Population of Syria

The population of Syria decreased for several years as people fled to escape the civil war. It is now growing again.
Source: Worldometers
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Level 70
Sep 23, 2018
i imagine that the current population is 10 million or under, millions of refugees in turkey, jordan and lebanon, and many have died too. i pray that syria can go back to what it once was ❤️
Level 88
Sep 24, 2018
There's no way the current population is below 10million. I'd be pretty surprised if it was less than 15million.
Level 60
Feb 26, 2021
Yes, I was in Turkey this year and I found hundreds of Syrians.
Level ∞
Jun 28, 2021
And this is why we don't determine population by asking random people on the internet.
Level 59
Jan 6, 2023
The rate of growth before the war was a lot.

+800,000 from 2006-2007