Most Taken Quizzes in 2019 by Country


Today, we look back on 2019 to see which quizzes were played the most, given a country of origin. In all tables, the % refers to the percentage of traffic in that country visiting that page in 2019. A selection of countries are provided, other high-traffic countries were excluded as their results were identical to a larger country (e.g. Australia was identical to UK's top 5).

United States 🇺🇸

1.26Countries of the World Quiz
0.74US States Quiz
0.63United States Map Quiz
0.37Europe Map Quiz
0.26World Capitals Quiz

Nothing too surprising here, all quizzes were made by Quizmaster, and they're staple quizzes on the site. The top User-Created Quizzes were Countries of the World with an Empty Map with 0.25% of traffic, and Brand Logos Quiz #1 with 0.17%. Not too far from the top of the board.

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

1.25Countries of the World Quiz
0.43US States Quiz
0.43World Capitals Quiz
0.35Europe Map Quiz
0.25Brand Logos Quiz #1

Very similar to the US, as you may expect, with the notable difference that the US Map Quiz has dropped from the top 5. Also notice that Brand Logo quizzes seem to do much better in the UK than US, with it being the only user-created quiz in the top 5. Once again, the Empty Map quiz was #6 with 0.25% again. So far these definitely seem to be the most popular non-Quizmaster quizzes!

Canada 🇨🇦

1.67Countries of the World Quiz
0.50US States Quiz
0.45Pays du monde
0.40World Capitals Quiz
0.29Countries of the World with an Empty Map

Canada, at first, appears similar to other English speaking countries. However then you notice the French countries of the world quiz, where it places 3rd in Canada. This is certainly due to the large numbers of French-speaking Canadians wishing to try the quiz in French, not just English. We also get the Empty Map quiz showing in the top 5 here, rather than residing in 6th place again. The next French quiz was down in 38th place, being Capitales du Monde, showing French-speaking Canadians don't often venture far from the big English quizzes.

France 🇫🇷

1.77Pays du monde
1.63100 Personnages de la saga Harry Potter
1.15Les 151 Pokémon première génération
0.75Capitales du monde quiz
0.59Les Classiques Disney

The first thing to note is the percentages are noticeably higher than the previous countries, suggesting that French players don't deviate as much from the top quizzes. The other thing to notice is the popularity of franchise quizzes, notably Harry Potter, Pokémon and Disney, all of which have gone viral on Facebook or YouTube over the past year. In fact, looking at the top 20, only half are Geography quizzes. A much lower proportion than in the other countries above.

India 🇮🇳

2.60Brand Logos Quiz #1
2.41Countries of the World Quiz
1.32World Capitals Quiz
0.75Brand Logos Quiz #2
0.60India State Capitals Quiz

A vastly different set of quizzes here, and with much higher percentages than other countries, it seems Indians don't deviate from featured quizzes much at all. They also seem to really love logo quizzes, with the first six Brand Logo quizzes all being in the top 16! Also of note is the inclusion of the India State Capitals, showing that Indian geography is of interest, not just the popular JetPunk quizzes.


Now you may be thinking, what about continents as a whole? Well here's the top 5 quizzes, by continent:

Countries of the World Quiz
US States QuizWorld Capitals Quiz
United States Map QuizPays du mondeBrand Logos Quiz #1US States Quiz
Europe Map Quiz100 Personnages de la saga Harry PotterUS States QuizEurope Map Quiz
World Capitals QuizCountries of the World with an Empty Map

Perhaps the most notable thing here is that Europe and Oceania align exactly, but differ from Asia primarily due to Brand Logos taking more precedence and differing from the Americas due to the US influence. Also of note is the influence of French in Africa, where 2 French quizzes made the top 5, including Harry Potter! That quiz, along with Brand Logos, were the only non-Quizmaster quizzes to grace the top 5 of the continents.


It seems abundantly clear that Countries of the World is, expectedly, the overruling winner for almost everybody. The only difference is when a non-English language is available such as French, or a quiz gets insanely popular like Brand Logos in India.

Source: Google Analytics data from January 1st 2019 to December 31st 2019, retrieved January 26th 2020.

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