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Tämä on suomalainen viikinkidraaman tarina. Viikinkisadussa ystävyydestä ja kohtalosta Erik ja hänen seuralaisensa lähtevät matkalle karkottamaan pimeyttä, kohdaten vaaroja, paljastaen salaisuuksia ja luoden siteitä, jotka valaisevat tien kohti valoisampaa tulevaisuutta.

In the wake of turmoil, leaders in Rome, the Han Empire, and the Maya civilization navigate challenges with vision and resilience, forging paths towards unity and progress. Hope prevails amidst uncertainty in the ancient world.

The time has come for me to take a short break from JetPunk. Here is why.

The second chapter of my Travelogue. This offers a firsthand account of the Lastonian Civil War.

I recently took a trip to Lastonia, and thought I would make a travelogue. Read to find out more.

Winters in Oregon are beautiful. It is a wonderful experience for every person. The snow is arguably the best part-but that could all go out the window.

Chapter Two of Origins of Civilization. Romulus and Remus have just been rescued by a wolf. Tikal has finally amassed an empire. The Greeks are on the verge of developing democracy. Han China will soon grow powerful. But a storm, one that could alter history, is sweeping over the sea. What will happen? For now, one can only guess.

Hello, I am starting a new blog series called Origins of Civilization. It is an alternate history of the world. This is the first chapter. Enjoy.

I recently designed a potential new flag for the state of Oregon. I love my state a lot, but I think the flag must be changed. Here are some of my designs.

Today I have reached a new milestone. I have posted 300 live quizzes on this site.

The Aztecs created an amazing empire. They ruled a large part of Mexico until the Spanish came and their civilization was wiped out. What remains today are stories of brutality, sacrifice, and war. But new truths have started to emerge.

Almost no country has purple on its flag. But why? Read this to find out the history of the color. This blog also contains objectives for relaunching the blog server in 2024.

Goodbye. The time has come. I am leaving JetPunk. I do not know how long, I do not know if I will visit the site before I return, if I return, or anything. I have just decided that I should leave the site. You can read this to find out why.

Oregon may seem like a nice place to live. It may not. In this blog, I will go over the pros and cons of living in Oregon. It is very eco-friendly, but it has bad weather, legalized drugs, and homelessness. Not to mention the 9.0 earthquake that may occur tomorrow...

2023 has been a good year for me. I made many milestones and created lots of new content. Read about it in this blog.

The Recent User Blogs page has recently changed significantly. New users have begun to post many of the blogs we see on the page today, and blogging powerhouses such as baptistegorce, toowise, ItzIngenious, and Stewart, have not been posting as much content as back in the day. I recently did an analysis and will publish my findings in this blog.

Some of you may have heard of my Countries by AI Animal Avatar series, which challenges you to guess countries represented by an animal generated by AI. In the making of this series, I generated many animals, and chose the best ones for my quizzes. But only the best ones. This blog reveals the images I could never use, for various reasons. Read to find out more. Part 2 will come out sometime soon.

I recently posted my 250th quiz on this website. This is far more than I thought would ever happen. I am also close to a few other milestones. Read to find out more.

JetPunk is great. But I have some wishes for new features. What about you? Do you have anything that you would like to see added to JetPunk? Any features or improvements? Then tell me in the comments!

As November draws to an end, Mystery Country 4 comes to JetPunk. I will give 4 clues and you have the chance to guess the country. This is intended to be played quickly. Good luck!

Welcome back to Guess the American President! As usual, a president will be picked and participants will have the chance to ask questions about that president and make a guess as to who our new Mystery President is. Shoutout to FumChum for guessing the President last time!

Note: My username was formerly SaveOurPlanet. If you were looking for that account, search for Astana instead.

I have now had an account on JetPunk for approximately one and a half years. I never had any idea that I would stay on the site for this long. I have thousands of takes on my quizzes, which is more than I ever imagined. This blog celebrates my year and a half as SaveOurPlanet.

Welcome back to Guess the Mystery Country. Two random countries have been selected. Four clues are given about each country. Each user gets one guess per country to guess. The winner could be you!

Welcome to the first Guess the American President blog. I will pick a random President of the United States. I will pretend to be that president. Commenters have the chance to ask me 10 yes-or-no questions. I will answer them according to the President I play. Users then have the chance to make a final guess as to who the mystery president is.

There is a continent out in the middle of the ocean. You've probably heard of it. But have you heard of it as Australia, or have you heard of it as Oceania? What is the continent called? You tell me in the latest Debate Night!

A random country has been selected. Four clues are given about the country. Each user gets one guess total to guess the country. The winner could be you!

Welcome back to Debate Night. If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? What even is a sound? (I also apologize for the last blog in this series.)

In this first installment of the Cascadian Four series, four unsuspecting children are drawn into a government conspiracy. This is a thriller designed for children and teenagers.

The Vietnam War was a tragedy. Many lives were lost. But who, in the end, emerged victorious? The South, supported by the United States? Or the North, supported by the Soviet Union?

Were the Aztecs or the Romans more advanced? You tell me in this friendly history-themed debate on JetPunk? Please argue respectfully and be open-minded.

JetPunkers should celebrate these memorable days in our history. These are historic moments for our site, the Quizmaster, and users.

This badge is for those who can score outstandingly on the toughest featured quizzes there are. Can you achieve this badge?

I made a new JetPunk group for fans of architecture and professional architects. Anybody can join!

I recently reached 200 quizzes and 6,000 takes, so I thought I would celebrate in a blog. Thank you to everyone who helped me reach this point!

I decided to make Alpha codes for some different JetPunk users. These are unofficial, but would be a quick shorthand to refer to users in comments. If you want to add your code, post it in the comments!