1 Year of JetPunk Quiz Making!


My First Quiz

The first quiz I made and released was Can You Guess The College Logo? It is also my most popular quiz of all time.

My Most Popular Quizzes

This section is a list of my top 10 most popular quizzes. Times Taken amounts as of 1-4-22.

10. Top 25 Fantasy Quarterbacks of All Time Released: 10-27-21 Times Taken: 24

T-9. NCAAM Basketball Logo Quiz: ASUN Released: 6-25-21 Times Taken: 25

T-9. NCAAM Basketball Logo Quiz: Big East Released: 8-4-21 Times Taken: 25

7. Countries...By Their Neighbors Released: 3-14-21 Times Taken: 28

6. NCAAM Basketball Logo Quiz: AAC Released: 6-25-21 Times Taken: 31

5. Countries...By Their Biggest Cities 2 Released: 9-3-21 Times Taken: 40

4. Countries...By Their Biggest Cities Released: 8-16-21 Times Taken: 43

3. MLB Logo Quiz Released: 4-20-21 Times Taken: 54

2. NCAAM Basketball Logo Quiz: ACC Released: 6-25-21 Times Taken: 85

1. Can You Guess The College Logo? Released: 1-1-21 Times Taken: 113

Special Thanks and Closing Remarks

Before I end this blog, I want to give a special thanks to the people who have helped me along the way.

Pandora 49-HTML for Formatting Blogs 1&2

Einstein100102-How to put screenshots in blogs

Tigerheart1919-For collaborating with me (No link because he was banned)

QuizBoy786-For supporting me when I was just started quiz making

Quizmaster-For explaining some details in the quiz create section to me

And, of course, all of you reading! I hope you are excited for many more quizzes and blogs to come from me. Thanks for reading!

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