Most Popular JetPunk Series - 2023


Have you ever wondered what the biggest series on JetPunk are? Well, in this blog we'll show you the top 8 series, as always excluding Quizmaster and other unranked accounts. To stop the top being dominated by top users, we're going to limit it to one per user maximum. Also see previous editions: Top JetPunk Series - 2020 and Top JetPunk Series - 2021.

Top Series

1. Random Map Quizzes

Series by: Quizzer6794
Total Takes: 5,337,888
Total Quizzes: 17
Since 2021, this series has jumped from 3rd place to 1st place! Having almost tripled its takes, despite no new quizzes, this is a very impressive feat! Although, as before, 94% of the takes in this quiz are solely from World Map Without 20 Random Countries.

2. relessness en francais

Series by: relessness
Total Takes: 5,164,578
Total Quizzes: 23
Despite being inactive for many years, Relessness still reached #2... with a completely different series! It turns out that, since the French explosion, this series of his has become very large. No surprise really, given it contains some of the "staple" French quizzes like countries by continent and "12 mois en 15 secondes".

3. Random Map Quizzes!

Series by: Stewart
Total Takes: 4,423,140
Total Quizzes: 47
In 3rd comes my top series, with two 1m quizzes, and several more over 100k, these originals truly shine!

4. Państwa na literę....

Series by: miki2003
Total Takes: 3,244,832
Total Quizzes: 23
This series, despite no new editions obviously, jumped from 589k takes to well over 3 million! That's one of the most impressive results here for such an old series. Largely fuelled by the strong performance of Polish in the last two years.

5. Countries Closest Quizzes

Series by: Jerry928
Total Takes: 2,281,534
Total Quizzes: 212
A staple of JetPunk quizzes, but somehow didn't manage to double its takes from last time. While this series is popular, it seems it doesn't have a major "stand out" quiz like many of the others on this list.

6. Aaron's Country and Region Quizzes

Series by: Aaron197
Total Takes: 1,790,755
Total Quizzes: 170
Despite the one-a-day country quizzes concluding in January 2021, This series is still plodding along, having gained 740k in two years with a handful of new additions.

7. Mystery

Series by: peardestroyer
Total Takes: 1,757,804
Total Quizzes: 6
Formerly Pandora, peardestroyer's Mystery series has certainly turned into something of a phenomenom on JetPunk! Having quadrupled in just two years, this series frequently finds itself in some of the most taken user-quizzes each day. And the French version also performs exceptionally well.

8. Länder, die mit … beginnen

Series by: Gassu
Total Takes: 1,276,961
Total Quizzes: 20
A new addition to this list, much like the Polish equivalent, the German "countries by letter" series has performed very well and found itself in this top list!

Other Notable Series

Since 2021, the number of series has steadily increased from 9,600 to over 16,300! The user with the most series is of course Quizmaster with 470, but there are 12 other users with at least 100 series. The series with the most quizzes in them are in fact all by the same user! johnsonncn5 could be hailed as a "king" of long-running series, as the top 3 series by number of quizzes demonstrates:

There's obviously a common theme here. And you must commend johnson for persevering with these series for so long, especially when, all combined, these 4,685 quizzes only account for about 119k takes!

Some other facts about series:

  • Around 42.2% of quizzes are in series (up from 35.6% two years ago - a great increase!)
  • For only featured quizzes, it is 59.7% (down from 60% 3 years ago, but up from 56% 2 years ago)
  • On average there are still 10 quizzes per series (same as 2 years ago)
  • Quizzes within series account for 43.2% of all quiz takes (up from 37% two years ago)
  • There exists 47 series which have 0 takes, one of which has 19 quizzes
Level 54
Jan 21, 2024
Wow! amazing stats.

A series with thousands of quizzes! That looks impossible! At least to me!

Level 78
Jan 21, 2024
That does seem nuts. I have a series with 119 quizzes and it feels like a lot.
Level 65
Jan 21, 2024
Drop the 47 series with no plays, I wanna do them
Level 50
Jan 21, 2024
Good blog!
Level 78
Jan 22, 2024
And I thought my "On This Day" series had a lot with 366 !
Level 36
Jan 30, 2024
Hey Stewart! Sorry this does not have anything to do with this blog but I had a question and I thought I would ask you. How do you get the word "Updated:" next to a quiz in the most recent user-quizs? I resubmitted my quiz "Songs about Places" with new questions but it stayed in the same spot and did not say updated. Can you explain please explain why? Also where is the best place to ask questions in the future?
Level 68
Jan 30, 2024
Hi. The best place to ask questions is either on the subreddit, or on the change-log page: JetPunk Change Log.

On the change-log, if you scroll down and look at April 2020 you can see the requirements for a quiz to become "Updated". This "tag" is meant to only appear on old quizzes that have been updated, not on recent quizzes. Hopefully it makes sense!