Jeppy Design Challenge-Ancient Vibes



Welcome to the Jeppy Design Challenge! Jeppy, our magical symbol of JetPunk, has long been a beloved figure within our community. This fish, originally named Ike, symbolizes our unity and creativity. Jeppy has featured in numerous quizzes, and now it's time to bring him into our blogs. Get ready to dive into the firstever Jeppy Design Challenge!


Your challenge is to create a design featuring Jeppy the JetPunk fish with an ancient vibe. Reimagine Jeppy with an ageless charm, incorporating historical elements, ancient attire, and a backdrop that exudes antiquity. The possibilities are endless!


1. Maximum of 3 entries allowed.

2. Include Jeppy: Jeppy must be the centerpiece or at least a significant part of your design.

3. Original or Public Domain Content: Ensure you have the rights to use all elements of your design. Create the content yourself or source it from the public domain. Pixabay is a good place to start.


A winning design will be selected based on the following criteria:

 Creativity: How uniquely you have reimagined Jeppy in an ancient context.

 Visual Appeal: The overall aesthetic and artistic quality of your design.

 Concept: How well your design captures the ancient theme and integrates Jeppy.


A simple example of what could be submitted.

How to Submit

For submitting your design, use one of these methods.

-JetPunk Quiz-Create a picture quiz containing your submission(s).

-JetPunk Blog-In one of your blogs, perhaps at the end, include your design(s).

-Email-To directly Email your submission, contact

Level 65
Jun 10, 2024
Oooh, nice idea. It's an interesting one and I will definitely compete! I will include it in a future quiz but it's not how you think ;) I will tell you which quiz and where.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Level 50
Jun 10, 2024
Thank you. I am interested to see your submission.
Level 65
Jul 1, 2024
I have finally finished the quiz... I don't know if I made it.

Here is the quiz: Trace Italy on a Map by Guessing Cities. The Jeppies are visible when you finish the quiz of just ending it. The left one has the dome of the Florence Cathedral on it and the right Jeppy has a Roman soldier hat.

Thank you ;)