Oddball Museums Around the World #1


I found out about this museum (and some of the museums coming up) from reading The Genius Files by Dan Gutman. Some of these will be places Mrs. McDonald visited for her website Amazing But True.

Sources: Wikipedia & SPAM Website

The SPAM Museum

Yep, you read that correctly. There is a museum devoted to a brand of canned meat. The SPAM Museum tells about the history of one of Hormel Food's most famous products.

The front of the new SPAM Museum (2016-Present)


The SPAM Museum was originally called the Hormel Foods First Century Museum, which opened in 1991, and, as the name implies, it was constructed for the 100th anniversary of Hormel. It was renamed the SPAM Museum in September 2001 and featured only SPAM-related exhibits.

The front of the old SPAM Museum (2001-2014)


Some of the exhibits at the SPAM Museum are the World Market, 1891 and Beyond, Can Central, World War II, and SPAM Brand 101. At the World Market exhibit, you can learn about how SPAM is advertised in 44 other countries around the world. Can Central is in the center of the museum, and at the SPAM Brand 101 exhibit, you learn about the 15 varieties of SPAM, and you and others compete to see how fast you can create a SPAM can. Also, the World War II exhibit shows how important SPAM was to the American troops.

Photo Gallery

The Japan and Philippines sections of the World Market
The England section of the World Market
The Canstruments
The Kids Can! Play Area
The 1891 and Beyond exhibit 
The Can Central exhibit

Do You Want to Visit?

Quick Facts
LocationAustin, Minnesota
Address101 3rd Ave NE
Monday-Saturday10 A.M.-5 P.M.
Sunday11 A.M.-3 P.M.

Use this link for more info: SPAM Website

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