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Exactly 10 years ago on November 23, 2011, the first-ever quiz on JetPunk was made.

JetPunk has introduced a new feature on JetPunk called Charts. Simply put, you can input custom data into two columns representing the x and y axis of the chart, and its respective data will be plotted onto a drawn-out chart. In this blog, I will be explaining everything you need to know about this feature, from inputting the data to formatting - with pictures.

Yakko's world is a very catchy song that was made in 1993. Although it's a bit old, the amount of errors it has is not due to when it was released, as many 'countries' in the song did not exist at the time of publication. In this blog, I will be pointing out all the inaccuracies with this song.

200k takes!

When making a quiz, there is an option called Manual Mode in Step 4 of the quiz editor. Long story short, this mode allows you to heavily customize your quiz grid and move around answers. This blog will teach you how to use it.

Learn about the geography of the Netherlands in this blog. Inspired by ABritishCat's UK edition.

The first in the series.

Many people have been creating badge blogs like these recently. Copy the code in this blog and edit the hyperlinks & text to make your own badge blog!

Have you ever wondered how JetPunk looked like last year? Or even, in 2012? are about to find out.

The sequel to Malkiboy's first HTML For Formatting Blogs blog. He let me make this.

You might find this very hard to believe. This is the first in a very long series. Hope you enjoy!