JetPunk Minigame Stats - April 2023

The daily plays of each of JetPunk's 5 minigames during April 2023.
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Level 68
May 2, 2023
Comparing to March 2023:

  • After the return of Word Search, it once again returns to the top of the leaderboard! Not only that, but a clear pattern is occurring with around 2.5-3k takes every weekend day, and 5.5-7.5k takes per weekday (better than it ever did when it was daily!).
  • Snap continues to drop drastically from February and March.
  • Even Split and Taxman are holding below their usual levels.
  • U.S. State Puzzle drops marginally as well.

Overall, it seems the re-release of Word Search has resulted in a very good boost for it, possibly reducing the traffic on other minigames, as all of them saw a decrease this month.

Level 54
May 2, 2023
Oh, great! I didn't think that JWS would be that high after coming back, but I guess that having an access to every puzzle compensate the fact that there are less new ones. Anyway, thanks again for having brought it to life, and obviously thank you for the stats, as always!
Level 59
May 2, 2023
How come WS goes down on weekends? Is it because the type of puzzles on those days being more difficult or is that a pattern across JP?
Level 68
May 2, 2023
JetPunk often drops in takes by about 30-40% over the weekend, as it is largely propelled by procrasting students or office workers. And so when there are holidays, JetPunk suffers.

Since many of Word Search's takes come from the front page, it means it is inherently linked to drop as well.

On top of that, Word Search's weekends are Mega puzzles which will inherently have fewer takes since people may not bother finishing them, and might decide not to get credit for their score. Also the size and time commitment will put many people off even trying them (similar to quizzes with a 1h time limit).