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In this years- I mean today’s blog we are going over the game made by RobTop games, Geometry Dash! We going over some cool features, its history and other things!

Google has a ton of fun easter eggs! From askew to Mario there are a lot of secrets!

Please type more easter eggs in the comments so i can add them to the blog!

Have you completed all your JetPunk badges? I haven’t, but if you have, here are some badge ideas.

Hello everyone. Today I am showing you a blog about Cyprus. Is it European, Asian, Or African?

But who owns Cyprus anyway?

In this blog, we are doing a secret of jetpunk!

We’ll start off with 3 less known features, and then show you a super big secret!

Hello! This is a blog where I attempt to cover some information about EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY. This is the first blog doing so. We will discuss three things.

1. Flag

2. Land Borders and Disputes

3. Culture

Also for this series, our main focus is not war.

However, this is a series just meant to tap into countries, and barely even scratches the surface, it is nice to have a short blog about earth country! Enjoy!

This is a blog for ideas for Jetpunk! They can make it better, more popular, and one of them is for convenience.

Countries get BIGGER