz, agnosujiz, agnosatro)

to remember (mementez) - (mementem, mementorez, mementemaz, mementakez, mementujez, mementetro)

to smell (odorez) - (odorem, odororez, odoremaz, odorakez, odorujez, odoretro)

to surprise (oprimendez) - (oprimendem, oprimendorez, oprimendemaz, oprimendakez, oprimendujez, oprimendetro)

to please (placerez) - (placerem, placerorez, placeremaz, placerakez, placerujez, placeretro)

to prefer (praeferez) - (praeferem, praeferorez, praeferemaz, praeferakez, praeferujez, praeferetro)

to promise (promitez) - (promitem, promitorez, promitemaz, promitakez, promitujez, promitetro)

to think (cogitaz) - (cogitam, cogitoram, cogitamaz, cogitakaz, cogitujaz, cogitatro)

to understand (comprendez) - (comprendem, comprendorem, comprendemaz, comprendakez, comprendujez, comprendetro)

That's all you need to know about my hypothetical empire. My next blog will probably be a story blog, so be sure to check it out!

Also, if you want to be in it, comment on this.


Level 65
Dec 2, 2022
only two comments :(
Level 60
Dec 2, 2022
Glad to see that the pee-much piss the VC and Armenia is thinning!
Level 65
Dec 2, 2022
I never had any hostility towards you, but I was ready to risk it all to establish the AAE. Glad you finally came around.
Level 66
Dec 3, 2022
This sounds so weird without context.
Level 63
Dec 9, 2022
Level 63
Dec 9, 2022
the distance is thinning. that sounds so much less weird
Level 60
Dec 14, 2022
Well really it was the distance between, but pretty much same thing.
Level 66
Dec 2, 2022
Woem ríz!
Level 65
Dec 2, 2022
Uva amatro qe
Level 60
Dec 28, 2022
Can I start up the JetPunger Games, but with a Lifesteal twist?
Level 65
Dec 28, 2022
n o
Level 60
Dec 29, 2022
Level 65
Dec 29, 2022
Because I am going to do JetPunger Games

I just need to finish the blog I am making and i will put out a PSA that I need competitors

Level 60
Dec 29, 2022