AI Animals I Could Never Use Part 1



Some of you may have taken this series, but I will explain it for those who have not. Countries by AI Animal Avatar challenges you to guess countries represented by an animal generated by AI.

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For generating these images, I used the website Craiyon, an AI image generation website. I input the prompt and a few minutes later, got the image. Crayon is good for these quizzes because it is not perfect and is obviously AI, which I believe makes the quiz better. It is also more affordable and I have used it a lot in the past and like it. I input prompts that included the animal, the country it was representing, and some details to be extra clues, such as the flag, a landmark, and sometimes even an iconic food from that country. Here is an example.
German bear draped in German flag drinking German beer out of cut class German cup

For the bear representing Germany from the sixth quiz in the series, I input the animal, the flag of Germany, plus a clue recognizable to people outside the country, in this case beer. (In Oregon, where I live, that is what everyone seems to associate with Germany, so I used that for the clue. Wow, there are a lot of German breweries in Oregon!) Here is an example of what I use for the thumbnail.

A cat with the Earth in its belly made a perfect thumbnail for the quiz where the theme was cats. It was representative, the shapes of the continents were (somewhat) accurate, and it was downright adorable.

The above is the cat I used for the fifth quiz in the series. For many of my quizzes, I used an image of the theme animal and the Earth incorporated into one piece and left how to do that up to AI. Craiyon generates nine results, and you get to pick your favorite.

FYI, most all of them are pretty weird.

But of course, some of the images I generated could not be used for quizzes, which brings us to the section you have all been waiting for.

Warning: This will be very strange.

AI Animals I Could Never Use

Most of the animals I generated for my quizzes were too weird, inappropriate, or just too nonsensical or impossible to guess, so I could not put them in my quizzes. I did not download all of the images generated, but I did save most of them that were funny, which I will include in this blog. Here goes.

This is just way too weird.

I believe the prompt for the above was "Surfing Australian bear draped in Australian flag surfing in Sydney Harbor with Sydney Opera House in the background". It apparently generated an image of a ripped bear whose arm is coming out of its face with one leg on a bioluminescent surfboard and one leg coming out of the base of the Sydney Opera House. Also, the surfboard appears to be urinating glowing green liquid into the water, is probably going to be fined by the government for excreting hazmat into the harbor and also needs to see a doctor or just stop eating glow sticks. One other thing I should add: Apparently this bear has no other arm, just a flap of skin stretching from its hip to the other side of its head.

There's more. Read at your own risk.

Can anybody think of a caption for this?

Above is supposed to be a bear floating in space. It seems to be a frozen teddy bear who needs an insulating space suit and may have lost its left eye? Who knows. Also, I should point out that there is a cloud of green gas in the atmosphere, and there are two other Earths, one shaped like a watermelon in the top left and one to the right of the bear.

The End

That's all, folks! Find out more in Part 2! But here is a sneak peak at the sequel to this blog.

Level 65
Dec 16, 2023
I often use to make my blog thumbnails, nice to see someone else using it
Level 78
Dec 17, 2023
Can I just ask, why did you specify a bear instead of a Kangaroo ?

Great blog btw!

Level 51
Dec 17, 2023
For each quiz I usually use a theme, which is one species (or genus if you want to nitpick, as well as magical creatures in some quizzes), and in this case it was bears. I am glad you enjoyed the blog!
Level 78
Dec 17, 2023
Thanks, that explains it.