JetPunk 2023 - Year in Review



As 2023 draws to a close, we review how the year happened on JetPunk. Once again, the first half of the year brought an influx of newcomers - welcome! New features on JetPunk were sparse towards the second half of the year, as is often the case. But plenty has happened in 2023!

In each section below, we detail the various changes on JetPunk over the year, including highlights from some of the biggest quizzes created this year, users who joined us this year and also the most popular blogs of the year. At the end, we look at the traffic in 2023, and what we might look forward to in 2024.

What's New?

In 2023, we saw some pivotal changes on JetPunk - not all of which were on the site itself! So strap in, grab a snack, and read all about these 4 major changes this year on JetPunk.

JetPunk Shop

One of the biggest changes in 2023, was the introduction of the JetPunk Shop! It has been a passionate project to have merchandise for JetPunk for many years now, and after a lot of researching and prototyping, we finally released the shop in summer of this year.

Read all about it in "Introducing... The JetPunk Shop"! There's also the full backstory linked in the comments. 

Here's a selection of some of the most popular products:

JetPunk World Map Mug

Jeppy Embroidered T-Shirt

Jeppy Embroidered Patch

And there's so much more!

Also, as a special for the 2023 Holidays, we have a special dated product available for a limited time only! This is a 2023 Coaster for JetPunk. Also, if you order before the end of 2023 you get a free 1-month JetPunk Premium gift certificate for yourself or someone else.

JetPunk Holidays Coaster 2023

Random Quiz Stats

Randomized quizzes finally received stats! After many years of randomized quizzes being on JetPunk, they've never had stats by answer, mostly because of technical difficulties. Well, that all changed this year.

Now, you can see by-answer stats on randomized quizzes. Representing the % each answer was guessed when it was selected by the randomizer. For example, on Random Countries of the World Map we can now clearly see the map showing the global % guessed:

JetPunk Word Search

Now, keen-eyed readers will remember that Word Search actually started daily in 2022. Well on January 31st this year we said goodbye to the daily word searches on JetPunk - or so users thought! In fact, jump ahead to April 1st 2023 and we brought back Word Search and better than ever. Now you have access to all previous puzzles, with the ocassional addition of a new puzzle. You also have stats across all the puzzles - visible on your user profile.

The full story of its return can be found here!

What we can reveal though, is that on December 14th 2023 we passed 2 million total plays across all Word Searches! This makes it the most played minigame on JetPunk!

For reference, here are the total takes of all minigames as of December 19th 2023:

MinigameTotal Plays
Word Search2,012,065
Geography Snap1,440,610
U.S. State Puzzle380,380
Even Split88,025

Streaks & Confetti

Regular quiztakers received two very well received updates in September, this being the introduction of daily streaks and confetti once a quiz is finished!

The Streaks feature rewards users who return daily to take a featured quiz. In fact, we even managed to back-date this feature. And so, the top 10 users by their streak are:

UserTotal Streak
Reb0rn426 days
Deblib371 days
ssg1357 days
SunflowerCeleste336 days
Andy50018308 days
karinleanne281 days
Helypi251 days
AlisonMc249 days
slb244 days

Note that users who have opted-out of Streaks are not included, even if their streak would place them in this list.

The other feature along with Streaks was the introduction of Confetti after completing a quiz at 100%. This has been well received as a little positive pick-me-up reward for completing the quiz!

Despite these major changes, there were many smaller changes that didn't make the cut in this end-of-year review, such as Baseball & Basketball Facts, the Recently Taken Quizzes page, comment collapsing and more! Thankfully, they're all documented on JetPunk's Change Log for you to enjoy.

Top Quizzes

In 2023, other than one obvious series, it seems the output of quizzes was varied across the top 20.

As usual, to ensure variety and fairness, we will limit the following top 5 to a maximum of 1 per user (they are still all in the overall top 10). We also limit only to English quizzes in this blog, especially important this year since #1 was in fact a French quiz (Trouvez le pays mystère en utilisant des indices - Aléatoire) by user Simon1006! Receiving almost 300k takes in less than a year! On top of that, French quizzes encompassed 6 of the top 20 quizzes.

Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hints #3

by clown666w

Date Released: January 5thTotal Takes: 90,569Rating: 4.73
Well, not only did this user obtain the top English quiz created this year, they actually produced half of the top 10! Their series gained external stardom on JetPunk, managing to out-perform even the best English features. A true commendation.

Logos Revealing Logos #1

by SpiritOfFire

Date Released: January 9thTotal Takes: 74,466Rating: 4.94
Coming in 2nd this year, this user only started creating quizzes in late 2022, and started producing exceptional SVG quizzes thanks to JetPunk's SVG Guide. Gaining over 500k takes just this year is an impressive feat - especially with only 6 English featured quizzes! His series of Things Revealing Things is a very enjoyable one, and I'd recommend taking them all!

General Knowledge - Think Fast

by Quizmaster

Date Released: October 12thTotal Takes: 66,169Rating: 4.29
It's not often that Quizmaster himself makes it onto this list, but it appears he has done so with a new "think fast" idea, where you have only a short amount of time and no visibility of the questions beforehand! It's proven to a popular concept, given it was released only in October 2023!

Lie to Win - Click Quiz #1

by Elboy

Date Released: March 9thTotal Takes: 47,559Rating: 4.87
Yet again, Elboy makes this top 5 list thanks to another smashing quiz. This time all you have to do is lie. Every single question you must fight your natural instincts and give the wrong answer. It's proven to be an enjoyable challenge!

Click the Planet

by overtired

Date Released: April 14thTotal Takes: 34,218Rating: 4.95
Another click quiz makes the Top 5, with this educational yet enjoyable quiz where you simply need to click the planet of the solar system which correctly matches the given prompt. With an average score of 14/20, it's proven to be a well-liked one!

So far over 90,000 quizzes have been released on JetPunk in 2023, that's 18,000 more than last year, and these have amounted to over 11.8 million takes! (Phenomenal increase of 3.5m from last year).

This also represents over 1.4% of all takes on JetPunk ever, or, perhaps more helpfully, about 6% of all takes this year! In fact over 200 million takes have been added this year, or rather 24% of all takes ever, have come from 2023. That's pretty insane, in my opinion, and shows JetPunk is still growing very strongly.

Top New Quiztakers

Once again, we will highlight the top quiztakers this year, with the top 4 users having at least level 75. Now, while nobody got over the level 90 of last year, we did have one user achieve level 80. This is still, of course, incredibly impressive to achieve!



Date Joined: June 13thTotal Points: 25,055


Date Joined: January 1stTotal Points: 24,213


Date Joined: February 16thTotal Points: 22,536


Date Joined: February 27thTotal Points: 20,972

As we progress, more and more quizzes are featured and so it becomes technically easier to achieve a high level. That said, to dedicate so much playtime to JetPunk every day is a truly incredible feat.

Top New Quizmakers

This year sees the return of the top quizmakers of the year. Most interestingly, the top quizmaker this year was not even from English quizzes! In fact the top 5 comprise of 4 different languages, which is very impressive given the usual domination of English across the site.


Top Quiz: Guess the Taylor Swift song with no hint 1

Date Joined: June 5thTotal Takes: 36,599Quizzes: 106
Given the Taylor Swift mania this year, as seen by the Top Quizzes section above, it is no surprise that this user managed to reach the top given their quizzes are all about her!


Top Quiz: Disney Filme erraten mit Bildern - Teil 1

Date Joined: January 22ndTotal Takes: 21,507Quizzes: 58
While this user joined in January, they only started creating quizzes in July, and thanks to their enjoyable Disney quizzes in German, they have managed to achieve 2nd in this year's ranking.


Top Quiz: Les 10 meilleurs buteurs Français en LDC.

Date Joined: April 5thTotal Takes: 21,357Quizzes: 116
The French community on JetPunk is renowned for contributing many takes in their recent quizzes section, and with this user producing over 100 of them (largely well-liked), it is no surprise they've managed 3rd!


Top Quiz: Séries Netflix par images

Date Joined: January 12thTotal Takes: 17,823Quizzes: 4
Despite having only 4 quizzes, this user managed to achieve a featured quiz in French, thus allowing them to gain a large amount of takes!


Top Quiz: Taylor Swift - All Too Well (10 Minute Version) Lyrics

Date Joined: June 1stTotal Takes: 14,042Quizzes: 301
Another user whose Taylor Swift quizzes have managed to propel them high up this leaderboard. They have a lyric quiz for almost every major Taylor Swift song!

Top Blogs

Once again, we also bring you the most liked blogs on JetPunk that were released this year. There is great variety here, and perhaps your next blog to read could be found here!

The Quizmaster's 2023 Predictions

by Quizmaster

Date Released: January 4thTotal Likes: 58Total Views: 3,239
JetPunk's Quizmaster always likes to make predictions for the year, and this one is no exception. I'm sure in a few days time we'll find out how his predictions did!

The Journey to #1 on JetPunk

by Stewart

Date Released: September 3rdTotal Likes: 49Total Views: 1,244
One of the biggest changes this year in JetPunk lore - we gained a new #1! Relessness held the top spot for almost 10 years, and finally somebody (me!) managed to catch up to him. This was largely due to several years of inactivity from himself.

Interview of a JetPunker #30 - Stewart

by baptistegorce

Date Released: September 3rdTotal Likes: 28Total Views: 365
Baptiste's ever popular Interview of a JetPunker series reached its 30th interviewee this year, featuring myself! To tie in with reaching #1 above, we decided to do another interview to celebrate.

There were far more than these 3 though, they were just the top ones by user over 25 likes. Overall, over 500 blogs were submitted this year, with almost 6,000 comments combined across all of them and over 2500 likes. Unfortunately, most of which is down on last year.

It should be noted that the top 7 blogs were comprised entirely of Quizmaster's blogs and my blogs, mostly announcements about new things.

Traffic in 2023

Looking back over the traffic of 2023, we can see clear changes in the fluctuations over the year of quizzes created and number of users that joined JetPunk.

Analysing this, we see that the number of users that joined JetPunk doesn't correlate to the number of quizzes released. In fact, the number of quizzes is pretty constant all year, but as always the infllux of users trends towards school and office time (i.e. anything outside school summer holidays).

Comparing to 2022 below, this is a massive difference! 2022 eclipsed 10,000 in a single week, whereas in 2023 we never got above 6,500. However, unlike 2022, we didn't start off poorly in 2023. We started strong and remained strong all throughout the year!

Looking to 2024

Several of the changes this year (including the JetPunk Shop) have been known about for a few years since it took that long to develop them fully. Others however, like Streaks and Confetti, weren't thought about before the year started!

As always, in last year's blog some users predicted some things for this year. Let's see how they turned out.

  • MG17

    Prediction: JetPunk will grow to 850mil takes, new features for blogs and quizzes, a new minigame

    Actual: Well, somehow, he managed to get almost exactly correct the total takes! As of today, JetPunk is at 845 million. However, while there were some new features for quizzes, there was nothing for blogs and no new minigame either. (Word Search doesn't count since it had existed before, just different)

  • baptistegorce

    Prediction: A major change for Word Search, a new peak in Polish takes, and more interesting facts.

    Actual: Expectedly, he was correct about Word Search (though it was hinted at in the blog itself!), Polish did not reach any new highs, but we did get Baseball and Basketball facts!

  • Loyal

    Prediction: JetPunk will become the #1 website everywhere

    Actual: Well, thankfully this didn't happen!

  • Elboy

    Prediction: A nominations overhaul and a change to the Front Page structure

    Actual: Unfortunately, neither of these has happened.

  • FreeStater

    Prediction: Increase in blogging, more holiday costumes for Jeppy, new quiz formats, new chart formats

    Actual: Unfortunately, none of these happened. But I have considered / thought about the holiday costumes at least!

  • Bilboooooo / DrWhoFanJ

    Prediction: Daily word searches are archived in some way so that all previous puzzles are available for everybody

    Actual: You both got this exactly right! This is exactly what we did :)

  • akjlddkjslfsd

    Prediction: Word Search tops 2.5m total takes, new quiz type, new minigame, something will beat COTW on one particular day in terms of takes

    Actual: Well, Word Search prediciton was not far off! And while no new quiz type or minigame was introduced, something did beat COTW on one day. In fact it's happened several times, 4 times in just the past month! For example: 2023-11-27, 2023-12-07, 2023-12-13, 2023-12-15.

There were more predictions, but this was a selection of them. Thanks everybody for making them! Let's see what you come up with for next year :)

What stood out in 2023 to you on JetPunk? What future developments would you like to see in 2024 and beyond? What do you plan to do to improve JetPunk yourself?

All data on this page is correct as of December 19th, 2023. Data from JetPunk and Google Analytics.

Level 65
Dec 23, 2023
Brilliant blog! Hopefully 2024 will be an even better year for the site. I wish to see more quizzes regarding history, more specifically documenting wars and such.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Level 52
Dec 23, 2023
Agreed, great blog. I really hope we get anew quiz and/or mini game type
Level 52
Dec 23, 2023
If only more quizzes could match the quality of yours! Users need to spend more time on individual quizzes, even if their output ends up being lower. The rule is always quality over quantity, but that is sadly not what we see on Jetpunk.
Level 58
Dec 23, 2023
Wait... it's already end of december? Year went so fast as always... Apparently that didn't stop JetPunk of having great results in 2023! The point that surprise me the most -in a great way- is the prominence of the other sections than the English one (with top quizzes and top new quizmakers). I think it shows that JetPunk is spreading across various countries, and goes over the language barrier!

Let's add to MG's prediction that when we will reach the "actual" end of the year (31/12), JetPunk will probably have almost exactly 850m takes, which makes it even crazier!

Happy holidays to everyone, see you in 2024 :)

Level 74
Dec 23, 2023
It’s truly been a great year! Thanks for everything you and Quizmaster do to make this site great.

Prediction: kal returns

Level 75
Dec 23, 2023
The Belgians won’t let him, he knows too much.
Level 43
Dec 23, 2023
Great year we had! And great run to the #1 place, Stewart! The French section is unfortunately growing even more, thanks to the great work of Poirot, Anna and Ravi. Awesome to see JetPunk is getting bigger in other countries. I'd never expect a Taylor Swift quiz at the top, but that was an interesting surprise lol. And it would be crazier if it was the boyfriends' one. Even though I'm not an avid Word Search taker, I love the fact I can check and play it anytime. And also the JetPunk Shop idea was really bold and a great addition. Each of these are making the website even more enjoyable.

Apparently this year we had new predictions, so maybe I can say we are having more predictions for the next review, and I am expecting reaching the milestone of 1 billion takes before or by the end of… let's pick September. We will also have a new minigame and Learning Mode will be available for everyone. Maybe it can be already as a Christmas gift ;)

Level 63
Dec 23, 2023
JetPunk has made phenomenal progress this year, it was hard not to notice. Thank you Quizmaster, stewart, you have achieved a lot this year, and all the users who have made a tremendous contribution this year! I hope 2024 will be the same breakthrough year!
Level 60
Dec 23, 2023
Cool! I can’t believe 2023 is almost over.
Level 78
Dec 23, 2023
Reading between the lines, it seems that the RUB is losing some of its, admittedly slight, popularity.

Perhaps if it had a presence on the home page, there may be a few more bloggers and readers. The only way a newcomer would know about the blogs is by clicking on the menu, then clicking on "Blogs", then selecting "Recent User Blogs".

May I suggest a feature box amidst the other boxes on the home page, maybe to the right of the "Minigames" box. It could include Official Blog and Recent User Blogs, then maybe at some time in the future "Featured Blogs".

It would also be interesting if we had a counter system on the blogs so compilers would know how many users visited and read the blog without commenting.

Level 68
Dec 23, 2023
The counter system is difficult. Because it can easily be manipulated. Right now the "views" displayed here are those that have visited the page for a set amount of time.
Level 74
Dec 23, 2023
I didn’t know there was a set amount of time. What is that time?
Level 68
Dec 23, 2023
Not sure publicly mentioning it is a good idea, as might encourage people to "cheat" to get on this (though I don't rank by views anyway)
Level 78
Dec 24, 2023
Fair enough about the counter, but what are the chances of the RUB having a feature box or link on the homepage ?
Level 68
Dec 24, 2023
Well, at the moment blogs which need attention (e.g. this one) are featured (onto the "official blog" page) and then given a grey box onto the front page. There's not enough blogs to justify a permanent box, and also not enough blogs to need to show a "featured" or "recommended" list of blogs
Level 78
Dec 24, 2023
Catch-22 situation then, not enough blogs to justify a box, but no box to draw in potential bloggers.
Level 65
Dec 23, 2023
Agree with toowise, perhaps if there was an uptick in blogs it would warrant adding the RUB to the homepage
Level ∞
Dec 23, 2023
Wonderful recap, Stewart. Thanks.
Level 68
Dec 23, 2023
Can't wait to see what happens next!
Level 65
Dec 23, 2023
Thanks for another great review, Stewart!

Predictions for 2024, then.

>1B takes achieved

Search function improved

Longest streak data added to user streak menu

New feature involving the Interesting Facts, perhaps a way to submit quotes or facts (though I do love the comment sections there)

Some kind of change to the blogging system, I don't really know what

Level 68
Dec 23, 2023
Given we had 200 million this year (which was an increase from last year), it feels like 1.2B should be doable. Might even hit 1B before the end of Summer depending on how the Spring boost plays out (since March-May has always been good the past couple years)
Level 65
Dec 23, 2023
Level 74
Dec 24, 2023
I like your predictions!
Level 65
Dec 24, 2023
Level 50
Dec 23, 2023
It was a great year for JetPunk! I like how you always do these blogs, Stewart!
Level 83
Dec 23, 2023
What a great year for JetPunk, and what a great blog! Here are my predictions for what happens in 2024: Level 150 is reached at some point in the year, there will be at least 85 people with max level in English, and Dutch will pass Portuguese in featured quizzes.
Level 69
Dec 25, 2023
Great blog! My 2024 predictions:

- The 1000th Interesting Fact will be added

- A new quiz format will be added

- Jeppy will get new holiday costumes

- The 2025 April Fools' quiz will be made before October

Level 85
Dec 29, 2023
Another excellent summary of the year, thanks Stewart. Fun to look back at all that has happened. Here's to a great 2024 of quizzing!
Level 57
Dec 29, 2023
Great wrap-up blog as always ! Stats are always interesting to look at :D

I do have some predictions for 2024 :

- A new mini-game (what did you expect else coming from me ?)

- A revamp of flags/flag-shapes quizzes with more recent flags and shapes and things.

- Learning mode becomes accessible to everybody.

- Improvements on the blog and chart editors (maybe new sections for blogs or something).

Level 65
Dec 31, 2023
Now both this blog and QM's predictions one are ahead of #2 and #3 on this list.. lol
Level 73
Jan 1, 2024
I've grown to love these Year in Review blogs! Thank you for the wonderful overview!

It seems all my predictions for 2023 turned out to be wrong. Well, one of them was close enough (me reaching top 5 in DWS leaderboard, I was 7th). Anyway, my predictions are:

- A new mini-game

- The RUB will be more active compared to 2022

- Taylor Swift quizzes will dominate just like this year

Can't think of anything else. I hope everyone has a great 2024! Happy New Year! :)

Level 73
Jan 2, 2024
Ok seems like it'll take me some time to adjust to the fact that 2023 is gone. I made two mistakes in the above comment 😅.
Level 50
Mar 2, 2024
You should make a Jeppy plushie. That would be pretty cute and cool.
Level 68
Mar 2, 2024
I've wanted to and investigated it, but the upfront costs to do so are just too extreme for such a small scale return.
Level 50
Mar 9, 2024
Here are my predictions.

1 billion takes.

Less than 1 blog a day on average.

Edit to Capitals of the World or Countries of the World Quiz.