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WOW! Thank you guys for everything! I fell asleep last night with ~970 takes, and when I checked this morning I saw 1,200 takes!

Jetpunk has released a new update, for those that have not seen it, I will be hyperlinking and explaining here.

This is mostly just going to be stuff that I've learned about and I'm going to add on to it every so often. If you like the ideas feel free to use them but this is going to be my personal dictionary for useful Jetpunk info.

If you are having trouble using the dot placement tool, or just want to start learning how to place dots inside of your quiz, then this blog is for you!

Beginner SVG map maker needs help making a specific dot placement.

Just a short question about how to add text to the answer of a quiz, kind of like a fill in the blank.

Looking for tips and advice on how to make a popular quiz :D