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Yeetdeet's challenge

Yeetdeet made a football/ soccer challenge

A- Sergio Aguero

B- Wissan Ben Yedder

C- Casemiro

D- Kevin De Bruyne

E- Christian Eriksen

F- Joao Felix

G- Alejandro Gomez

H- Eden hazard

I- Josep Ilicic

J- Raul Jimenez

K- Manager: Jurgen Klopp

L- Robert Lewandowski

M- Lionel Messi

N- Manuel Neuer

O- Martin Odegaard

P- Miralem Pjanic

Q- Ricardo Quaresma

R- Cristiano Ronaldo

S- Mohamed Salah

T- Nicolas Tagliafico

U- Cengiz Under

V- Jamie Vardy

W- Timo Werner

Z- Hakim Ziyech




Donald Fear




Tipping Point

Obvious: Spider, Ant, Butterfly

Winner: Nobody

Easy: Delicious, Loud, Orange

Winner: Nobody

Standard: Wii, 3ds, Switch

Winner: Nobody

Advanced: Green Grass, Big Barry, Loud Lamb

Winner: Nobody

Tricky: Jazz, Rebecca, Adam

Winner: Nobody

Genius: Black, Rhine, Am Main

Winner: SuperQuizzer


SuperQuizzer 6

GeoSmartKirbyXD 5

Yeetdeet, FaroPor and WashingMachine 3

DK country tropical smash chapter 3 problems for DK

Diddy Kong: Bad news Donkey Kong minions from the savannah are trying to set our house on fire.
Donkey Kong: Ouch, did Funky forget to make the barrel invisible.
Diddy Kong: I'll get Cranky as soon as possible.
Diddy runs off to get Cranky
Diddy Kong: Cranky we need you

Cranky Kong: Why, I thought we discussed this

Diddy Kong: You need to run from this volcano

Cranky Kong: Why

Diddy Kong: Minions from the savannah came

Cranky Kong: How

Diddy Kong: We don't know for certain. Quickly run.

Donkey Kong: Stop these hot echidnas from destroying our entire home

Funky Kong: We have lots of work to do.
Donkey Kong Junior: Some minions are going near the shore
Funky Kong: Oh no they are on the barrel I need to stop it from happening.
Funky Kong: It is too late 21 minions from the savannah went to DK
Donkey Kong Junior: Lets start executed the lot in the savannah so we can talk about stuff
Funky Kong: We have to kill 54 minions though
Donkey Kong Junior: What about DK
Funky Kong: He will be fine. Cranky has went to the island
Donkey Kong Junior: What about Dixie

Funky Kong: We need to start beating em before we worry ok

Donkey Kong Junior: Ok

Dixie Kong: That looks like a picture of some sort of Puff Echidna

Dixie Kong: Hmm I also see a picture of the tropical island that we live on.

Dixie solves the puzzle

Skrune the swimmer: I don't like apes. I wanna kill them all

Skrune the Swimmer: There is an ape there

Salswimmer: Don't do it

Salswimmer: You might not like apes but don't kill them

Skrune the Swimmer: I want to

Salswimmer: Do not

Skrune starts swimming and killing Dixie Kong

Other stuff

First I would thank everyone for taking, nominating and being my friend.

How I came onto jetpunk

In around July I made my account. I actually started on sporcle but I wasn't a quizmaker. I didn't know what the code was so I left. I search up worlds best quiz site. I only made my first quiz called Wii Sports Resort mii. I then started commenting. In December I made my first blog.

Links to my first blog and quiz

Wii sports resort mii (jetpunk.com)

First blog post (jetpunk.com)

Here are a few questions you can answer to my story

1st paragraph questions

Who runs off to get Cranky Kong?

What sort of words does Cranky say in every speech?

2nd paragraph questions

How many minions do Funky and Donkey Kong Junior need to kill?

There is a person who only says one word. What is the one word?

3rd paragraph questions

Who doesn't want Skrune to kill Dixie Kong

What moral can you learn from this paragraph

Rules: Do not edit

Don't look in the comments

Only guess twice per day

If you have answered one question you can only answer once per question

If you have answered two do not answer again


Level 42
Apr 18, 2021
Any ideas for questions on the story
Level 58
Apr 18, 2021
Medium: Lines across the world separating continents
Level 58
Apr 18, 2021
Genius: Rivers
Level 42
Apr 18, 2021
Nope and they are to do with gameshows
Level 50
Apr 18, 2021
Is genius places in Germany, for instance black for Black Forest, rhine for Rhine River, and am main for Frankfurt Am Main?
Level 42
Apr 19, 2021