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Unfortunately my WWII series was destroyed, just like some U-boats. Though this blog is about one that survived: U-505

Let’s explain stuff. Hockey.

If you are new to hockey, this blog is for you!

Video Games are cool, and I’ll share some with you. The series may have been mainly board games and card games, but here comes the next generation.

This strategic game is hard, and can get harder.

Catan may be a good game, but this one will also be good.

Hello. I have made many historical blogs and quizzes,but not so many ones on other stuff. This one is on other stuff.

I have another Note.

Warning: important notice.

I know hardly anything about what I have done, or what has happened. All controversies will be solved and brought to my likes. And a preview of my next series will come. Only time will tell.

My first Blog entry!