Fan-Art Fridays: Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Again, I know it's a day early again, but I am unable to release this tomorrow, so here you go.


Welcome to Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I've wanted to do a Fan-Art Fridays of this for so long. All of the are really adorable! You're gonna be so surprised by the last one... I can already here the little jingle in my head. Now, grab a coffee, sit on your couch, watch the alien TV show, and enjoy the art!

#5 By Lillian Chen

This is adorable! I LOVE IT! This art of Daisy Mae is SO cute. The little plaid skirt and the dress and, just, awwww... I also love the little turnip basket tied to her head. All around this is just an adorable piece of artwork to start off, and they only get better from here! Great job!

#4 By Ann-Sophie De Steur

This is so cute! It's like a little Animal Crossing date. This looks really good! I love the little details in this. The cherry blossom, the tulips, the tent and the plane in the background. Also, I LOVE the outfits. The girl's outfit is adorable. The best touch is the ACNH Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. Great work!

#3 By Hagiym

This is so accurate. They villagers are always do this, do that, etc. Anyway, this is very detailed, and I love it! The amount of detail Hagiym put into the villagers is crazy! Each of them has a different expression, outfit, size and shape. My favorite ones are the eagle and the purple bear on the left of the human. The human looks really good (and tired), but I guess it's pretty accurate to how the mayor would feel. Nice job!

#2 By Leaphere

WOW! This looks SO good! As you can probably tell, I love art with detail in it, and this checks all those boxes. You've got the fruit trees, the flowers, the day one camp setup, and even Gulliver! They also added KK Slider, a girl fishing, some villagers just chilling, and it's just so good! Also, they stuck the Nintendo Switch underneath everything, and it's the ACNH version. Amazing job!

#1 By Clayclaim

Hey, who said art had to be a drawing? This. Is. INCREDIBLE! The amount of skill and time that went into this is crazy! This is made from only a toilet paper roll and polymer clay. And it's SO detailed. From this picture, I can see the airport, a couple houses, the lighthouse and some misc. trees. The airplane looks amazing as well! All around wonderful work Clayclaim!

This is from Clayclaim's Youtube channel. Here's a link to the video: My Animal Crossing ISLAND on a TOILET PAPER ROLL (with polymer clay)


Well, were you suprised by the last one? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this edition of Fan-Art Fridays and hope you come back next time. Once again, if you have suggestions, put them in the comments, but if no suggestions come, it's Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Thanks for reading!

See ya, ZQ

Level 78
May 18, 2023
There are some talented artists out there that's for sure. The toilet roll sculpture is very imaginative in using something that would otherwise have been thrown away.
Level 57
May 18, 2023
And that's exactly why I picked it as number 1. I love it when people use those types of items.
Level 54
May 21, 2023
Interesting fan arts! I would love to see the Kirby and the Forgotten Land's one.

Also, since the next episode has been recently announced for late 2023, I guess that a Fantasy Life blog could be pretty interesting. At least I would like it, that's why this is my suggestion. ;-)

Level 57
May 22, 2023
I will definetely look into Fantasy Life and will probably realese it as a celebration of the next episode.
Level 54
May 23, 2023
Glad to read it! Thanks for the consideration.
Level 17
Jun 23, 2023
Hey ZeldaQuizzer, You should make Yoshi's Woolly World Fan Art. Also, love the Number 1 Fan art this week :)