Word Search Round-Up - September 2022


Summary of Changes

Following September's Can You Crack The Code? #3, we had our third-ever user-created Word Search - a Cheese-themed Picture Puzzle by Simon1006 for puzzle #234 on 22nd September.

Other than that, there has been no major changes this month.

Themes This Month

Below is a list of all the custom themes this month, outside of the normal expected ones (e.g. generic Geography and Saturday countries etc...)

221FridayU.S. Presidents
225TuesdayJapanese Cities
226WednesdayVCVCV (V=Vowel, C=Consonant)
227ThursdayCar Logos
228FridayThe Arctic
232TuesdayStates of India
233Wednesday_ _ M _ _
234ThursdayCheese (by Simon1006)
235Friday'J' Names
241ThursdayEnglish Counties
242FridayThe Lion King

During September we had 19 custom themes. This included the custom cheesy puzzle from Simon, as well as a new Sunday variant: "Alphabetical".

My personal favourites this month were The Arctic, Cake and The Lion King

Quickfire Stats

  • All 30 word searches were played over 89,000 times in total.
  • Logged-in users represent 59.4% of those takes.
  • 81.3% of takes were submitted before the end of the day.
  • 78.3% of takes achieved 100% status.
  • The easiest grid was Cake on September 19th, with 98.4% of people completing the grid.
  • Similarly the hardest grid was Saturday September 24th with 15.6% completion rate.
  • The hardest non-Saturday grid was Cheese on Thursday September 22nd with 21.7% completion rate.
  • Over 19,000 unique people played a single word search this month.
  • 350 people attempted the word search every single day in September!
  • Over 3,500 people played at least 7 of the word searches.
  • The first person to complete the word search each day was once again dominated by Liam with 14 wins. cathlete was in second with 5 wins.
  • The fastest word search completed first was by Liam with just 67 seconds on September 19th! (Cake).
  • The slowest first-completion was, of course, on September 22nd with Cheese. It took henryjake121 over 11 minutes to complete - and yet he still beat everybody else!
  • 45 users achieved 100% in every grid of September.
  • The most-taken word search this month was #239 on September 27th (Geography) with over 3,500 takes!

Community's Choice - How It Works

Now comes to the Community's Choice for Word Search, which will work slightly differently this month. While maintaining the idea of community involvement in the minigame, we're also going for redemption.

This month, you will be presented with two ideas from two separate users. Both of these were previous Community Choice's (over 6 months ago) which failed to make the cut. There will also be TWO winners, one from each user!

The winning themes will take place on October 14th and October 21st.

Note: Once chosen, the theme cannot be changed, and the other themes are discarded, never to be seen again (for at least 6 months)! So choose wisely! :)

Community's Choice - October 2022

Below are the 4 choices this month. All 4 choices were suggested by specific members of the community (read the paragraph above). Please don't spam suggestions to me, I will ask 2 people of my choosing on JetPunk to suggest a theme each month. (Which also means don't ask to be selected - then I will definitely not pick you).

You can vote for these themes by "liking" the relevant comment pinned below.

Suggestions by baptistegorce:

(1a) Sherlock Holmes

Discover the mystery of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, and solve this puzzle with the help of Watson!

(1b) Middle Earth

Journey through the depths of Mordor as you defeat the goblins and orcs with the help of the Fellowship!

Suggestions by Iluvbread123:

(2a) Autumn Things

Uncover the beauty of all things Autumn, from the colourful leaves to the festivals held at this time.

(2b) Chinese Cuisine

Enjoy the delish delights from Cuisine of China, with noodles, chopsticks and all things flavoursome.

Voting has now closed.

Remember, TWO themes will win this month, one from baptiste (1) and one from bread (2).

The first winner is Middle Earth (14 votes), this will take place October 14th and Chinese Cuisine, the second winner, on October 21st (17 votes).

October Outlook

In the spirit of looking back on old themes, October will be throwback month. In this month we revisit old themes, and shed them in a new light. So if you missed the themes of February, March and April, prepare to experience some of them in October!

Level 54
Oct 1, 2022
Great! Thanks again for all of these interesting stats, always interesting to compare the different DWS between them, and also the different months on several criteria.

Also, thank you very much for having chosen my themes for the Community Choice this month!

Level 59
Oct 1, 2022
For the quickfire stats, next time maybe add how this month differed from the previous month?
Level 68
Oct 2, 2022
It's a lot more work for me, but I'll think about it
Level 68
Oct 24, 2022
Would it be okay if I made a Category Elimination quiz? I'm planning on making "Category Elimination - Disney World Rides" and figured I would ask just to make sure. I'll credit you in caveats!
Level 68
Oct 25, 2022
Sure, sounds good.