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This is about the African Civet, a blog suggested by by good old comment guy Zootuber. After this I have the Fossa and the Thorny Dragon.

A quick announcement this blog is about.

This is about my third animal, the vaquita. I couldn't do the dumbo octopus, because I couldn't find enough to say in the passage.

Do you like Minecraft? Well, here you go, cuz Minecraft has a cute ocean animal the Axolotl! Have fun reading about this animal and all about it. This is all I can find in a nutshell.

This is about my first animal ever! It's about the Okapi, an animal that lives in the forests of Africa.

Look, I know that people older than me have gotten vaccinated, but still they have to wear a mask because it's not the end of Covid-19. Plus, they might be near non vaccinated people, and they should wear a mask and know better because there is the Delta Covid from India going on and it is as deadly like the second wave in that country where my religion, Hinduism is. So guys, wear a mask, wash your hands after coming out, and wish you a good luck at being safe at all times. Also, be 6 feet away.