Planet Earth - Rainforest: Scene 2


For Those Who Didn't Read The Blurb

Hello again, everyone! Welcome to the second scene of the Planet Earth series!

The schedule for this series is up to 3-5 days apart, I hope you enjoyed the last blog, and of course, this one!

Current Groups

Expedition Team

Guide - thegoatisgoaty (Male, Goaty)

Assistant - 1ProximaCentauri (Male, Bob, changed roles a while ago)

Hunter - Jetpunker180 (Male, PK)

Doctor - chailattee (Rainforest + Grassland, Male, Chai)

Suppliers - abmam2 (Male, Raja) and cakeGrassHopper (Male, Lyle)

Neutral Team Member - KingHenry44 (Male, Henry), MG17 (Male, Clark, becomes Doctor when the ecosystem changes to Tundra), YakosaysB0T5WANA (Male, Yako, becomes Doctor when the ecosystem changes to Desert) and FacterLiger0804 (Male, Liger, former Clerk)

The Echo of the Tiger Tribe (Main Rainforest Tribe)

Tribe Leader - Ethaboo444 (Male, Tribemaster, 15 million.....years old)

Clerk - ChineseChen (Male, Chins, idk the age let's just say 25 lol)

Hunter - ClutchNferno (Male, Inferno, 15 years old)

Healer - SirPhilippines (Male, Phil, idk the age, let's just say 17)

Guard - ThatOneGuy15 (Male, Blaze, idk the age, let's just say 21) and Nazgul (Male, name changed to Nazii cuz of reasons, 22 years old)

Higher Basekeeper (added role) - turnbacktwo (Male, TribeJR or Sampson, 11 years old)

Basekeeper - MrCroissant2 (Male, Bulan meaning "Moon", former basekeeper left so he is young, 9 years old)

Family - NeilVedwan (Male, Neil, idk the age, let's just say 17, occasionally challenges Chins for Clerk role and acts dominant) and three random people (2 Male and 1 Female, Ikan, Kering, Macan-dahan, all half siblings of MrCroissant2, all are 9 years old except for Ikan being 13)

Other Roles

Animal (played by an actual person) - PotatoDude (Male, Bob I, young adult Sumatran tiger) and HawkfrostTheLeAf (Female, Saffron, Great hornbill, adult, very comfortable around humans)

That One Wise Old Man In Every Story - KievanRus (Male, Brussle)

Scene 2 - Part 1: Waterfall

turnbacktwo: Was it just me, or did I hear voices last night?

Croissant: Inferno, it sounded like Inferno.

ThatOneGuy runs towards the two, followed by more people who heard them talking about last night.

Nazgul: Bulan, how could you make out those voices so easily while we can only hear them a smidge bit.

Clutch: Wha?

Philippines: Inferno, was it really you talking?

Clutch: Well, this escalated quickly again.

Philippines: Inferno, tell us.

Clutch: Weeeeeell.

Croissant: Well?

Everybody stood for a moment, waiting for Clutch to speak.

Clutch: was, but Liger randomly appeared and scared me.

Chen: What were you doing on that side of the tribe?

Clutch: I originally wanted to try and hear if Neil-

Nazgul: Again with the Neil, what is going on here?

turnbacktwo: Wait, Inferno, you said..Liger?

Clutch: If you can speak proper Indonesian, yes.

turnbacktwo: Oh...

Ikan: What about Tribemaster?

Clutch: Ah, don't worry about that, I have this alllllll under control.

Chen: You can see how mad I am, right?

Clutch turns once more back to Chen, and gets startled from the glare the usual friendly, laid-back Clerk was giving him.

Clutch: Absolutely not.

Croissant: Are you kidding me?

Macan-dahan: My name literally means clouded leopard, and you're firing me up pretty fast.

Kering: Mine means...herring. Nazii, why did you name me after a fish?

Nazgul: Everyone, this is starting to get a bit off-topic.

Philippines: I've had enough of this.

Philippines turns to go back to the healer hut with Chen.

turnbacktwo: Inferno, I have a feeling you're in big trouble.

Clutch: Well...there goes my privileges and my dinner.

Ikan: You'd really want to keep eating out of those dirty bowls that Kering and Bulan stuff fish and leaves in?

Clutch: Only if Bulan stops, I'm quite over him by now. I don't need them to do it when I can do it myself, especially while being the tribe's hunter.

Croissant: Hey, that's rude! Tribemaster has always "ordered" us to do this job!

Clutch: I'm literally to only one in this whole place who can put food in a bowl, and you're constantly acting like a child about it.

Croissant: Zip it, Neil's coming.

Neil: I heard my name being said, what are you up to now?

Croissant: Go away, if you would, please.

Neil stared at him coldly and turned to leave, right back to Chen's hut again. As soon as he left, Croissant turned back to Clutch.

Croissant: Since when did you get so self-centered?

Clutch: Always?

Kering: Stop it you two.

Nazgul: Can we start talking about Liger again, we seem to have run into a problem, here.

Croissant: What kind of problem.

Nazgul: Well, I actually did listen to Inferno and Tribemaster talking last night....then took a look behind the bushes myself, right when I saw the first glint of sunlight from the...what is it...canopy?

Croissant: We don't use our "country's" domestic language. We modified it a bit, so you can call that thing whatever you want.

Nazgul: Whatever you say. So when I looked, I saw Liger fighting with two unfamiliar people...not physically, but with words. I turned to go back then looked at the river, which was a few feet above its normal level..

Clutch: Ohhh, oh no Nazii do not say what I think you're going to say.

Macan-dahan: Was this the influence of that dreaded waterfall Blaze won't shut up about?

ThatOneGuy: Hey! I don't talk about it all the time!!

Kering: I mean, sis does have a point.

Ikan: Won't you stop calling her that?

ThatOneGuy: Wait...the waterfall....

Clutch: Psh, you guys are scared of water?

Nazgul: Duh, yes.

Croissant: Inferno, please take this seriously.

There was a gigantic splash and resulted in a spray of water that covered the whole camp and raising the river a bit more.

Ikan: Awwww, I took so long to dry all the clothes!

Clutch: We're soaked..

Kering: And doomed.

Clutch: Heck no we're not!

Croissant: Look at the friggin' river!

[Insert The Hole Music Here]

Nazgul: Don't get us started.

Kering: Ok, is there a way to magically push the river water back down and clog up the waterfall and make a...a-

???:  Apakah maksud Anda bendungan? (Did you mean a dam?)

Everyone blinked at the oddly familiar person standing in front of them.

???: Lama tidak bertemu. Bagaimana kabar sukunya, apakah Chins baik-baik saja? (Long time no see. How has the tribe been doing, is Chins doing alright?)

Scene 2 - Part 2: Overflowing

Goaty: The log has nearly been swept away many times, the river is definitely rising.

Yako: You think?

Proxima: Look at it!

Everyone turns to the river and stares at the swelling level of the water.

Chai: Clark, would you care to move the supplies further up?

MG: Sure Chai.

MG walks away.

Chai: By the way, Yako, have you seen Liger this morning?

Yako: Umm, no- Well, yes. I was goofing at the front of the tent and then Liger pushed me over and said that he was going to look at the river.

Goaty: Well, did he come back?

Yako: Not...not to my extremely excellent knowledge.

Jetpunker: Then where could Liger be.

Yako: .....oh.

GrassHopper: What, Yako you've been a tiny bit submissive lately.

Abmam and Henry: Yeah.

Abmam and Henry stare at each other, probably saying "Jinx" in their minds.

Proxima: Why are we still here.


Yako: Shush, just...shush!

Chai: Yako, you're acting kinda-

Jetpunker: sus.

Branches snapped and dead leaves crunched wetly, startling everybody in the clearing. Light amber-gray eyes materialized and disappeared back into the long shadows of the towering trees.

Proxima: Is it just me or-?

Goaty: No, we all probably saw it.

Henry: What was it?

GrassHopper: WhUt did you think it wuz??

Henry: uhhhhhhhhhhh

Chai: Was it a tiger.

Everybody turns to stare at Chai.

Chai: Just a suggestion, no need to get all fearful about it.

Henry: N O.

Jetpunker: I hate you.

Chai knew he was joking.

Abmam: Guys, the water is surging upwards now.

Yako: What about Liger?

Goaty: He probably got swept away, c'mon.

MG: I am not leaving until I see the little nuisance again.

Goaty: ...well see ya later.


Goaty: Alright, go break as many bones as you'd like.

MG: You can't seriously leave two of your "friends" in this kind of situation!

Goaty: .-.

Proxima: Clark, just come with us. Do you remember what Lyle said?

MG: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok.

GrassHopper: What about me?

Henry: About the time when Liger was running and saying, "heeeeeeeey guys there's a log whooooooooo" and stuff.

GrassHopper: Ok.

The team hears splashing and the rushing current, suddenly louder than the last yoctosecond they had been standing on the clearing.

Chai: Goaty, what the heck are we going to do.

Goaty: Geez, we just found this spot. Now, the river is overflowing just a day later.

Yako: Yes, I know perfectly that we are all doomed.

MG: Stop with the negative energy today, Yako!

Abmam: *COUUUUuuugggh*

Jetpunker: You alright mate?

Abmam: Just walk up the hill, it's not that hard!

Proxima and MG attempt to walk up the steep hill that towered over the clearing, like a mini valley that consists of a green and brown meadow and a flooding river.

GrassHopper: Guys look, there's a hornbill up there!

Chai: What kind?

GrassHopper: Well you tell me, I'm dumb.

"It's a Great hornbill."

Facter's voice alarmed the Expedition Team until they understood who the heck they were talking to.

FacterLiger: Hey guys, found an old friend of mine to help y'all.

Jetpunker: Where were you?

FacterLiger: Somewhere, now grab a stick, all of you. When you got that, grab the sticks of the others so you have a line of....people. Whoever's at the front of the line, catch the vine that Phil threw down.

Henry: Ohhh, so that's who Phil is!

Proxima: Uh...yes, yes it is. Umm...Clark, catch the vine.

MG: Oh...oh yes, ok.

MG catches the rope and Phil walks backwards.

Goaty: Who's wild plan was this, making a link with sticks and hoisting us up the friggin' cliff.

Henry: I don't know, but it's the only way out besides walking on a wet log in the middle of a flooding river that has a current going the speed of light over there. What would you guys rather do?

The team looked from the hill, to the river, to Facter and Phil, then back to the hill.

Chai: We're probably in some Disney Movie anyways, so let's do it.

Yako: Are you guys sure about this?

Abmam: Quite sure.

Jetpunker: What a joke. I doubt this is going to end well for us, especially with a vine like that.

FacterLiger: Well what do you want me to do, climb up a tree full of spiders, ants, and birds, then grab one of those thick vines all the way up at the canopy where most plants grow?

Philippines: Tepatnya, ambil atau tinggalkan. (Exactly, take it or leave it.)

Jetpunker: Ohhh, geez. Mister ragged pajamas man looks angry.

Phil and Facter pull back the vine, expecting the vine to snap, but surprisingly didn't. The vine was obviously thicker than you would've thought, but it was called "thin" because of the amount of people behind MG.

Philippines: Semuanya baik-baik saja? (Everybody good?)

FacterLiger: Looks like it- oh, uhh...sepertinya begitu.

Henry: :l

Goaty: Yus.

GrassHopper: Raja, get off of me!

Abmam: But I'm slipping!

GrassHopper: Then hold on to the friggin' stick!

Abmam and Phil roll their eyes. The vine continues to pull them up until MG, Henry, and Chai were able to get up.

Yako: Scedaddle.

Goaty: Yako, please wait.

Eventually, Goaty, Yako, GrassHopper, Abmam, Jetpunker, and Proxima get up.

Yako: Liger, that was the worst plan ever.

FacterLiger: I know.

Henry: How did you get up here in the first place?

FacterLiger: A more dangerous way.

Henry: ...and what would that be?

FacterLiger: The waterfall.

Goaty: That's impossible, Liger that's literally impossible.

Jetpunker: What about the food now?

Silence fell over everyone, matching with the eerie stillness of the rainforest with the background noise of frogs, crickets, the river and waterfall, and the very faint, faraway calls of birds that could barely even be heard.

Philippines: Anda harus pergi dan mendapatkannya, menjelajahi hutan hujan sendirian, kembali ke mana pun Anda berasal, atau tinggal bersama kami. Itu adalah satu-satunya pilihan Anda. (You have to either go and get them, roam the rainforest by yourselves, go back wherever you came from, or stay with us. Those are your only options.)

FacterLiger: *Says the translation*

Proxima: I would b-

Yako: Stay with you? I'd rather hang on a branch from spider silk with a hundred bullet ants on me.

Philippines: Bowlet...atz?

FacterLiger: Phil, semut peluru adalah semut yang berasal dari Amerika Selatan yang memiliki sengat yang terasa seperti seseorang menembakmu. Anda harus senang bahwa spesies ini belum pernah dibicarakan di suku Anda. (Phil, bullet ants are ants that are native to South America that has a sting that feels like somebody shot you. You should be glad that this species has never been spoken of in your tribe.) *Says the translation once more*

Goaty: I say we get the supplies.

Water finally surged into the clearing, sweeping everything out of its ordinary spot. The green clearing turned into a dark, watery mess of dirt, branches, and other "rainforest debris" that had been thrown into the strong river.

Goaty: ...nnnnevermind then.

FacterLiger: Oop-

Henry: What is going on.

Abmam: I don't know...but-


Scene 2 - Part 3: Sumatra's Beast

Goaty: What the-

FacterLiger: Apa nama kulit pisang yang kalian berdua lakukan di sini? (What in the name of banana peels are you two doing here?)

Croissant: Kami pikir Phil dalam....masalah? (We thought Phil was in....trouble?)

Facter grabs Croissant's arm and forced him back through some plants that were covered with little flowers and thorns, almost like a rose, but bigger. This action made Clutch have to follow both of them.

Yako: I am so confused-

Henry: Me too.

Abmam: Me three.

MG: Me four.

Chai: We should follow Liger..

Proxima: What if he's dragging that other ragged pajama kid to a death trap or something.

Chai: Oh, he would never do that. No matter how much of a burden that guy is, he can't be that bad. Come on, it won't be a waste of time to follow your annoying friend.

They at ran in the direction Facter went and saw an even bigger, tidier clearing that was almost right beside theirs, only separated by a dense wall of bright, thorny plants that made it seem as if nothing were beyond it.

GrassHopper: Oh....

Phil, Facter, and Ikan (who the team does ot recognize) all turn around to face them.

Yako: Uh...greetings....pajama people.

The three of them gave Yako an "unholy" look.

FacterLiger: Guys, this is Kering. I will show you the rest of my family later. For now, you can explore, but do not cause any trouble. The tribe will feed you to the tiger if you mess anything up.

Kering: Apakah Anda pikir Anda sedikit kasar? (Do you think you're being a little harsh?)

FacterLiger: Nggak. Dengan ancaman ini, mereka mungkin akan melakukan apa yang diperintahkan. Kami tidak perlu melihat mereka di cakar harimau hari ini. (Nope. With this threat, they'll do as they're told. We don't have to see them in the paws of a tiger today.)

The team branches off, curiously looking at how the tribe set up their home, especially in conditions like this, where anything could happen. Chai goes to look at the hut with dozens of species of plants surrounding it, from bright green plants with white blossoms to darker green plants with odd petals that curve backwards with the colors of sunset.

Chai: Woah..who manages this one?

Phil stares at Chai, having no idea what he just said.

Chai: Ohhhh, you!

Phil: Apa? (What?)

Ikan: Hei, Blaze memotong goresan itu lagi. Dia sangat canggung, dia bilang dia akan mengurus itu. (Hey, Blaze cut open those scratches again. He's so clumsy, he said he'd take care of those.)

Phil: Lagi? (Again?)

Ikan: Ya, dia sedang sekarat sekarang. (Yes, he's kinda dying right now.)

Chai: Oh god. This is a whole new level of gibberish..

Meanwhile, Yako, Henry, Macan-dahan, and Clutch were having a frustrating conversation.

Henry: Listen, we can't understand whatever you're saying!

Clutch: Uh......hai, saya Inferno. (Uh......hi, I'm Inferno.)

Yako: I'm not asking for whatever you just said about....wha-

Macan-dahan: Kenapakitamasihdisini? (Whyarewestillhere?)

Henry: I can't....Yako, this is a waste of time.

Clutch: Wayst...uv...tieme?

Yako: Shush, please.

Macan-dahan: Haruskah saya melampiaskan amarah saya dari Anda pada orang-orang asing ini? (Should I let out my anger from you on these strangers?)

Clutch: Saya tidak akan mencoba, orang-orang ini lebih tua dari Anda dan mereka terlihat sedikit marah. (I wouldn't try, these people are years older than you and they look a bit angry.)

Henry: Yako, I said, come on.

Yako: Ok, alright, fine, yes, good, sure!

Clutch: Apakah ini "Yako" mengalami stroke? (Is this "Yako" having a stroke?)

Henry and Yako walk away, both regaining their sanity. They walk back to Facter to try and get him to help them stop bursting with exasperation again.

FacterLiger: Oh..

Chai: Guys, c'mere! I think I just found the most beautiful flower in the world.

The team comes over and sees a plant with a bright green stem and iridescent indigo and white petals that reflects gold from the single ray of sunlight that pierced through the canopy and shone on the tree where the plant sat.

Abmam: What in the world...

Jetpunker: That looks fake.

Yako: Nope, that's real, alright.

FacterLiger: a *dissolves into a mess of letters and words*

Proxima: Neaaat, awesome!

Facter and Yako take their eyes off of the tree and stare straight at the same colored eyes of the thing they saw before.

Yako: Weeeeeeee have a problem.

Chai: wut?

Yako grits his teeth and gives the darkness a brief sideways glance.

Goaty: Oh.

GrassHopper: Does this have to do with that "tiger" Liger was talking about.

Henry: N O.

Abmam: Way to "N O" us once again, Henry.

A large animal appeared on the branch of that same tree, seemingly glaring down at them as if they had crossed its territory.

FacterLiger: Looks like we've found ourselves a tiger!

Ikan: Seekor harimau? (A tiger?)

FacterLiger: Finally somebody understood at least one word in English.

The Sumatran tiger in the tree let out a low, growling-snorting sound. It seemed almost amused, but it still kept the uncanny glare at them.

ThatOneGuy: Tidak, tidak ada lagi goresan hari ini. (Nope, no more scratches today.)

MG: Liger, you have turned the insane dial to 11.

Proxima: Absolutely mad.

The team stared back at the sinister, unsettling gaze of the tiger.

FacterLiger: We should probably....go......

Henry: N O.

The Sumatran tiger leapt down from its "perch" and made a soft, but almost threatening vibration before stalking away.

Abmam: What the heck was that?

FacterLiger: It was a Sumatran tiger that jumped off a branch and stared at us, then walked into the bushes.

Abmam: Well...yes, I can see that.

Proxima: We should move, it won't be long until this place is also flooded. Why did you guys want to be so close to the bank?

Philippines: Liger, apa yang mereka katakan? (Liger, what did they say?)

FacterLiger: Mereka mengatakan bahwa mereka ingin mengetahui keberadaan suku tersebut yang letaknya cukup dekat dengan sungai, sekaligus mengetahui bahwa sungai tersebut sewaktu-waktu bisa banjir. (They said that they wanted to know why the tribe is situated so close to the river, while knowing that the river could flood at anytime.)

Philippines: Nah, kami ingin memiliki lebih banyak persediaan...air dan ikan untuk dimiliki. Kami memiliki cara untuk melarikan diri dari rumah kami jika keadaan menjadi terlalu berbahaya. (Well, we wanted to have more of a supply of...water and fish to have. We do have ways to escape out home if things get a bit too dangerous.)

FacterLiger: *Recites Phil's words in English*

Proxima: Oh...ok-

The team and some of the tribe members stare into the bushes again.

turnbacktwo: Aku bisa jamin kita akan bertemu lagi dengan harimau itu. (I guarantee that we are going to be face-to-face with that tiger again.)

FacterLiger: Tentu. (Sure.)


This cliffhanger was bad, really bad.

Well, thanks for reading the blog, hope you enjoyed! Thanks, again Ethaboo for 2nd place and the Best Story Award for the last blog, I doubt this one will be better than the last, though.

Anyways, bye everyone, I know this one was a bit...ya'know...

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