Evolution of the summer Olympic Games 1900- 1932


Early Modern Olympics

First of all we'll start with medals. What medals do they win? Gold, Silver and Bronze but have they been in Every Olympic Games. Here is the answer.

Not all Olympic Games have had bronze, silver and gold medals. Athens 1896 and Paris 1900 had silver for 1st place and a copper medal for 2nd place and what did third place winners receive? The answer is ...... nothing! Also in Athens they would receive olive branches which are common in Greece today.

In 1904's Summer Olympics the athletes first won Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze. Hang on we need some more information so lets find some more!

Very common and uncommon sports in the Olympics made their debuts this year. Freestyle wrestling and some dumbbells event happened. That's not all because there were some common sports such as Boxing and a very famous Athletics event..... The decathlon!

They weren't supposed to be held in St Louis. They were supposed to be held in Chicago but I can't find much more information about that.

1908's olympics in London is next!

Like 1904 it was scheduled in Rome but the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius damaged parts of Rome. They decided that they would be in London. Berlin and Milan also tried to be the Olympic Hosts.

Sweden would be in the Olympics but they were not displayed in the stadium so they were not in the 1908 Olympics. Finland were part of Russia. They weren't separate countries.

1912's Olympic Games were held in Stockholm. Here is a list of all the sports that were in.

Aquatics, Athletics, Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Tennis, Tug Of War and Wrestling

Most of these sports are seen today? Right?

Athletics had 30 different events but they were only for men. Almost all of them had broken records.

Cancelled Olympics

As well as 2020 many other Olympics have got cancelled. I made a new heading because 1916's game were cancelled due to World War One. 1940's games in Tokyo were cancelled. 1944's games in London were cancelled. Both Tokyo and London's Olympiad had not been held due to World War 2. This is just to let you know we are not including the games but we'll include 2020 Tokyo because it will happen.

1920- 1932

100 years ago before Tokyo's Olympics were not going to be held we have Antwerp's Summer Olympics!

Like 1904 and 1908 the Olympics weren't supposed to be in Antwerp. They were meant to be held in Budapest ( the capital of Hungary ). It wasn't held in Budapest because the Austro- Hungary Empire was a German Ally in World War I so it was awarded to Antwerp.

Last fact before we move on. Antwerp's Olympiad was the first to reach at least 2500 athletes. It had a total of 2626 athletes.

I forgot the divider I'll make it now.

1924's are held in Paris, the first city two host two Olympics!

The IOC president hosted his last time as the IOC ( International Olympic Comittee ). His name was Pierre De Coubertin. He gave Paris a chance to redeem themselves after failure in 1900.

The athletes are growing fast as now over 3000 athletes participated. 3089 to be exact.

Sorry that I couldn't find any more detail for the facts.

1928's games in Amsterdam are the next to find out about!

They had failed in 1920 and 1924 but in the next four years they were hosting it.

Almost everything drops from 1924 and 1928. Athletes Paris: 3089 Amsterdam: 2883

Sports Paris: 20 Amsterdam: 17

Events Paris: 126 Amsterdam: 109

1932 games in Berlin is coming up.

They were scheduled in Barcelona, Spain

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