Best songs by Tyler Joseph/ twenty one pilots


Blasphemy - no phun intended

I don’t know what to put here

Drown - no phun intended

Hole in the ground - no phun intended

Save - no phun intended

Taken by sleep - no phun intended

I want to know - no phun intended

Tonight - no phun intended

Falling too - no phun intended

Whisper - no phun intended

Taco Bell saga - no phun intended

Hear me now - no phun intended

Dollhouse - no phun intended

Fall away - self titled

The pantaloon - self titled

Friend, please - self titled

Oh, ms. Believer - self titled

Air catcher - self titled

Trapdoor - self titled

A car, a torch, a death - self titled

Taxi tab - self titled

Isle of flightless birds - self titled

Ode to sleep - regional at best

Slowtown - regional at best

Forest - regional at best

Glowing eyes - regional at best

Kitchen sink - regional at best

Anathema - regional at best

Lovely - regional at best

Ruby - regional at best

Trees - regional at best

Be concerned - regional at best

Clear - regional at best

Holding on to you - vessel

Migraine - vessel

Car radio - vessel

Semi-automatic - vessel

Screen - vessel

Fake you out - vessel

Guns for hands - vessel

Truce - vessel

Stressed out - blurryface

Fairly local - blurryface

Lane boy - blurryface

The judge - blurryface

Polarize - blurryface

Message man - blurryface

Not today - blurryface

Goner - blurryface

Levitate - trench

Morph - trench

Chlorine - trench

Smithereens - trench

Neon gravestones - trench

The hype - trench

Cut my lip - trench

Pe cheetah - trench

Legend - trench

Good day - scaled and icy

The outside - scaled and icy

Saturday - scaled and icy

Mulberry street - scaled and icy

Formidable - scaled and icy

No chances - scaled and icy

Redecorate - scaled and icy

Thanks for reading!

Level 66
Jul 10, 2021
Nice list, but you should elaborate more on each song. Maybe say why you like it or why it’s a good song.
Level 40
Jul 10, 2021
Ok! I might do that soon
Level 62
Jul 25, 2021
Are there any songs that didn't make your list of favorites?
Level 40
Jul 25, 2021
Many songs are not on here, a lot of them are amazing but not all of them