JetPunk Shop Update August 2023


Lifetime Premium Membership Competition

If you read the first blog, Introducing... The JetPunk Shop!, then you'd know that early-adopters of the JetPunk Shop could use a special discount code (which has now expired) to get 10% off and also enter a competition to receive a lifetime membership to JetPunk Premium for their account! 

Well, the time has now come to announce the winner of that competition.

The randomly selected user was....


Congratulations to them, and thank you to everybody who ordered from the shop so far :)

New Products

Now, this wouldn't be an announcement blog without something new, right?

Well, to begin with, all our T-Shirts are now available in 2XL as well, for those who are larger than shops often allow.

Spiral Notebook

With Dug's design from the original T-Shirt design, this luxurious spiral notebook also contains a JetPunk World Map on the back with JetPunk's usual logo.

JetPunk Spiral Notebook

Mouse Pad

One of the more requested products to add to the shop was a JetPunk-inspired Mouse Pad for your computer! This one features the classic JetPunk World Map and logo, on the Ocean Blue background.

JetPunk World Map Mouse Pad

Jeppy Coaster

After the success of the original coaster, we have introduced a simply design to match, featuring the Jeppy and "JetPunk" text from the panoramic mug designs.

JetPunk Jeppy Coaster

Mini Jeppy Sticker Pack

While the original Jeppy Sticker has become a popular favorite, others have desired for a smaller version of Jeppy they can enjoy and stick around. So here you can get a pack of 5 smaller Jeppy's!

JetPunk Mini Jeppy Sticker Pack

Large Jeppy T-Shirt

While the other T-Shirts have been well received, some users have asked for a simpler large-print design, featuring Jeppy. And so here we have a large-print, with Jeppy in the front and the whole world in the back!

Jeppy and World Map Two-Sided T-Shirt

To The Future

We hope you have enjoyed the JetPunk Shop so far, and we hope to periodically add new items. So feel free to make suggestions!

And congratulations again to Kesa for winning the competition!

Level 85
Aug 4, 2023
I think a JetPunk bumper sticker with Jeppy that says JetPunk would be sweet.
Level 58
Aug 4, 2023
Nice update, and congratulations to Kesa! Can't wait for a JetPunk magnet (:
Level 83
Aug 4, 2023
Kesa: found more words than almost everyone who did the word searches, has an extremely high level (almost total level 97), and didn’t have Premium at the time? No question they deserved it. Congratulations to them!
Level 56
Aug 4, 2023
OMG YES!! Gonna get this mousepad asap.
Level 65
Aug 4, 2023
Congrats Kesa!
Level 67
Aug 11, 2023
Very cool additions, and congrats to kesa!