Fan-Art Fridays: Pokémon Sword and Shield



Welcome to the second installment in Fan-Art Fridays! You all voted on Pokémon Sword and Shield, so here it is! This was really hard to rank BEAcause they are all really good! See what I did with because? I hope you all enjoy!

#5 By NightMargin


This is an amazing work of some Wooloo grazing in Postwick, the starting town. I first saw this as the background of a GlitchXCity Lofi video, and I knew I had to put it in this. Definitely check out GlitchXCity's music also. (Link Below)

#4 By MegaBunnii


This is an amazing piece of the starters from Galar. I would have ranked it higher, but the next three look so good, that I couldn't. Anyway, I love the Scorbunny is agitated, Grookey is adorable, and that Sobble is, well, Sobble.

#3 By Enomaru Saku

Fan-Art Fridays SwoShi 2

This artwork of Bea is great! I wanted to use a picture of Allister, who replaces Bea in Shield, but the one of Bea looked better. I also am biased because I like the anime, and Bea is in that more. Still though, a great piece of work!

#2 By River

Fan-Art Fridays SwoShi 3

Another great piece of art of the starters, but with the new trainers as well. I also saw this on in a GlitchXCity video. Back on topic though, it looks really good! I love the detail with the shop, trainers, and the Pokémon!

#1 By Gmendezm

Fan-Art Fridays SwoShi 1

I know that I have been going for more of a cutesy vibe for the art this week, but this one is just epic. It really conveys the fact the Leon is the champion of Galar, and the he is supposed to be one of the most difficult trainers. Great work!


Well, this week was a fun to make. It was so hard to pick just five pieces of art. I hope you guys liked the art this week!

Oh, and before I forget, here is the link to GlitchXCity: GlitchXCity's YouTube

This weeks voting options are...

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Super Mario Odyssey

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Thanks for reading! ZQ

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