Word Search Round-Up - March 2022


Summary of Changes

No substantial changes happened this month, other than including the Theme as part of the Share message.

Themes This Month

Below is a list of all the custom themes this month, outside of the normal expected ones (e.g. generic Geography and Saturday countries etc...)

29TuesdayU.S. States
31ThursdayGreek Gods
34SundaySong Lyrics
39FridayFlying Things
42MondayPi Day
43TuesdayU.S. States Capitals
50TuesdayU.S. States
52ThursdayU.S. Presidents
58WednesdaySeven-Letter Words
59ThursdayMythical Creatures

Over the month we've had 18 custom themes, and they've cropped up on every day except Saturday (of course). I must say, I have very much enjoyed gathering a variety of themes, and it has been challenging to find words after settling on a theme even.

My favourites from this past month have been Flying Things, Titanic and probably Bones. Not sure why, but I found these the most satisfying to research and create!

Spoiler Alert: I have already prepared the grids for the next few days, and there's some exciting themes coming up!

Quickfire Facts

This month we see the return of quickfire stats, these are short bursts of facts to get your tastebuds tingling!

  • All 31 word searches were played over 90,000 times in total.
  • Logged-in users represent 64.0% of those takes.
  • 87.1% of takes were submitted before the end of the day.
  • 84.0% of takes achieved 100% status.
  • The easiest grid was Pi Day on March 14th, with 98.9% of takes completing the grid.
  • Similarly the hardest grid was Saturday March 12th with just 11.1% completion rate.
  • The hardest non-Saturday grid was Sunday March 13th, with 44.4% completion.
  • Over 19,000 unique people played a single word search this month.
  • 249 people have completed the word search every single day in March!
  • Over 3,500 people have played at least 7 word searches.
  • The first person to complete the word search each day has been dominated by two different people this month, in particular Liam who has come first 6 times, and also rg1227 who has come first 5 times.
  • 27 users achieved 100% in every grid of March.
  • The most-taken word search so far was #57 (Rivers) with over 3,500 takes!

Community's Choice - How It Works

Now comes to the Community's Choice for Word Search, which will work exactly the same as last month. I have copied the introduction again for those that missed it before:

The idea is to allow the community some involvement in the minigames, with the choice of a theme for one word search each month. Here's how it'll work.

At the end of every month, inside the monthly round-up blog I will include a vote for a theme on the next month's word search. Specifically, you will be voting on the theme for the second Friday of each month, in this case that's April 8th. I will present 4 different options, with some ideas for each option, you will be able to vote on these ideas in the comments (by liking the relevant comment) and then after 3 days of the blog being live, I will close voting and announce (in this blog) the winning theme.

Note: Once chosen, the theme cannot be changed, and the other themes are discarded, never to be seen again (for at least 6 months)! So choose wisely! :)

Community's Choice - April 2022

Below are the 4 choices this month. Choices 1 and 4 were suggested by specific members of the community. Please don't spam suggestions to me, I will ask 2 people of my choosing on JetPunk to suggest a theme each month. (Which also means don't ask to be selected - then I will definitely not pick you).

You can vote for these themes by "liking" the relevant comment pinned below.

(1) Middle Earth

Thanks to baptistegorce for this suggestion!

Off to the Shire we go, trespassing through the Mines of Moria with Gandalf in tow, explore the depths of Middle Earth with this fantasmical topic!

(2) Orange Things

Anything orange, could be carrots, perhaps orangutans. We may even venture as far as Donald Trump, but everything will be orange in this topic.

(3) Tennis

All things Tennis! From equipment to players, and technical terms to tournaments, there's plenty for sporting fans.

(4) Band Names

Thanks to lele20 for this suggestion!

There's music in the air in this theme, with a wide variety of bands from ABBA to ZZ Top, search your way through the decades of modern music.

Voting is now closed. The winning theme was Orange Things!

Level 43
Apr 1, 2022
It’s amazing to see how Word Search is making success (or even more) like Geography Snap. May I remember how I can send my suggestion of theme? Is it on the comments of the blog or change log?
Level 68
Apr 1, 2022
I very clearly stated on this blog - and the previous one - that:

Please don't spam suggestions to me, I will ask 2 people of my choosing on JetPunk to suggest a theme each month. (Which also means don't ask to be selected - then I will definitely not pick you).

This means if I want suggestions for themes I will ask people, otherwise there will be a bombardment.

Level 78
Apr 1, 2022
I try to take the wordsearch every day. Just one thing slightly bothers me....

Would it be better to call it SECRET Saturday instead of Hidden Saturday ?

Keep up the good work Stewart, and call it whatever you like !

Level 68
Apr 1, 2022
I had thought of this, but I'm not too sure whether it implies something different. I'll ask around and see what people think! (For those reading, vote with the next two comments)

After a few hours the results were 9v4 in favour of changing the name! Tomorrow you will now see Secret Saturday :)

Level 78
Apr 2, 2022
Democracy in action.
Level 68
Apr 2, 2022
Thanks for the suggestion!
Level 54
Apr 1, 2022
Haha! Always nice to have new stats about this awesome minigame. Thanks for providing them, and having taken in consideration my suggestion.

I'm sure, more again looking at the grid of today, that this month will give us many other good suprises.

Level 60
Apr 1, 2022
Congratulations about passing Quizzer6794!
Level 68
Apr 1, 2022
Level 70
Apr 4, 2022
Great blog! Can you get the number of people who have completed the word search every single day since the 1st grid in february?

Oh and one more thing: Go go go Middle Earth! :D

Level 68
Apr 4, 2022
Orange Things won out in the end.

I have an issue with the stats page loading too much data right now, so I am unable to go back more than 40 days or so :(

Level 70
Apr 5, 2022
Oh sad to hear... :(