The Secret: A Treasure Hunt


So I recently came across a book called "The Secret" which is a real life puzzle book written by Byron Preiss in 1982. He went ahead and buried a dozen treasure casques in different locations around North America. Inside the casques were a key which can be used to redeem a small jewel that Preiss kept in New York. The jewels were collectively worth over ten thousand dollars and sparked a race to find them.

To this day, only three casques have been found. The first was located in Grant Park, Chicago, found just a year after the book was published. In 2004, a casque was found in Cleveland in the Greek Cultural Gardens. Recently, a third one was found in Boston under a baseball pitch, 37 years after the book was first published. Unfortunately, Preiss died in 2005 and with that, taking the locations of the other 9 casques with him.

With that, I open this challenge up to the people of Jetpunk to find the remaining 9 casques, hidden in parks across North America. Inside the book, there are 12 images and 12 verses containing hints to each of the 12 locations. There are some clues already solved by the team at "The Secret" Wiki and I will post a link below. They already know the rough locations of each of the casques so if you live nearby, make sure to check them out:

San Francisco: Located in the Golden Gate Park near Strawberry Hill

Charleston: Located in White Point Garden but most likely destroyed

Roanoke Island: Located near the Waterside Theater in Fort Raleigh National Historic Site

St. Augustine: Located by a large pine tree in the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

New Orleans: Located where the St.Charles Hotel used to stand but most likely destroyed

Houston: Located on the southern edge of McGovern Lake in Hermann Park

Montreal: Located near the Mount Royal and the Golden Square Mile Neighborhoods

Milwaukee: Located in Lake Park near the Grand Staircase

New York City: Located by the New York Harbor but most likely lost during Hurricane Sandy

If you live nearby any of these areas, make sure to check them out or visit the website below to check out any of the images or verses.


The Secret: A Treasure Hunt Wiki
Level 55
Oct 10, 2020
This is extremely interesting. How many attempts were made by people to find the casques?
Level 66
Oct 10, 2020
There have been several attempts to find the casques. In the 1st one in Chicago, they basically dug up the entire park to find it. Cleveland took 2 attempts, on either side of the memorial. Boston is a whole different case as the burial area was actually destroyed. There an "Expedition Unknown" episode dedicated to the Boston find, I highly suggest to watch it if you're interested. Additionally, r/12keys on Reddit is also a good place to start searches!