Every Pixar Movie - Ranked


I do enjoy a Pixar movie, and this studio has produced some great ones. A while ago I had the idea of ranking all of them, and I thought I might as well do it in form of a JetPunk blog. I have no idea if anyone is interested in reading through this, I'm only really doing this for fun and I hope there are at least some people as interested in the subject as me.

  • Unsurprisingly, this is my opinion. Don't get mad if I call your favorite movie bad. It's all subjective and an objectively correct ranking can't exist, feel free to tell your favorites in the comments.
  • Since I wanted to thoroughly explain my thoughts of these movies, this is a very long blog.
  • To get the full experience, I've watched all movies with the original English voices.
  • ⚠️Spoilers for basically every Pixar movie!⚠️

Every Pixar Movie - Ranked

27. Cars 2

Yeah, this is no surprise. Everyone says that Cars 2 is the worst Pixar movie, and I'd say they are absolutely correct. It's painfully unenjoyable and conceptually dumb. This movie is about talking cars starring in a lame spy film. Nothing makes sense in this. The spy cars, supposed to be professionals, not realizing that Mater is obviously not an actual agent, makes no sense. McQueen getting mad at Mater for accidentally ruining the race for him makes no sense. The villain's plan makes no sense. Nothing makes sense. I could go on.

This is one of the few Pixar movies I saw as a kid, and it has not aged well. I'm not the biggest Cars fan, but at least that one has some good thins in it. This movie literally feels disrespectful towards its predecessor. It's a movie so bad that some people claim it ruined Pixar's reputation. I wouldn't go that far, but yeah, it's bad. You know it is. Moving on.

This is a terrible idea for a bad franchise and this movie is the exact legacy that John Lasseter deserves.
- Someone on YouTube

26. The Good Dinosaur

This movie is BORING. It actually is the least-known Pixar movie in JetPunk, and for a good reason. I have very little to say about it and most of it is negative. It feels like it doesn't have a story or a plot for that matter. Arlo, a young dinosaur, is the protagonist because his personality, annoying voice and goofy character design make him so enjoyable. He embarks on a journey with a human/dog boy creature he befriends and learns things about bravery or something. I don't remember and I sure won't watch it again to check out.

The scene in which Arlo and the boy explain how each one lost their family, using sticks, was pretty compelling and probably the best thing in the movie. That and the absolutely stunning animation. The realistic and detailed nature and landscapes are incredible. Too bad everything else is bad, like the forced and dumb death of Arlo's dad. There's no direction and no interesting things. Just choose something else if you're planning on watching this.

Now with more dinosaurs!

25. Brave

Brave is bad.

Apart from the medieval Scottish themes, one decent joke, and that powerful scene with the arrow, it really isn't enjoyable. Most of the elements aren't interesting and have already been done by better movies. The story and pacing are incoherent. Merida's mother turns into a bear just because. You want your mother to understand you better? Good thing you found that random witch lady and ask for a spell that changes your mum. You don't want to specify? Not at all?

This movie had a troubled production, and it shows. The comedy sucks, the story is boring and uninteresting, the characters are dumb, it doesn't even look as good as I'd expect. Are we sure this is this a Pixar movie? How did this win an Oscar?

24. Lightyear

Lightyear? More like Why couldn't it be good? That didn't make sense, because the movie didn't either. This is the first Pixar movie I went to see to the cinema in a long time, and it wasn't exactly great. It's something I was afraid that would happen when I heard about the movie being released.

The beginning is honestly pretty great, but the story gets more conventional, unexplained, and dumb the further it goes on. The flow and pace are off and a lot of things didn't make sense. Why is Izzy's fear of space established while nothing convincing is attempted to do with it? Why is she written in such a subpar manner? Why is the red herring Burnside dude established? Why is the technology so stupidly advanced? Why did anyone think the villain would work? The alternate Buzz thing is one of the dumbest things Pixar has done, maybe it could've worked if anything of this magnitude would've been told to be possible, or, you know, had been explained at all. Zurg could've been much more. Buzz's arc and the sudden shift in this decision is also poorly done.

The animation is awesome, the score is great and the voice cast does a good job, it's a shame nothing else is up to the usual Pixar standard. Actually, Sox is surprisingly funny and the crew has its moments. There are good things but it's still the worst Toy Story franchise movie I've seen and could've been a lot better.

23. Onward

I have very little to say about Onward. It might just be the most forgettable Pixar movie. To be honest, it's a lot better than the bottom three in this list and has some good things. Ian is a pretty decent character that you want to succeed and overcome his fears. Barley is pretty annoying. Partly because he is a bit too on the nose, partly because he just has to be voiced by Chris Pratt.

The whole "a world that forgot how to use magic" theme isn't that interesting to begin with, then the movie turns into a boring journey/growing up story as it goes on. I couldn't really get invested in it. As for the positives: the canyon crossing scene and the finale were nice. The whole "Barley is Ian's real father figure" theme is also kinda nice, I guess. I'm sure this movie has its fans and it probably didn't deserve to bomb at the box office, but I don't find it all that interesting, funny, or good as a whole. Anyway, let's move onward.

Note: I personally think there is a big quality gap between the bottom 4 and the following movies. I had a lot of trouble ranking them and whatever comes next is a lot better than the ranking might make it seem.

22. Cars 3

Cars 3 is... shockingly not bad. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched it. When this movie came out, I wasn't interested in seeing it, probably because I thought I was too old for it (or because Cars 2 was such a disaster). But no, it's not that bad.

Lightning McQueen is struggling to keep up with newer, faster cars and everyone calls him old despite looking as young as he's always been. He starts training and gets help from Cruz Ramirez, a car who once dreamed of being a racer. Doc Hudson plays a big role in it, which I like. I also like the themes of growing old, finding purpose in other things in life, not trying to overanalyze everything. Despite some positives, it still isn't that great and has dumb, boring things in it. It's Cars 3, after all.

He's old

There are several Pixar movies better than this, but it's passable. It has a nice story and made me laugh a couple of times. I'm glad it exists as a way to give the Cars film franchise a satisfying-enough end. I think I actually like it a bit more than the original one, even if it's not as good as a whole. Also, Cruz found a crab in the beach training scene. Does this mean that animals exist in a world populated by cars? Was it a mechanical crab??

21. Cars

I'm sorry, Cars fans. I know this movie is loved (and hated) a lot, it just isn't that great in my opinion. And I liked it when I was young. I remember watching it a lot, collecting Cars toys, and playing a dumb Wii game based on the movie. But just having nostalgia for something doesn't mean that it's good. It's decent, I guess, but nothing special compared to other movies made by Pixar.

It has some elements that I like. Lightning McQueen's character development is nice. Doc Hudson is nice. That one scene where "Our Town" plays is nice. Mater has a few funny lines. The villain Chick Hicks is both ironically and unironically enjoyable. The final race and conclusion are nice. It has a lot holding it back, mostly the stupid and confusing concept of a car world that just leaves a lot of questions. Some things and scenes are pure filler that don't make me laugh or really drive the story forward. Also, the car puns are terrible.

It's a decent comfort movie. If you like it, good for you. If you don't, good for you. 18th place sounds about right for me. Not sure if Finding Dory is better. Actually, I just watched this and decided to switch the rankings of those movies.

20. Finding Dory

Another Pixar sequel that is not as good as its predecessor but not bad either. It is enjoyable and hilarious at times, the main reason it's this low is because there were annoying problems. The whole "Dory hears something that triggers a memory convenient to the plot" thing gets dumb and repetitive. Some scenes feel unnecessary, inconsistent, and drag on for too long. Also, that final scene where a literal marine creature drives a truck is ridiculous but kinda funny at the same time.

Despite the problems, the movie still manages to have some good elements. Dory's backstory and her character in general are great and actually an improvement from Finding Nemo. The new characters are nice too: Hank the octopus, or septopus, is pretty great. Those random whales and sea lions were kind of funny. The animation and worldbuilding in general are great. The emotional moments work for me. It's decent.

That's Dory. I found her.
Interesting Pixar Fact:
Hank was a very challenging character for the animators. The movement of the tentacles and animation in general took a lot of time. Apparently, the reason that he is missing a tentacle, is because animating an octopus with eight of them would've been way too challenging to do.

19. Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is indeed a movie. It's awesome, too bad there are less awesome things in it and make this only a somewhat decent and enjoyable movie.

Let's go over the bad stuff: The movie feels rushed because it was. So may elements feel unfinished, and the movie clearly had potential to be better. Shame that a year was cut from the production. Several things could've been explored and explained more, and the villain is a prime example of this. Evelyn Deavor is a dumb twist villain whose plan doesn't make that much sense. Bob feels less likeable and acts needlessly rude towards Helen and he never really gets to realize this. There's way too much filler that doesn't go anywhere.

As I said, it has good things. The animation, action, old characters (the new ones, you know, are there), score, comedy (Violet spraying nose from her nostrils never fails to make me laugh), several great lines, and some scenes make watching this enjoyable and manage to capture the talent of Brad Bird, even if this is his weaker work. There were a ton of things that could've used improvement, but this is how it turned out. A decent movie for sure, just very underwhelming compared to the original The Incredibles.

18. Turning Red

I'm really surprised Turning Red is this good. Or better than I expected, at least. It might have prevalent problems and it's nowhere near Pixar's best works, but I think it was fine.

The story and theme are pretty nice. Mei is a fun character, and the way her relationship with her mother is established and evolves throughout the movie is done fine. Using turning into a giant red panda as a metaphor for experiencing puberty works, strangely enough. There are some funny jokes, the animation and directing are good and I see some things and clichés being borrowed from anime.

Even if it might be funny at times, I feel like every good joke is followed by several less fun and more annoying ones. Adding more mature humor is something I can stand behind, but jokes that have gross-out themes just for the sake of it don't fly well. I'd hate to say this, but I would describe some things as pure shock value. In a Pixar movie.

It does suffer from the fact that there's a myriad of overused tropes, predictability, and more obnoxious moments than I'd like. The panda lore is confusing at times and Mei's grandma had four of a kind + ace high and should've beat that other hand. Is anyone even reading this? If you are, go ahead and give this movie a watch. I've said mean things about it but trust me, it's fine. Or give all of the movies in this list a watch. Why not.

17. Elemental

I'll reluctantly admit that Elemental wasn't that bad. The premise was Zootopia 0.5 made by the director responsible of one of the worst Pixar movies and shorts, can you blame my low hopes? In that sense, it could've been worse. It also could've been an actual good movie.

The driving forces are the animation and the fun protagonists. Too bad they're stuck in a character-driven romantic film with subpar writing. It establishes things that don't end up being anything cohesive. Scenes drag on and jump around. You're essentially waiting for the third act falling-out and "main character ruins everything" scenes. When you get past the tiring element jokes and the fact that the movie wants to be Zootopia so bad, there really isn't anything of value to appreciate.

Props to Pixar for doing a story that they haven't quite done yet. There was at least two actual great scenes and it's way better than something like Lightyear. That's all. It's another mediocre film that's responsible for Pixar's inevitable slip into mediocrity. The fact that the plot was literally predicted the day the movie was announced says enough. I found myself enjoying it at times, which is why it's so high.

There also was R34 immediately after the announcement. That's funnier than the movie itself.

16. A Bug's Life

Is A Bug's Life really better than Turning Red, Incredibles 2, etc.? Yeah, I'd say so.

This movie is pretty obscure for me, I wasn't aware that it even existed before I looked up Pixar films on Wikipedia. But it exists, and it's pretty decent. It looks very archaic for sure, but that's to be expected for a movie from 1998. The story is charming and doesn't try too hard to be anything too compelling.

Flik is a decent protagonist and so is Princess Atta. Those Circus Bugs are funny and serve their purpose well. Hopper is great, he feels a bit too good of a villain to be in this movie. The action scenes are also surprisingly good and engaging. It has a clear and filler-free plot that is well-executed. The score and animated settings are also neat.

Some things that bugged me were the overly dramatic scene in which the whole ant colony learns that Flik had been lying and the needless love side-story between Flik and Atta. Dot is also annoying sometimes. A Bug's Life not a masterpiece by any means, but it has its own charm and enjoyment. It's better than Antz, at least.

The vibrant world of ants

15. Luca

The problem I have with Luca is that I have absolutely no idea where to rank it. And that's fine, you don't always have to judge and over-analyze every movie you watch. That being said, this is a ranking and I have to put it somewhere.

The newest Pixar film (at the time), Luca, revolves around sea monsters Luca and Alberto who start living in the village of Portorosso among humans. It's an inoffensive and cute coming-of-age and friendship story. I can't be too harsh on it since it doesn't try to be anything too ambitious and manages to be enjoyable. The emotional peaks hit and the theme as a whole is good.

Sea monsters!

The characters are all great. Except Ercole is not that good of a villain, sorry. He is just another boring mean person with two goofy side-kicks. He feels too clichéd, and so does the movie at times. Some elements just were kinda predictable, or even unnecessary.

That said, the movie is enjoyable. Decent story, neat animation and great setting make it the 15th best Pixar movie for now. This place in the rankings does feel a bit too low, as I said, ranking movies in this section was hard.

14. Monsters University

Monsters University is... actually not that bad. For a movie that doesn't really have any reason to exist, it's decent.

I initially thought I'd place this lower, but I ended up enjoying it a lot. It does have a lot of things that weren't that great. One problem is the characters. The Oozma Kappa gang isn't really that interesting. Neither is Dean Hardscrabble, who seems to hate Mike and Sulley for no genuine reason. The Scare Games aren't super engaging. The whole "Mike isn't scary" thing is also not that believable.

There's a lot to complain about, yet I can't help but enjoy this movie. The amount of worldbuilding and additions to the already-existing universe of monsters is great. The evolution of Mike's and Sulley's relationship is nice to watch, the first act is great, the jokes and the voice cast are good. The best scene, however, is the climax of the third act where Mike and Sulley work together to scare adults and achieve something completely unheard of. Finally, the message is pretty important. You can't always succeed in something you really like, but you can find other ways to follow your dreams. A decent movie. Not great.

These are all movies that I would consider bad, forgettable, or decent. The quality rises from now on. The following movies are all great, classic Pixar films that I'd gladly watch.

13. Toy Story

I'm kinda shocked too. Surely Toy Story shouldn't be this low? This is where it all began. The first computer-animated film ever, Pixar's first movie. Undoubtedly a classic, a piece of animation history. Anyway, it's only the 13th best Pixar movie. I was slightly worse upon my recent rewatch. Sorry.

Toy Story is worse than all its sequels in my opinion. It's still a great film for sure. I can't be too harsh on the animation since it's incredibly impressive for a movie from 1995 and mostly still holds up. The comedic timing, jokes, and the voice casts delivery are fantastic at best. The climax of the final act is great. Buzz's character arc is nice to watch. As for the problems: compared to other Pixar movies, it isn't that big of a spectacular and doesn't say that much. Sid isn't that good of a villain. Woody gets too arrogant and annoying at times and the other toys start to hate him to a ridiculous extent.

No matter how unfairly mean I'm being to this movie, it's assured that it is pretty legendary. Pixar struck gold with their first ever feature film and managed to create a premise and characters that not only provided a great movie but several great sequels. In my opinion, it's by far the most important Pixar movie.

Reach for the sky!

12. Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 feels like a movie that shouldn't really exist. But it does and manages to tell a great story and subvert expectations. It's bold, beautiful, subversive, brave, and barely better than Toy Story.

Toy Story 4 is the conclusion of Woody's story. His life with Bonnie isn't going anywhere and Woody starts questioning his role in the world, being a toy. This is further explored when he meets Forky and Bo Peep, who both make him realize how much more a toy can do. Everything works and is told well. The final scene is powerful and touching.

As you can tell, I liked this movie. The message and resolution worked well for me. I also liked the other elements. The characters are great. Bo was a good major character. Forky is extremely funny. Duke Caboom and Ducky and Bunny are also great. The animation and locations are beautiful.

The movie does have issues, like Buzz being relegated to a comedic relief, some scenes that drag on for too long and whatever that thing with the car was at the final act. Admittedly, this movie does also conflict with Toy Story 3, but I don't see it as a problem. It's an enjoyable, pretty, and satisfying movie, to me, at least.

Update: A new movie is coming. Why? There's literally nothing to go to.

11. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is not amazing. A great movie no doubt, but not my favorite from the "classic" Pixar movies. There are some problems: Dory is kinda annoying at times. The Tank Gang isn't that great. Some scenes feel like filler and the pacing could be better.

Admittedly, I'm scraping the barrel here. The movie just doesn't click with me as much as the others. As I said, it's still great. It has a ton of good jokes, the emotional scenes hit, and I like the overall message. The underwater world is beautifully created and the characters are funny. Even if this isn't my personal favorite, I would still watch it again and can understand those who think this should be ranked a lot higher.

No, you can't! You think you could do these things but you can't, Nemo!
- Marlin to Dory
I found Nemo. Did I make that joke already? I don't really care.

10. Up

Up is awesome, at least for the first 20 minutes. After that, it is just quite great. It's a fun adventure movie that peaks at the beginning and thankfully has some moments of emotion and beauty throughout the rest of the story. Not the best thing Pixar has done, but definitely worth a watch.

Carl is a good main character and late Ed Asner gives a great performance as him. That Russell kid is fine. Charles Muntz is a decent villain. Dug is pretty funny, and so is the movie, but that's a given since it's made by Pixar.

Hey, let's play a game. It's called: "See who can be quiet the longest."
- Carl
Cool! My mom loves that game!
- Russell

The movie gives off dreamlike vibes with the setting, colorful balloons, and locations. And some dumb quirks like dog flying planes. It also feels slightly contrived, oddly paced, and isn't as great as the beginning promises. That said, there are luckily some emotional and pretty moments, like the shot at the end of Carl's and Ellie's house, finally being on top of Paradise Falls. Married Life and the score of the movie in general are really beautiful pieces of music. All in all, a great film.

World's strongest balloons

9. Inside Out

While Soul dives deeper and is better, Inside Out is still a great experience. I adore it and the things that make it so good. Here are some elements that I like:

- Characters: Every single character is great. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust are literal emotions but still have funny and interesting personalities. Joy's growth and understanding is done well. Bing Bong is great. Riley and her family are decent enough and serve their purpose well.

- Humor: The amount of physical comedy and jokes is indeed something. The talented voice cast's delivery helps a lot.

- Emotional moments: Fitting the concept, this movie has a lot of moments of sadness, triumph, and satisfaction. Bing Bong's death and the finale were very sad and captivating. The excellent score helps a lot.

The movie in which everyhing is colorful except the logo

- Worldbuilding: The world in which the emotions live in is creatively done and pretty. There's so many interesting and funny quirks and locations. At the same time, this is one problem with the movie: too much of Joy's and Sadness's journey consists of exploring different locations and is filler for the purpose of being filler.

Conclusion: I really like this movie, even if it might not be that magnificent when taking some plot holes or jarring things into account. It's an enjoyable and satisfying movie.

8. Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 is an amazing sequel. The way it improves from the first movie and adds a ton of things is marvellous. The movie presents the serious question that Woody has to deal with: what happens when Andy grows up? The chance for Woody to live his life in a museum instead works extremely well in creating conflicting thoughts in him.

There's so much going on, yet everything works seamlessly. Like the fact that there's three villains: Al is both a decent threat and enjoyably pathetic, Zurg is a good addition to the comedy department, and Stinky Pete is a twist villain done incredibly well. The impostor Buzz side story is funny, the story of Jessie's past is sad, Woody questioning his purpose in life is captivating.

Some things might be dumb, like the scene in which the toys cross the road, and I don't see this movie being as good as some of my absolute favorites. It's still a pretty amazing film with superb comedy, action, and themes.

7. Soul

I'm shocked how good of a movie Soul is. It's engaging, thought-provoking, and creative. Everything from the characters, voice cast, setting, directing, Joe questioning the purpose of life, to the Soul world and its concept is great. The animation and score are wonderful. Sure, some scenes and elements are too slow, stupidly convenient or don't serve that much purpose, but I don't really mind. I highly enjoyed it and probably will appreciate even more as I grow older. (Update: I do, it jumped to 7th) This description is very short, because I don't feel like over-anayzing it or talking about numerous aspects in detail. The movie deserves a watch and will leave an impact.

6. Coco

Coco is awesome and proof that Pixar can still to do great movies. I just love it. The Mexican culture is so prevalent in it from the Land of the Dead and real, well-implemented customs to the great atmosphere and amazing songs.

Miguel's love for music and his conflict with his family is great. Héctor is both funny and sad to watch; him not being able to visit Coco and being so hated by his family is pretty touching. Those two make a great duo. Ernesto de la Cruz is a great villain whose reveal is done very well. Most Rivera family members are also great.

Día de los Muertos decoration

The settings are beautiful, and both the animation and score are superb. The story is engaging and awesome. There are issues: Like most Pixar films, it has too much filler. The final battle should've also been better. Some characters weren't that interesting. The strengths luckily far outrank the weaknesses and make this a movie worth watching. The emotional moments are captivating and that incredible ending in which Miguel sings to Coco will make you cry. Coco probably has the best ending out of any Pixar movie. It barely missed the top 5.

Speaking of, the top 5 is next.

5. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. is awesome. So creative concept. So likeable and hilarious characters. So many great running gags and jokes. It's a classic. Mike and Sulley make for a fun duo. The concept and execution of the Monster universe is brilliant. The evolution of Boo's and Sulley's friendship is sweet. Both Randall and Henry Waternoose are great villains, with the latter being a twist villain done tremendously well. The character design and voice acting in general are awesome. This is a very fun, likeable movie, with sweet and emotional aspects being also prevalent.

We scare(d) because we care

4. Toy Story 3

This is the peak of the Toy Story franchise. Toy Story 3 just is an awesome film. It has so much going for it. The theme of Andy growing up and that leaving uncertainty is great. The new characters are great. Lotso is a great villain. The jokes are gold. The day care escape is fun and creative, the incinerator scene is extremely captivating and powerful, the end is touching and one of the most famous Pixar moments.

This is a movie that I can get fully invested in, being so engaging and enjoyable. It works seamlessly and does everything wonderfully. Every character is likeable. Even though there's so many of them, they all get enough time in the movie. I know this is said a lot, but Toy Story 3 would've been a great final movie for Pixar. (Obviously it wasn't, thankfully, I think)

The perfect series finale (until it wasn't)

3. Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a beautiful film. The characters, score, humor, captivating scenes, message, to list some things, are awesome. The movie clearly feels like a passion project and is a piece of art.

The whole concept of a rat trying to accomplish his dream of becoming a chef is executed brilliantly. It might sound unlikely, but like the film teaches you, "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere". Lovely.

Remy and Linguini are fun characters whose relationship is done great, the fact that Remy isn't able to speak just adds to it all and leads to innovative and funny physical comedy. Skinner is a hilarious villain. Coilette is a wonderful secondary character. Basically everyone is funny or intriguing in their own way.

The marvellous animation, the way Paris looks, and the fantastic score all enhance the brilliance of this movie. The restaurant elements are done superbly and work very well in the movie. That scene in which Ego has a flashback is one of the highlights of Pixar. The only thing I can think of that could've been better is the falling-out scene between Remy and Linguini, but that doesn't take away from the experience that is watching this movie. It's triumphant, pretty, and impressive. It's easily in the top 3, only behind two movies which I love even more.

Interesting Pixar Fact:
Like other rodents, rats are unable to vomit. This means that Linguini's soup was so terrible it broke the laws of nature and made Remy vomit.

2. The Incredibles

The Incredibles is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. It's the peak of computer animation and Pixar's magnum opus. I'm fully invested every time I watch it and can't help but love it.

Bob not enjoying current life, living in a struggling marriage, and dreaming of his superhero days is engaging. The movie feels like it was written for grown-ups, with its constant darker, mature, and intense themes. The struggles in the Parr family are shown and told realistically. Them being supers, to top it off, is fittingly incredible.

The movie that lives up to its name

The superhero themes and action are awesome. It's weird to think that this movie was made way back in 2004 and yet completely holds up to this day. Every Parr family member is great and interesting in their own ways. Frozone and Edna Mode are wonderful characters. Every single line they have is hilarious and legendary. Syndrome probably is the greatest Pixar villain, he's evil and intimidating but funny and kinda pathetic at the same time. The score sells it all. I could watch this over and over again.

This movie is funny, captivating, exciting, and brilliant in every way. It is the best movie Pixar has made. And yet, I only ranked it second. That's because there is one movie which I personally enjoyed even more and is my absolute favorite Pixar film.

1. Wall-E

Even though The Incredibles is the best Pixar movie in my opinion, WALL-E just is my favorite. It is beautiful, artistic, and a movie that I've fallen in love with. The opening 30 minutes or so are pretty, captivating, and funny. WALL-E and EVE are great characters, and their relationship evolves really well, not to mention, with wordless dialogue. The film survives the sudden shift in setting when WALL-E and EVE get to Axiom. The environmental message is great. So many scenes are fantastic. EVE and WALL-E learn to realize that they love each other to the point that they're ready to break protocol and abandon their given missions. They dance in space. It's a brilliant love story, something Pixar hasn't really done.

The final "fun"-tier

The captain's redemption and the finale are great to watch. The least good element, AUTO, is still good and an intimidating obstacle. The actual villains are the past human civilization and BnL, anyways. Those other robots are a fine-enough addition, M-O is awesome, though. All elements work naturally and make this movie so wonderful. I love it. My favorite Pixar movie.

Final Thoughts

It's done now. All 24 27 Pixar movies ranked, by me, from worst to best.

This was a long blog (about 32k characters!). I have been working on this for quite a while, since I wanted to develop this with time and explain my opinions and viewpoints in detail about a subject I love. And yes, I might try to update every time a new movie gets released or make another blog like this, on a different studio or series. Creating this was fun and gave me an excuse to rewatch some great movies. If you've made it this far, then congrats, that's impressive. Thanks for having me, I hope you enjoyed, have a good day!

Level 63
Jan 29, 2022
Great! I've never really watched that many Disney movies in general but I have watched a fair amount of these ones you have ranked. Personally, I would have ranked Cars 3 a bit higher but that's just my opinion :)
Level 43
Jan 29, 2022
No idea what people have with Cars 2. It’s my favorite of the franchise lol 😅

Ratatouille is just a heritage. And I would put Monsters University higher than Monsters Inc. My only problem is the final of Monsters University. Kinda boring. Finding Nemo is better than Finding Dory, and that’s a fact. From this maybe I should watch Up, The Incredibles, or Wall-E. I’ve never seen it. I’m really critical with movies. It’s hard for me choosing one, and I need something that looks appealing. Maybe you should rank the Dreamworks (Madagascar for best), or Blue Sky movies after this one (friendship broken if Rio don’t fit between Top 3 lol)

Your blogs are improving every time.

Level 43
Jan 29, 2022
And Onward. Just hated it.
Level 43
Jan 30, 2022
And for finish, I forgot to add Soul and Luca to the list of movies I could watch as well lol
Level 58
Jan 29, 2022
I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I actually really like Cars 2. It's one of my favorite Pixar movies honestly. Yeah, it's different from Cars 1 and most pixar movies in general, but it's a very fun movie.
Level 68
Jan 29, 2022
Nice ranking! Finding Nemo will always be my favorite Pixar Film but thats really the only thing I disagree with.
Level 71
Jan 29, 2022
Honestly I think that Up deserved a top 5 spot.
Level 60
Jan 29, 2022
Cars 2 isn’t bad, it just doesn’t fit in with the Cars series. I don’t think you really understand the plot.

The villains found a large oil field, but most of the cars were starting to find a new type of oil, or Alternative Fuel. Because regular oil was dying, the leader of the cars who found the large oil field went on a fake trip to fake finding Alternate Fuel first. (His Alternate Fuel is just normal gasoline with some tinkering.). He hosted a race in which the fastest race cars would compete using his Alternate Fuel. He then proceeded to use a laser beam that would react to the tinkering in the Alternate Fuel (Gasoline) to explode the cars using his “Alternate Fuel”. He did this to make Alternate Fuel look bad, and, as the world wasn’t interested in Alternate Fuel anymore because the villains made it look bad, they would go back to normal fuel. And, because the bad guys owned the largest oil field in the world, they would become rich.

Of course, the spy cars foiled their plan

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Jan 29, 2022
Wait I accidentally made that comment exactly 1000 characters

I think Cars 2 would be better if it was named “Spy Cars” and had whole new characters.

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Jan 29, 2022
Good blog btw
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Jan 29, 2022
Spy Cars and whole new characters wouldn’t be that appealing, at least wouldn’t for me lol
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Jan 29, 2022
Well, that would make sense, except the fact that gasoline was already used by everybody, so trying to make alternative fuel look bad wouldn't be necessary. Unless alternative fuel is gaining popularity, meaning the plan was to hope that one alternative fuel failing in a competition would bring down the use of every other alternative fuel. Which in turn wouldn't make sense, because those other fuels aren't exploding and aren't made by someone who curiously still profits off normal fuel. This wasn't even a major problem compared to other things in the movie that made it so bad for me.
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Jan 29, 2022
I think it hinted that the world was getting close to switching over, though I agree they should have focused more on that.

And the whole “spy cars” idea is just dumb.

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Jan 29, 2022
Wall-E is my favourite too. I'd put Up (esp the first half) and Finding Nemo higher, though I haven't watched some newer ones like Soul and Inside Out.
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Jan 29, 2022
What? A Bug's Life is better than Antz? Not a chance. That magnifying glass scene in Antz inspired kid me to commit unspeakable war crimes on the local ant population, haha.

Great blog, and I really like what you've done with the grey boxes :D

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Jan 30, 2022
Interesting blog! I used to watch Pixar films a lot but have given up lately because films produced now don't match up to the standards of films made during the 2000s and early 2010s (at least according to me).

I agree with your top 3 – I really loved watching Ratatouille. Wall-E is another great movie and The Incredibles, well, I don't have words for it. I would have ranked Up and Finding Nemo a bit higher though.

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Jan 30, 2022
Ratatouille is my all time favorite! After that I would Luca, Bug's life the first 3 Toy Storys and the Cars franchise.
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Feb 17, 2022
Wall-E at number 1! That is my favorite movie of all time!
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Aug 8, 2022
I actually enjoyed Cars 2 quite a lot, but I think that Cars 3 is terrible.
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May 19, 2023
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May 19, 2023
Lightyear is so predictable
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Jun 5, 2023

Man thinks he is amazing and doesnt need team

Team helps

Realizes teamwork is good

But team make mistake and get blame, third act breakup, unnessasary extra lightyear.