Planet Earth - Rainforest: Scene 4


For Those Who Didn't Read The Blurb


I'm back.


Where I've Been

You guys may be saying...

"Facter, where were you?"
"Facter, make some more!"


Well, in that case, I'll tell you where I've been in one word.
I don't know where this came from! I just like being in large communities, reading, writing, that stuff! Sadly I can't do things like Discord cause' the all of these online things keep saying "Darn it Facter, you did it again. You can't get online games because you're not connected" while I am!

Alright, enough protesting. Let's get what you've all been waiting for before you come to kill me because I'm not doing Planet Earth things since May or something!

Current Groups

Expedition Team

Guide - thegoatisgoaty (Male, Goaty)

Assistant - 1ProximaCentauri (Male, Bob, changed roles a while ago)

Hunter - Jetpunker180 (Male, PK)

Doctor - chailattee (Rainforest + Grassland, Male, Chai)

Suppliers - abmam2 (Male, Raja) and cakeGrassHopper (Male, Lyle)

Neutral Team Member - KingHenry44 (Male, Henry), MG17 (Male, Clark, becomes Doctor when the ecosystem changes to Tundra), YakosaysB0T5WANA (Male, Yako, becomes Doctor when the ecosystem changes to Desert, I'm still including them, I don't wanna hear it) and FacterLiger0804 (Male, Liger, former Clerk)

Echo of the Tiger Tribe (Main Rainforest Tribe)

Tribe Leader - Ethaboo444 (Male, Tribemaster, 15 million.....years old)

Clerk - ChineseChen (Male, Chins, idk the age let's just say 25 lol)

Hunter - ClutchNferno (Male, Inferno, 15 years old)

Healer - SirPhilippines (Male, Phil, idk the age, let's just say 17)

Guard - ThatOneGuy15 (Male, Blaze, idk the age, let's just say 21) and Nazgul (Male, name changed to Nazii cuz of reasons, 23 years old)

Higher Basekeeper (added role) - turnbacktwo (Male, TribeJR or Sampson, 11 years old)

Basekeeper - MrCroissant2 (Male, Bulan meaning "Moon", former basekeeper left so he is young, 9 years old)

Family - Retiree (Male, Neil, idk the age, let's just say 17, occasionally challenges Chins for Clerk role and acts dominant) and three random people (2 Male and 1 Female, Ikan, Kering, Macan-dahan, all half siblings of MrCroissant2, all are 9 years old except for Ikan being 13)

Other Roles

Animal (played by an actual person) - PotatoDude (Male, Bob I, young adult Sumatran tiger), HawkfrostTheLeAf (Female, Saffron, Great hornbill, adult, very comfortable around humans) and KievanRus (Male, Sumatran orangutan, yes he switched roles guys)

Scene 4 - Part 1: Split and Seek

Everybody looks at Inferno, trying to process what he just said to them. How could he actually admit that he's not the strongest one here?

Yako: *Amused* Well that's something you don't get to hear often.

Facter: Such nonsense, that's never something you'd say, Inferno. We all don't need a soft ember of fire in the group, we still need that outrageous, gigantic, raging, b o i l i n g fire that still exists in you. First, that keeps us much safer, second, that'll definitely entertain Yako and Raja.

Abmam: You bet.

Clutch: Why don't you guys believe my _____!

Philippines: Umm...Inferno, I think you accidentally switched back to our language.

Clutch: o o p s

Yako: Speak up.

Clutch: What I was trying to say, until somebody interrupted me-

Philippines: I-I didn't-

Clutch: See? Wait- Phil, I've never heard you protest like that before.

Philippines: Insert here.

Reitree: *Prods Phil without luck*

Yako: Why did Goaty and Bob put up with you guys in the first place.

Proxima: No idea bout' Goaty.

Clutch: Neil, hands off of the healer!

Retiree: *Drops his hand and glares over at Inferno*

Macan-dahan: Hush...

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, g r o w l, sPLa S h.

Everyone except for Chins, Bob, Chai, Liger and Inferno freeze.

ThatOneGuy: What in the leopard's roar was that?

Jetpunker: Oooorgh, I think the tiger's back.

Facter: Respect the fur PK.

Jetpunker: *Rolls his eyes irritably*

Yako: (Yako, you've been in four lines in the first nineteen lines out of twenty-ish people so far, you happy so far mate?) Enough talk guys, get a move on unless you want to get yourselves munched and eaten and swallowed and digested by a Sumatran tiger.


Jetpunker: *Eye rolling intensifies*

Clutch: I don't care, do what you want. I'm going to scout ahead.

Facter: You're making it sound like we're settling here, Inferno.

Clutch: *Scoffs and walks off rather carelessly*

After the growl and the splash, there was only hushed silence, only broken by the hums of insects, faraway calls and the distant sounds of wind brushing against the canopy. The two groups trekked along the trail of their so-called, friend, who had gone ahead, probably ripping through the underbrush from the amount of rips in the shriveled foliage on the forest floor. Finally, one broke the silence.

Nazgul: Are we being followed?

Yako: Congratulations, you just earned the bronze badge of creepiness and discomfort because you broke a silence that lasted more than five minutes with...THAT?!

Nazgul: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I just keep hearing things!

Croissant: You goober.

turnbacktwo: We've been walking for a few hours now, are we gonna settle or what?

GrassHopper: Leave it to the experts.

turnbacktwo: But I'm a Higher Basekee-

Facter: Fren, stop it.

Shuffle, splash! Growlllllllllllll-

Nazgul: Told ya.

GrassHopper: We need to get going, fast!

Abmam: *Snaps up in alarm*

Goaty: No time to waste, c'mon guys! You wouldn't want to suffocate from a possible bite force of about 1,000 pounds, nobody does!

Yako: Exactly, get moving!

The groups ran, then accidentally split whilst weaving around a tree. One fled towards an open, windy tributary while the other into the deep rainforest.

Groups (Sry for the interruption)

Group 1:

chailattee (Chai)

1ProximaCentauri (Bob)

KingHenry44 (Henry)


turnbacktwo (TribeJR/Tribey/Sampson)

Nazgul (Nazii)

abmam2 (Raja)


thegoatisgoaty (Goaty)


Retiree (Neil)

Takes the first rotation

Group 2:

Jetpunker180 (PK)

ThatOneGuy25 (Blaze)

FacterLiger0804 (Liger)

ChineseChen (Chins)

YakosaysB0T5WANA (Yako)

MG17 (Clark)

cakeGrassHopper (Lyle)

ClutchNferno (Inferno)

SirPhilippines (Phil)

MrCroissant2 (Bulan)

Takes the second rotation

*Ethaboo lurking creepily xD*

Scene 4 - Part 2: Still and Silent

I had to quote the lyrics from The Calling, I had to :((((((((((((

Ikan: Wait, where did the others go? I swear to the Tiger Lords that Liger and Bulan were running on either side of me...and they've disappeared...

Henry: Yeah...I was running with Lyle, now he's gone elsewhere.

Kering: The last time I saw one of those three was before we maneuvered around that big, tall tree. I think we accidentally split.

turnbacktwo: I've patrolled here before in our old home...I believe they branched over to the tributary on the right of the tree. Since it was so large, I made it an official landmark called The Great Kapok. I brought Bulan here once so he could remember, and I hope it's still there. He's an experienced navigator for his young age.

Abmam: *Sarcasm* I bet.

Macan-dahan: *Jumps and twists from behind, then snagged Raja's shoulders, tipping him over, hissing like a cat* What is wrong with you!

Abmam: o o f !

Chai: Stop it! Macan-dahan, please get off, Raja, get up..!

The two scrambled back to their feet, turning to see Chai rubbing his temples with his face scrunched up into a startling grimace.

Chai: *Grumbled something and walks to a nearby tree, leaning on it, mumbling*

Goaty: *Glances sympathetically at Chai* Mood, honestly.

Kering: So we gonna find the others or not..?

Retiree: We're lost, blockhead.

Kering: *Alarmed* O-oh.

Macan-dahan: But...we can't be! We've only ran past that tree only a few minutes ago, barely comparable to the amount of time we've been walking as a group!

Henry: Until you can't see the sun and know where you're running...

Macan-dahan: What do you mean?

Henry: East is sunrise, west is sunset.

Macan-dahan: Ohh...

Ikan: Where even is that creature that was chasing us?

Retiree: We probably lost it.

Henry: Great...

Abmam: It can't be that bad, your "Basekeeper" or something is the best navigator of us all here.

Croissant: And I'm the best climber, maaaaaaybe I can get a bit closer to the canopy and peek...

Abmam: Don't get tangled in a spider web while your at it.

Croissant: *Scoffs and races up a nearby tree like a gecko, then leaped from one tree to another like a monkey* Tch- see if you can beat that.

Bulan disappears into the thick canopy in less than five minutes. The rest of the group stand or sit by the base of the tree, bickering over what to do next.

Chai: We should probably get a meal in before we do anything. Everyone looks exhausted.

Nazgul: Sounds good, what do we have?

Macan-dahan: Even if you guys say the tributary was right from the tree, we can still go...west, when Bulan comes back and tells us where the heck we're facing.

Nazgul: So we can fish there? Don't make anything that lasts, it's just a waste of supplies.

Kering: *Nodding*

Retiree: I can scout around to see if I can see the others, or at least something.

Henry: But we need to find the others first!

Chai: If we want to go on another long journey, then why don't we get our energy up?

Henry: B...but-

Kering: I can agree with both of you, but I'm starving.

Ikan: Same.

The group had settled on an agreement, then waited for Bulan to come back down. It wasn't for a while until there was a loud squelch, and Bulan was recovering from accidentally falling off a tree branch.

Croissant: *Points over to the right of them* If we want to find the others, the tributary is still on our right, so we're facing north right now. I'll show you, c'mon!

Nazgul: *Shoves Raja and Ikan towards Bulan, then starts running after him*


Out of shock, the group fled away from the tree-shaking roar from behind. They ran to a piece of tributary and started to run along the edge, hoping to find the other group. Only luck can decide if they can be found.

Scene 4 - Part 3: Forgive and Forget

Clutch: Wow, this is just great.

Philippines: For leopards' sake Inferno, calm down!

Clutch: No! How should I calm down when we're lost AND the others have gone as well!

GrassHopper: We just gotta find a way through.

Philippines: I suppose so.

Clutch: *Gets up and storms to the edge of the water* I'm gonna be by the bank.

MG: *Follows Inferno in a more dignified manner* Same, I'm gonna check if the party pooper's alright.

The group split and did their own thing for a bit. The sun started to sidle down below the trees, and the shadows of night crept up from the opposite direction. PK decided to check on a group where Yako, Bulan, and Liger were.

Jetpunker: Yako, I know your making that ridiculous face again. What do you want to tell us?

Yako: I just thought of something!

Jetpunker: And?

Croissant: Spill the beans, bubba.

Yako: Chai said something about tigers will...I don't...that single line he said in that one conversation that Inferno...

Facter: Hold on...back up, slow down. When was this?

Yako: I...I think it was when we were talking about naming the tiger. Chai said something like...

MG: *Appears out of nowhere* I think I know what's going on now...You're talking about how he said "Tigers will seek revenge on those who wronged them," right?

Yako: *Claps his hands together* Exactly!

MG: (As much as a prick Yako is, they can be smart sooooometimes)

Yako: *Turns towards Chins and Blaze* You and your tribe have been acting as if you've known this tiger for a while, yes? Or no..?

ThatOneGuy: *Hesitantly* Yes...

Yako: (I'm actually getting somewhere and not getting interrupted or ignored-) Have you guys done anything to this tiger or any other tiger that may or may not have been its family?

Chen: (I know where this is going, but I don't want to admit that we've hurt one of the most endangered species goes.) Actually, yes.

Facter: You-...We have?

CroissantFrog spit.

Chen: I remember this from when I was two years younger than years old, eighteen years ago. At this time, the only ones alive in our present family were Tribemaster, Blaze, Nazii, Neil, and Liger. I was in inexperienced Hunter with alarmingly underdeveloped skills. Liger, I think you and Neil were much too young to know what happened...

MG: (So this was Liger's family? Huh...) *Glances at Lyle lost and puzzled expession*

Facter: *Gives Clark and Lyle an apologetic glance that said something like, I didn't tell y'all, kill me*

Chen: The Higher Basekeeper at that time was a tall, slender man named Tenuk. He was patrolling with me, but we encountered a tiger that seemed to be defending something. Tenuk told me to back up slowly until they were out of sight, since there was a strict rule to never turn your back on a wild cat.

Yako: HMMMMmmmMmMMm...

Croissant: This story isn't gonna end well...

ThatOneGuy: *Eyes Chins suspectfully* I feel like Chins doesn't want to continue, so I'll finish for him.

Clutch: *Also appears out of nowhere* Alright, spit it out. We don't have all day to listen to old ancient stories abou-

ThatOneGuy: *Interrupts Inferno intentionally* I was a guard, even at a young age. Chins had backed up and bumped into me, who was eavesdropping on them. We realized Tenuk was gone, and Chins had turned around to glare at me...

Facter: (Uh oh..)

Yako: (I can see what's coming.)

MG: (I can't hear-) *Plugs his ears*

ThatOneGuy: We were still too close to the tiger, who had decided to attack us. I accidentally stabbed it, so umm...I think she was defending cubs. One of those may have been...

Yako: *Interrupts before things get worse* Bob I!

The group blinks.

Facter: Accidentally stabbed something to death? Seriously, was that necessary?

Yako: This may be why Bob I could be angry at us. I'm pretty sure he was threatening us, then he decided to chase us down? Such an entitled animal, proves that they can be as intellegent as us.

Clutch: *Scoffs once more*

Croissant: *In a dark tone with an edge of deep disappointment* I guess that explains why we're getting hunted.

GrassHopper: *Tone has turned cross as well* I do agree with Yako and Liger. But this is in the past, don't become so angry at your Clerk just because of one memory. We can't change what's happened, so either take it or leave it.

Philippines: Now we gotta find the rest of us.


A blood-curdling roar boomed from the damp trees, penetrating through the leaves. Bulan let out a high, startled yell and nearly fell into the tributary, only to be caught by the familiar grip of Kering and Macan-dahan. Before Bulan could ask where they've been in the past hour, they all ran back into the rainforest, then threw themselves up a tree.



Ok, stop.

ALSO, a fellow roleplayer in Wattpad made a funny thing in their profile.

I already know a few things about you;
1. You are reading this
2. You are human, dragon, alien, cat, dog, or other
3. You can't say the letter P without separating your lips
4. You just attempted to do it
6. You are laughing at yourself
7. You have a smile on your face and you skipped number 5
8. You just checked to see if there was a number 5
9. You laugh at this because you fell for it and everyone else did too 

10. Now copy and paste this and see if other people fall for it too

I'm sharing this with the Jetpunk world >:3

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Jul 27, 2021
Hope you enjoy my many-months-late blog!

Don't flood the comments with "When is the enxt blog gonna come out" or something like that xD

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I don’t known how you make such great stories! Good luck for seventh grade by the way! :)
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Jul 27, 2021
My suggestion is to add a natural amount of stutters and interruptions. While even professional writers and directors often fail to do this, it takes away the scripted feel of a story in this format and replaces it with potential humor and realism. Also, I’ve noticed some of the descriptions people say, are a bit long and wordy, so maybe try to add some slang or put the descriptions into parentheses and have the characters say things like:

Character 1: Wait…wha…

Character 2 (Irritated): Wait what?

Character 1: I-I saw something run past…

Just a bit of friendly criticism, don’t feel pressured to do this.

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Eh, yeah. Thanks :3
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You have an insane amount of creativity
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Amazing! Finally a new PE! When the ecosystem will change? And regarding the final, in Brazil we have a meme like that:


1. You are reading this.

2. You’re human.

3. You noticed this is a stupid thing.

5. You neither noticed I jumped the four.

6. You checked out.

7. You’re laughing.

8. You continue reading this despite knowing that’s stupid.

10. You neither noticed I jumped the nine.

11. You’re checking again and saying “How I fell into it again!?”.

12. You are already liking it!

13. You are already thinking to share with a friend fell into it also and neither noticed that it was supposed for be just ten facts.

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Can I also learn telepathy pls?
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200 REAIS (not dollars) per week.
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Oh man MG ur good
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Lol, and also, thanks. The ecosystem will change at Scene...maybe 7-10. I think it'll change to Grassland and you have the opportunity to change your roles.
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This makes me think of Brazilian biomes. Forest could be Amazon, or Atlantic Forest, and Grassland, such as Pampas. There will be floodplain (Pantanal), savannah (Cerrado) or desert (Caatinga) too? Lol! And when Tundra? Can’t wait for be doctor! 👨‍⚕️
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Tundra is after grassland :)
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Excellent work! Was really waiting for this. I thought that u have left jetpbonk.
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lol, might've left for a bit.

but anyways, thanks!

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Great work !
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