I promised to have a Moldova blog yesterday, but i have been off Jetpunk for a little.

The reason is that family is here and I am taking time with them. I will try to make the Moldova post soon.

P.S. I really can't make this blog longer, there is nothing to talk about.

Level 43
Nov 30, 2020
Level 51
Nov 30, 2020
You made your blog longer by writing you wasn’t able to make it longer...
Level 56
Nov 30, 2020
Lol ur grammar error just made u sound American
Level 55
Nov 30, 2020
Well, I tried to make it longer
Level 32
Dec 1, 2020
Have fun with your family!! We will be here when you come back!

Unless something goes devastatingly wrong and JetPunk crashes. Then I guess we won't see you. Q_Q

Level 41
Dec 6, 2020
What about these countries week 3 Oman Week 4 Nauru week 5 Colombia week 6 Argentina week 7 Indonesia week 8 Russia week 9 Philippines week 10 Libya
Level 41
Dec 9, 2020
waiting for Moldova blog