Planet Earth - Rainforest: Scene 1


For Those Who Didn't Read The Blurb

Hello again, everyone. I am proud to announce the first scene of the Planet Earth series, we're starting off fresh this time!

The schedule for this series is up to 3-5 days apart!

Current Groups

Expedition Team

Guide - thegoatisgoaty (Male, Goaty)

Assistant - 1ProximaCentauri (Male, Bob, changed roles a while ago)

Hunter - Jetpunker180 (Male, PK)

Doctor - chailattee (Rainforest + Grassland, Male, Chai)

Suppliers - abmam2 (Male, Raja) and cakeGrassHopper (Male, Lyle)

Neutral Team Member - KingHenry44 (Male, Henry), MG17 (Male, Clark, becomes Doctor when the ecosystem changes to Tundra), YakosaysB0T5WANA (Male, Yako, becomes Doctor when the ecosystem changes to Desert) and FacterLiger0804 (Male, Liger, former Clerk)

The Echo of the Tiger Tribe (Main Rainforest Tribe)

Tribe Leader - Ethaboo444 (Male, Tribemaster, 15 million.....years old)

Clerk - ChineseChen (Male, Chins, idk the age let's just say 25 lol)

Hunter - ClutchNferno (Male, Inferno, 15 years old)

Healer - SirPhilippines (Male, Phil, idk the age, let's just say 17)

Guard - ThatOneGuy15 (Male, Blaze, idk the age, let's just say 21) and Nazgul (Male, name changed to Nazii cuz of reasons, 22 years old)

Higher Basekeeper (added role) - turnbacktwo (Male, TribeJR or Sampson, 11 years old)

Basekeeper - MrCroissant2 (Male, Bulan meaning "Moon", former basekeeper left so he is young, 9 years old)

Family - NeilVedwan (Male, Neil, idk the age, let's just say 17, occasionally challenges Chins for Clerk role and acts dominant) and three random people (2 Male and 1 Female, Ikan, Kering, Macan-dahan, all half siblings of MrCroissant2, all are 9 years old except for Ikan being 13)

Other Roles

Animal (played by an actual person) - PotatoDude (Male, Changed name to Camo cuz of reasons, young adult Sumatran tiger) and HawkfrostTheLeAf (Female, Saffron, Great hornbill, adult, very comfortable around humans)

That One Wise Old Man In Every Story - KievanRus (Male, Brussle)


I highly recommend going to the Planet Earth Roles [CLOSED] blog if you haven't seen it. Read turnbacktwo's comment if you want to know what the Higher Basekeeper does.

I will still call the participants by the name of their user, but in the scenes, they will call each other by the names in the roles, except for the ones I randomly chose to fill in roles that weren't taken. HawkfrostTheLeAf and MrCroissant2 wanted the roles to be closed at 2:00 on Thursday ;v; (They're also the reason you see two other random names in the roles.) Speaking of roles, I did get some other friends that just started their JetPunk accounts a few weeks ago to fill in the other roles. They still will not join the Planet Earth Group.

(SPOILERS)                                                                                                                                                              Also, keep in mind that the tribe speaks Indonesian and all the parts that are mainly from the tribe's POV are English translations. Once the tribe and Expedition Team meet in either Scene 3 or 4, the tribe's language will turn to Indonesian but will have a translation in parentheses. I'm also putting a lot of unecessary backstory into these characters that I feel some of you wouldn't like XD

So this and potentially the next Scene will be a bit more "calm" than the rest of the series lol. Also, if I screwed up your roles, please tell me.

Scene 1 - Part 1: Misleading

On the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia

Slight steps ran swiftly and quietly through the forest.

Neil: Be careful, don't get your heads bitten off by the tiger.

Clutch: Well this escalated quicker than I thought.

ThatOneGuy: Excuse me, you haven't even left this place this week...!

Croissant turns around and gives Neil the "seriously" look.

Croissant: Even though I'm youngest member of the tribe, I still know how to deal with you.

Clutch: Alright, alright, fine. Go do whatever you want.

Neil muttered something that nobody understood and turned towards Ikan and Kering's hut.

Croissant: Go do what you're gonna do, like I won't stop you from doing anything.

Clutch: Well c'mon, Phil doesn't have all the time in the world, you know.

ThatOneGuy: He's got all the time in the world if you remember that time when ravine was flooded.

Clutch: Blaze, you're 21. You, Nazii, Chins, Tribemaster, and Phil, and Neil were the only ones who experienced this! Plus, Neil and Phil were 2 years old when that happened! You wouldn't remember so far back from what I've seen of you.

ThatOneGuy: Ok! Right, you're right. Why am I always the one getting yelled at just because...

The two stand in silence for a few seconds.

ThatOneGuy: Hey, Inferno? Do you actually believe what Neil said?

Clutch: Doubt it. Neil has been acting very deceiving lately, so I'm not surprised if he's using a lie to distract us while he attempts to overthrow Chins again, maybe Tribemaster, too.

ThatOneGuy: Ahh, ok. But then why do I feel like we're being watched.

Clutch: Stop creeping me out, weirdo.

Quiet rustling came from the dense, wet undergrowth while ThatOneGuy proceeds to walk forward.

Clutch: Blaze what was th-

ThatOneGuy: Inferno, you can't just stand there forever. Phil's waiting, now you're the one straggling along!

Clutch: Listen to me-

ThatOneGuy: What's more important, Phil or a bush?


ThatOneGuy: ...would you consider what Neil said?

Clutch: Oh no definitely not. It's just some kind of Ground deer (Greater mouse deer in their language.)

ThatOneGuy: Ground deer? Even in light like this, I see nothing except a few Forager ants (Giant forest ants in their language.)

Clutch: Then it's probably those, the ants are pretty big and we basically named them because of their effective foraging.

ThatOneGuy: Inferno, we're not even halfway to the ravine.

Clutch: B l a z e

ThatOneGuy: Yes?

Clutch: I literally saw something dark ginger climbing the tree behind us.

ThatOneGuy: Which tree? Inferno, we have to go.

Clutch: Fine.

The "thing" that they both saw jumped down from a low-hanging branch and landed in front of them.

ThatOneGuy: Sweet papayas an a tree...

Clutch: Kering. What the actual heck are you doing here?

Kering: You guys really thought that I was a tiger?

Kering dissolves into laughter as the two start heading to the ravine again, really weirded out.

Clutch: What a jerk..

ThatOneGuy: Wait 'til Bulan hears about this.

Clutch: It's been a little while, we need to go faster.

Kering: Wait, wait! When will you be back, Phil got a bit nervous!

Clutch: A few moments, maybe a bit longer.

Scene 1 - Part 2: River

Rain batters Goaty's campground as wind whips the canopy around.

Goaty: It'll be over soon.

Yako aggressively adjusts his hairstyle because of the downpour.

Proxima: Stop it..

Yako: Whaat?

Proxima: It's really......distracting.

Goaty: Cut it out you two.

MG: Oh, please.

Yako: Heh.

Chai and Liger let out matching sighs of exasperation.

Henry: Is anybody worried about the campsite we chose?

Goaty glares "glarefully" at Henry.

Goaty: It's gone, what did you expect?

Henry: But the fo-

Chai: Calm down weirdos, I have it. Proxima also has a few drinks in his backpack.

Goaty: Oh, you did, great.

FacterLiger: Finally everyone's calmed down.

Goaty: Finally.

Everyone stands, awkwardly listening to Yako's music.

Jetpunker: Hey, Yako...we're not connected to the-

Yako: Yes, I know. I ain't watching things like YouTube or what not.

Abmam: SHH.

GrassHopper: What?

Abmam: Lyle, shush!

Everbody hears faint voices, all of them in a completely different language.

Goaty: Does anybody speak Indonesian?

Everybody stares at Facter, whilst Facter stares at Goaty with a "seriously" look in his eyes.

Goaty: Oh..right. I should've known since you used to be a Clerk.

FacterLiger: I believe the only two words we were able to hear meant "quickly, go."

Yako: Suspicious.

Jetpunker: Oh, is it?

Chai: Well....Goaty, there's always a chance for this to not be the Indonesian.

FacterLiger:'s the native language of Indonesia. Plus, I used to be a Clerk and my tribe spoke this language, maybe a bit modified from the language already adopted by Sumatra.

GrassHopper: Oh........ok..?

Yako: Makes perfect sense.

Goaty: I mean, you do have a point, Liger. I'm pretty sure it's Ind-

Chai: Guys, the voices are back.

This time, Facter was able to make out seven words and was able to translate them.

FacterLiger: I think they're saying "hurry up, Phil cannot wait any" and that's all I could hear.

Henry: Phil? Who the [CENSORED] is Phil?

Goaty: Hey! Heyheyheyhey! Do not say that word!

FacterLiger: Phil...

Chai lets out another sigh of exasperation again, more intense this time.

Yako: Why are you siiiighing so much?

MG: Have you even noticed that the storm passed?

Henry: A bit.

Yako: WELP! Time to make an entire new camp!

Chai: Patience, Yako.

GrassHopper:'s really muddy and sloppy over here.

Abmam: Oh-

FacterLiger: I'll navigate it and see if there's a good camping area around here.

Facter starts to swiftly run around trees for a moment just when Proxima throws a rock in his direction and called his name.

Proxima: Liger, stop!

FacterLiger: Ok, fine!

Goaty: First off, we don't know if the voices we heard were dangerous people, so you shouldn't run off, especially in the direction we heard them. Secondly, you could get lost or hurt, seriously!

Facter runs back to the group and nearly trips on a few parts of uneven ground.

Yako: Oh...geez.

MG: Chop chop guys, we need to get going.

Proxima: Alright Clark, be patient.

Goaty leads the Expedition Team through the rainforest and finds a good, mysterious clearing on the other side of the river.

Yako: Aww...

FacterLiger: Can I...

Goaty: Yes you can find a way across, but do not cross over until we're all there.

Facter nods and runs away in the same motion.

Henry: Should we be worried about him?

GrassHopper: Naw, he's too confident to either fall in the river, run into a tree, or get tangled in a spider web.

FacterLiger: HEEEEEEEeeeEEY, guys! I found....a log!

Yako: Logs....the only way to cross a river in every single situation is with a log.

MG: Pretty much.

Everybody runs in the direction Facter went, oftentimes hitting the sides of trees and tripping on occasional bumps on the ground, covered by many plants.

FacterLiger: I know, the river's wider than you'd expect from what we saw back there. Fortunately, the log is strong enough to hold....all of us on it. There is a bit of a gap at the end, to you're gonna have to jump off the end. Be careful, this tree is quite thin and it's pretty slippery.

Facter jumps on the log first, followed by Goaty and Proxima who led the rest. They crawled to the end until they could jump off, but Abmam was a bit scared.

Yako: Oh, it's not that bad, get over here!

GrassHopper: You're holding up the line, Clark and Henry are waiting!

Henry: AheM. Yes, can you go faster, please?

Abmam: Ok..

Abmam jumps off the end and breaks off a few branches, startling GrassHopper and MG. Henry couldn't hear it since he was in the back, along with the sound of the relentless flow of the river.

GrassHopper: Geez, I nearly lost turn.

MG: Me too, vamos lá. (Let's go.)

Henry is the last to jump off, making the same mistake as Abmam.

Henry: Oh, finalmente, ci è voluto un'eternità. (Oh, finally, it took forever.)

Yako: What's with the change of language?

FacterLiger: Saya tidak tahu, tapi saya melakukannya juga. (I don't know, but I'm doing it too.)

Proxima: Not funny guys, Goaty is waiting at the site we chose, he already has a tent up now.

Jetpunker: Yeah guys, we should get going.

Proxima: Henry, Clark, Lyle, with me. Liger, Yako, go help Chai and Raja with supplies. PK, assist Goaty with setting up the tents.

Everyone obeys and Proxima goes to the campsite, then started to clean up things like fallen leaves, twigs, etc.

Jetpunker: Goaty!

Goaty: Yes?

Jetpunker: Proxima se-

Goaty: I know, get over here right now.

Scene 1 - Part 3: Secrets

Chai ducked out of the tent and walked towards Abmam, Facter, and Yako.

Chai: Hello guys.

FacterLiger: Umm...Chai, can I be excused for a quick moment?

Chai: Of course you can. Don't go far, take Yako with you.

Yako: WHat.

FacterLiger: *Whispering* Yako, you remember what I told you about those voices, right?

Yako: Yes, you know these crazy forest people?

FacterLiger: Exac- well, in a way.

Yako: Ooh...Liger, what are you hiding?

FacterLiger: That was the tribe I was raised in.

Yako: *Raises voice a whole lot* HOOOLY

FacterLiger: ..smokes...yes..

Abmam: Y'all ok over there?

Yako: N-

FacterLiger: YES.

Abmam: Alright!

FacterLiger: If you tell anyone this, I swear I'll throw you in the river myself.

Yako: Ok.

Yako and Facter walk back silently and split off and away from each other, going back to the task they were given by Chai.

Chai: Hey Yako, what happened over there? You seemed to have....yelled at Liger again.

Yako: Oh..nuthin'

Chai: Something obviously did happen.

Yako: Really, it's not a big deal. He just reminded me to gather river water to wash off the tents tomorrow...I got mad because....uh....I've been reminded more and more lately..?

Chai gave Yako a slight confused, priceless look on his face, telling Yako that he was extremely unconvinced by his explanation.

Yako: Really!

Chai: Really?

Yako: Really.

Chai: Really?

Yako: Really!

Chai: Really.

Yako: Really.

Chai and Yako awkwardly turn around and started to distrubute the supplies again.

FacterLiger: Nice excuse, weirdo.

Yako: Why, thank you.

Abmam throws a small ball of dirt at both of them.

Abmam: GEt bACk tO WoRK.

Yako: Geez, ok!

Philippines: Thank you boys. Blaze, Inferno, you two may both go.

Clutch: Alright, bye.

ThatOneGuy: Inferno?

Clutch: What?

ThatOneGuy: Can you please get out and check what's going on outside?

Clutch: Alright.

Clutch leaves.

Philippines: Why are you still lingering over here, do you need something.

ThatOneGuy: Uh...yes. We kinda got in a bit of a tussle and I kinda scratched myself on a spiky...bush.

Philippines: Alright then, show me.

ThatOneGuy shows Philippines a few small scratches on his elbow.

Philippines: Ah, not too bad. I was expecting much worse.

ThatOneGuy: I can't see the back of the elbow in this position, so actually tell me how bad it is.

Philippines: Eh, good enough to the point where you just need to keep that clean. You're responsible, right?

ThatOneGuy: Heh, yes.

Philippines: Good, now go.

ThatOneGuy leaves and immediately recognizes Nazgul's voice arguing with another.

ThatOneGuy: Hey Nazii, what's going on?

Nazgul: Bulan is being rude to Neil again!

ThatOneGuy: Hold support the brat?

Clutch: Guys-

Nazgul: Brat? Blaze, we're all family, we're supposed to survive peacefully with each other!

Neil: Exactly!

Croissant: He's going to overthrow Chins!

Neil: I would never!

Macan-dahan: Umm..yes you would.

Ikan: I could agree.

A loud horn made everybody jump.

Ethaboo: Everyone! What has become of all of you?

Kering: Tribemaster....we...

Ethaboo: I don't want to hear it. Everyone, go back to your hut! If I hear another word out of your mouths, you will be sleeping with the rats tonight!

Everyone was quiet as they walked back to their huts, except Clutch.

Clutch: Tribemaster, listen, please!

Ethaboo: Why didn't you go back, I told you to do so!

Clutch: It's something important, I swear.

Ethaboo: Go ahead. If I feel it is not necessary, you will be sleeping and working in the muddy pit tomorrow.

Clutch: I understand, but Neil is going to try and forcibly become the tribe's Clerk. He may be planning to do the same with you.

Ethaboo: Do you have any proof?

Clutch stands for a moment, sighing.

Clutch: Kind of, not the type that I could show you though.

Ethaboo: Tell me.

Clutch: This morning, Neil lied about there being a tiger trying to hunt our people. Kering was "stalking" us on the way to the ravine, then laughed pretty rudely at us. He asked us when we'd be back because Phil was nervous, but when we got back, he showed us absolutely no signs of worry or relief. After I went out of the healer hut, I heard Nazii arguing with someone. As soon as I saw it, I saw Neil standing by Chins's hut, within the rest of the tribe who were fighting with each other.

Ethaboo: Hmm...suspicious..


Ethaboo: Hmm...I will check in with him tomorrow.

Clutch: I understand.

Ethaboo: You may go now.

Clutch backs away to the hut and pretends to walk in, but instead, sneaks out into the bushes. He could've sworn he heard voices earlier this day when he was walking back to the tribe's home with ThatOneGuy.

Clutch: Where are those voices coming from?

Clutch had absolutely no idea what those people were saying, though he believed it was English.

(Quick reminder, this tribe speaks Indonesian and in parts that are from the tribe's POV, their language is always translated to English)

Clutch parted the bush so he could get a better look at the clearing by their tribe. He saw strange trangular shelters and small flames inside of odd, decorative blocks of wood. He saw boxes full of food and other weird things.

Clutch: Oh...heck...

???: HEI! (HEY!)

Clutch stumbled backwards and crawled back for a moment, suddenly then recognizing who he was talking to.

Clutch: Liger? W-

FacterLiger: Yup, kenapa kamu memata-matai tim saya? (Yup, why were you spying on my team?)

Clutch: You're very close to my home..

FacterLiger: Sebaiknya aku pergi, kamu juga harus, Sampson masih bertugas. Anda ... Anda melihatnya di tenda Tribemaster, bukan? (I'd better go, you should too, Sampson is still on duty. saw him by Tribemaster's hut, did you?)

Clutch: Now, why were you spying on us?

FacterLiger: Sungguh, aku adalah seorang Clerk yang aneh. Saya tahu hal-hal ini. (Seriously, I used to be a freakin Clerk. I know these things.)

Clutch: oh

FacterLiger: PERGILAH (GO)

Both people scrambled back to where they were supposed to be, hoping not to have been caught by anyone.

Clutch: I'll look into this "team" tomorrow...


Bye everyone, I hope you liked Scene 1! Scene 2 will hopefully be released this week. I'm so bad at cliffhangers xD

Sometimes I add unecessary humor to these, xD. Oh, yeah, you can answer the Journal Entry if you want to, and be specific with it.

The Thought of the Day - "When you talk, you are only repeating something you know, but when you listen, you may learn something new."

The Joke of the Day - What kind of street to ghosts haunt? Dead ends!

The Fun Fact of the Day - California's population is almost equal to that of the country of Afghanistan, having 39,613,500 people.

The Journal Entry of the Day - If you could bring back any extinct animal back to life, what would it be, and why?

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