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As November draws to an end, Mystery Country 4 comes to JetPunk. I will give 4 clues and you have the chance to guess the country. This is intended to be played quickly. Good luck!

Welcome back to Guess the American President! As usual, a president will be picked and participants will have the chance to ask questions about that president and make a guess as to who our new Mystery President is. Shoutout to FumChum for guessing the President last time!

Note: My username was formerly SaveOurPlanet. If you were looking for that account, search for Astana instead.

I have now had an account on JetPunk for approximately one and a half years. I never had any idea that I would stay on the site for this long. I have thousands of takes on my quizzes, which is more than I ever imagined. This blog celebrates my year and a half as SaveOurPlanet.

Welcome back to Guess the Mystery Country. Two random countries have been selected. Four clues are given about each country. Each user gets one guess per country to guess. The winner could be you!

Welcome to the first Guess the American President blog. I will pick a random President of the United States. I will pretend to be that president. Commenters have the chance to ask me 10 yes-or-no questions. I will answer them according to the President I play. Users then have the chance to make a final guess as to who the mystery president is.

There is a continent out in the middle of the ocean. You've probably heard of it. But have you heard of it as Australia, or have you heard of it as Oceania? What is the continent called? You tell me in the latest Debate Night!

A random country has been selected. Four clues are given about the country. Each user gets one guess total to guess the country. The winner could be you!

Welcome back to Debate Night. If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? What even is a sound? (I also apologize for the last blog in this series.)

In this first installment of the Cascadian Four series, four unsuspecting children are drawn into a government conspiracy. This is a thriller designed for children and teenagers.

The Vietnam War was a tragedy. Many lives were lost. But who, in the end, emerged victorious? The South, supported by the United States? Or the North, supported by the Soviet Union?

Were the Aztecs or the Romans more advanced? You tell me in this friendly history-themed debate on JetPunk? Please argue respectfully and be open-minded.

JetPunkers should celebrate these memorable days in our history. These are historic moments for our site, the Quizmaster, and users.

This badge is for those who can score outstandingly on the toughest featured quizzes there are. Can you achieve this badge?

I made a new JetPunk group for fans of architecture and professional architects. Anybody can join!

I recently reached 200 quizzes and 6,000 takes, so I thought I would celebrate in a blog. Thank you to everyone who helped me reach this point!

JetPunk quizzes and blogs generally focus on major, well-known nations. The minor countries are getting neglected. So how about we change that with some new quizzes favoring small nations!

I decided to make Alpha codes for some different JetPunk users. These are unofficial, but would be a quick shorthand to refer to users in comments. If you want to add your code, post it in the comments!