Fan-Art Fridays: Super Mario Odyssey



Welcome to the third entry of Fan-Art Fridays! This week is Super Mario Odyssey! There were a lot of great fan-arts out there, and one of them was supposed to be on here, but my Chromebook wouldn't download it because it thought it was dangerous, which I guess is good, I don't want to be hacked. Anyway, enough rambling, lets-a-go!

#5 By LC-Holy


You know I had to put a Luigi's Balloon World one on here, didn't you? This may be number five, but that doesn't mean that it isn't good. This looks great, the Luigi and the background look amazing! My favorite part is probably the bow-tie, I just love it! But the other four are cooler or better, in my opinion.

#4 By Mizu Wolf


This is a really cool landscape of Mario jumping from building to building in New Donk City. Mario looks good, the background is great, but my favorite part is probably Cappy though. Cappy is so adorable in his own little way!

#3 By itisalwaystues


This is just awesome! I love that each kingdom is the same basic shape, but has its own main color and, obviously, enemies and coins to it. My favorite part is the Mario outfits that change depending on what kingdom it is. Now I want to see the other kingdoms! What set it above number four was the detail they squeezed into these tiny circles.

#2 By antonin_draw


I know from the start that I wanted to include a wedding fan-art, but there were so many, I didn't know what to pick. I chose this because, a: It looks great and b: It was a two year anniversary fan-art! I like that care was put into it, and that is was made to celebrate this amazing game. Mario and Peach's outfits look amazing and I love the fact that they are dancing!

#1 By TheBourgyman


This looks incredible! I love all of the little details in the background, like the fork guy, mariachi guy, the robot, the hammer bro. Even the little bit of Sand Kingdom and Metro Kingdom! Mario, Bowser, and Peach all look stunning as well. There was another one like this, but I liked the one with some of citizens and kingdoms instead of all of the bosses.


This one was, honestly, easier to make then the others, probably because I immediately found five pieces of art that I loved! So, did you guys like them?

This week's voting options are...

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Pokémon Legends Arkoos, excuse me, Arceus

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Thanks for reading! ZQ

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