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A game about conquering and winning.

Nostalgia... and more?

Stuff talking about when I was gone

Yes, it is a detective story, first in the series. I hope you enjoy!

Another Puzzle blog! Although this might be my most recent blog for a while (see inside)

A story to sharpen my skills at storytelling.

Lots of stuff to cover, stay tuned!

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I will revive old Jetpunk quizzes in my quiz creations! One every day! The hashtag will be #ProjectPhilippines!

If you need the latest issues, here they are.

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Current Issue Issue 2 Issue 3

Some puzzles. Because that is also the rage this year.

My version of yeetdeet's blog. After this, please go to his blogs because that's what made me make this blog.

To show I'm as self-centered as GrandOldMan and also shows that I take too many of his jokes. But I guess it's also inspired from him. Oh yeah, and also thanks to Pandora49 for the code. And KazakhstanKitten for the drawing (she hasn't been online)



A very interesting topic, said by a very uninformative man (who also can't format well)

Well, we have lots of history here, Punkers, but it is random and some are not useful.


First Week!

I'm happy