Chapter 1- A sea of penguins of the tropical island


Donkey Kong: Hey Diddy

Diddy Kong: I'm sad

Donkey Kong: Why?

Diddy Kong: A sea of penguins

Donkey Kong: Where?

Diddy Kong: On the boat

Donkey Kong: We'd better tell the other kongs then

Donkey and Diddy Kong: Naughty penguins have appeared on this island

All other kongs: What shall we do?

Dixie Kong: I have an idea

Donkey Kong Junior: What is it?

Dixie Kong: Go to the Savannah

Cranky Kong: It's a long way away

Funky Kong: Spring chicken we can jump on the barrel slingshots and get there

Diddy Kong: We have to get those penguins before they steal our bananas

Donkey Kong: Quickly

Funky Kong: Flying Kongette chase them down

Dixie Kong: Sure

All other Kongs: Come on Dixie

Dixie races for the bananas

Penguins: She won't get us

Funky Kong: The flying kongette can fly to you in no time

Donkey Kong Junior: Keep going

Penguins: The kong is getting closer.

Dixie Kong: Got it

Donkey Kong: Good you saved our bananas

Penguins: We should have swam faster

Diddy Kong: This is just the beginning though

Dixie Kong: Lets go to the savannah

Donkey Kong Junior: On the slingshot barrel everyone

Penguins: We shall smash the tropical island

Horned penguins: Good idea

Meanwhile in the savannah

Donkey Kong: It is saying Warning island being destructed

Donkey Kong Junior: Don't say it is our tropical island

Funky Kong: Super son could be right

Donkey Kong: We'd better get there

Donkey Kong Junior: Onto the slingshot barrel

Penguins: Oh no the kongs are back

Donkey Kong: Diddy come on my back

Donkey Kong: Dixie and Cranky come and get the parts of the island

Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong Junior and Funky Kong protect the savannah

Funky Kong: I hope you do it jet powered kong

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Mar 10, 2021
Level 54
Mar 10, 2021