Intro and trailer to Donkey Kong Tropical smash


The next series will be Donkey Kong tropical smash story.

In numbers:

7 chapters

6 kongs

The kongs will be Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Dixie Kong, Funky Kong and Cranky Kong

The blog will be made every 4 days

The kongs will try to escape from the penguins.

Lots of stuff will happen in this story

It will be first on 9th March

This is a story so thanks for reading and each time I will have 3 questions to answer plus a quiz after I finish the blog series. If you enjoy DK you'll enjoy reading my blog


1. Match each kong with their nickname of Funky Kong

Cranky Kong Flying Kongette

Diddy Kong Spring Chicken

Dixie Kong Jet powered Kong

2. Which kong said onto the slingshot barrel?

3. Diddy, jump on my back

Why do you think he is saying this?

Level 43
Mar 5, 2021
Level 35
Mar 5, 2021
Level 52
Mar 6, 2021
Cool! I'm excited!