Word Search Round-Up - July 2022


Summary of Changes

The hidden code series continued with a second edition in July: Can You Crack The Code? #2

Following last month's code, we had our first-ever user-created Word Search - "James Bond" on Friday 29th July.

Themes This Month

Below is a list of all the custom themes this month, outside of the normal expected ones (e.g. generic Geography and Saturday countries etc...)

155TuesdayCanadian Cities
158FridayGreen Things
160SundayMissing Letters
162TuesdayU.S. States
164ThursdayOttoman Sultans
171Thursday'S' History
176TuesdayCapital Cities
177WednesdayWords starting with B
179FridayJames Bond (by overtired)
181Sunday'Hello' Languages

During July we had 19 custom themes. This included the very special "James Bond" theme from overtired as well as two new Sunday variations: Idioms and Languages.

My personal favourite this month was 'Hello' Languages.

Quickfire Stats

  • All 31 word searches were played over 80,000 times in total.
  • Logged-in users represent 59.8% of those takes.
  • 86.3% of takes were submitted before the end of the day.
  • 82.3% of takes achieved 100% status.
  • The easiest grid was Emoji on July 4th, with 98.4% of people completing the grid.
  • Similarly the hardest grid was Saturday July 30th with 13.1% completion rate.
  • Over 17,000 unique people played a single word search this month.
  • 309 people attempted the word search every single day in July!
  • Over 3,200 people played at least 7 of the word searches.
  • The first person to complete the word search each day was dominated mostly by muskox (formerly saffroncat) who got the most with 8 wins! However, this month had a great variety of winners, with 22 different winners!.
  • 52 users achieved 100% in every grid of July.
  • The most-taken word search this month was #155 on July 5th (Canadian Cities) with over 3,000 takes!

Community's Choice - How It Works

Now comes to the Community's Choice for Word Search, which will work exactly the same as before. I have copied the introduction again for those that missed it before:

The idea is to allow the community some involvement in the minigames, with the choice of a theme for one word search each month. Here's how it'll work.

At the end of every month, inside the monthly round-up blog I will include a vote for a theme on the next month's word search. Specifically, you will be voting on the theme for the second Friday of each month, in this case that's August 12th. I will present 4 different options, with some ideas for each option, you will be able to vote on these ideas in the comments (by liking the relevant comment) and then after 3 days of the blog being live, I will close voting and announce (in this blog) the winning theme.

Note: Once chosen, the theme cannot be changed, and the other Friday themes are discarded, never to be seen again (for at least 6 months)! So choose wisely! :)

Community's Choice - August 2022

Below are the 4 choices this month. Choices 1 and 4 were suggested by specific members of the community. Please don't spam suggestions to me, I will ask 2 people of my choosing on JetPunk to suggest a theme each month. (Which also means don't ask to be selected - then I will definitely not pick you).

You can vote for these themes by "liking" the relevant comment pinned below.

(1) 'R' Adjectives

Thanks to bonk for this suggestion!

Get rampant as your resilient searching skills get put to the rhetorical test in this game of rudimentary adjectives!

Note: this will take place Wednesday 10th if it wins.

(2) New York City

Chrysler to Empire State, Statue of Liberty to Grand Central Station. There's plenty in New York to appease your taste buds in this topic.

(3) Muscles

Biceps to Glutes, and Triceps to Pectorals. Gain in strength after training for this muscular topic.

(4) Catholicism

Thanks to cathlete for suggesting this one.

Visit the Pope in the Vatican while delving into Catholicism, among Jesus and the Church.

Voting has closed. The winner was New York City with 19 votes! However... I have made an executive decision that, since 'R' Adjectives would take place on Wednesday not Friday, that it will also be done next week. So Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th will both be community themes!

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