Games 101 3# Risk



A war game that results in control of the world, Risk is a strategic game.


Put down the board. Everyone will draw one of the secret mission cards, which are in a small deck. Then everyone gets territory cards, and puts a troop on them. Depending on how many people are playing, you put a different amount of people on the board. You need 1 per territory, though you can reinforce once there is 1 in each territory. Only do the infantry, not the Calvary or artillery. You do that because:

Infantry = 1

Calvary = 5

Artillery = 10


Everyone rolls a die to see who goes first. The highest number goes first. First they put down troops (base number 5) and then attacks. They roll 3 dice, while the defender rolls 2. The largest number goes first, the second largest second, etc. A tie is in the defender’s favor. Every one that is greater than the other dice results in 1 guy being took off. Once you complete the secret mission on your card, you win.


After one person wins, you can play for world control. First one to eliminate everyone else wins.


Australia = 2

Asia = 7

North America = 5

Europe = 5

South America = 4

Africa = 3

The Sign- Off

These are soldiers. 

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Level 55
Feb 7, 2022
All of this for the possible longest game in human history? Maybe add a bit more detail to this, it doesn't seem that long, and doesn't have that much detail at all
Level 59
Feb 7, 2022
I agree, at least explain the one troop on area at all time, the cards, the fact that you choose when you end your turn. And if you can’t get enough info out of that, maybe explain the Star Wars Risk as well.
Level 59
Feb 7, 2022
Oh wait, I see you’re teaching the secret mission version. Maybe also explain the normal one?
Level 43
Feb 7, 2022
I have the Clone wars Version.