Population Battle - China vs. India

India is on pace to pass China as the country with the world's largest population.
China historical population from Wikipedia
India population and China future population from Worldometers
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Level 66
Jul 19, 2018
Calling it a battle is a curious example for the motto "make love, not war"
Level 83
Jul 19, 2018
They're going to regret "winning" this war as soon as the aquifers start drying up.
Level 73
Jul 19, 2018
I don't think either nation wants to "win" here, kal.
Level 73
Jul 19, 2018
This map would be even more interesting if it went back a few centuries.
Level 60
Nov 12, 2019
This is not a map, it's a chart
Level 26
Dec 14, 2020
It's a chart lmfao
Level 42
Oct 29, 2021
explains why "You don't like it"
Level 74
Aug 4, 2018
I don't believe this graph. This seems like another example of "experts" predicting that whatever is happening will keep happening. It seems that India can't sustain a population that large, and something will change to prevent it from growing that rapidly that far in the future. Predicting demographic trends in 2050 seems pretty hard.
Level ∞
Jan 6, 2020
These projections will be accurate barring a nuclear war or other major cataclysm. The average age of India is 28.4. Figure that 70% of the current population of India is under the age of 40 and will still be alive in 2050 when this graph ends.
Level 75
Apr 18, 2021
Predicting those stuff never is that easy, but considering India's fertility rate and current economic status I'd say this is possible. Also, India should have enough land for that. I'd say around 520 sqkm is still manageable
Level 40
Feb 14, 2020
wow so india is almost the most populous country in the world
Level 35
Feb 26, 2021
Its 2021 and India is 50 million people behind. There catching up fast
Level 64
Mar 1, 2021
China needs to enact a three-child policy real quick!
Level 23
Mar 25, 2021
2020 was the year china died
Level 50
Jun 4, 2021
Famous last words