It's Time For A Change


Blog Creation Requirements

The first two major changes are to the requirements for making blogs. We feel the requirements are too relaxed, and to prevent further issues we are now requiring:

1. Your account must be 6 months old

2. Your total level must be 40+

These two changes should help prevent against spam, as well increase the quality of users attracted to blogs.

Comment Disabling

The next major change is that quizzes, blogs and charts now have the ability to disable comments. This can either be decided by the creator themself or forced upon them by me or the Quizmaster. This will not delete comments, but simply remove the whole comment section all together so nobody can interact with that content.

The option for this can be found in the Step 1 options of each content's editor (underneath the Language selector).

Toxic Behaviour Bans

Too many users think it is acceptable to spread toxic behaviour and constant hate across the internet, in particular towards other members of the community. This toxicity cannot be allowed to continue, and so from now on we will be permanently banning anyone who presents themselves in a consistent toxic manner.

Let me be clear, from this moment onwards we will be operating a zero-tolerance policy for toxic behaviour in the comments, especially blogs. You will not be able to appeal this decision.

This will be applied retrospectively to users who have recently been toxic, and the change also applies to any groups which have been created for the sole purpose of spreading hate.

Comments have been disabled on this page.